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Is IIPM Bangalore good to pursue my further studies?

And do they provide a degree? And what is the recognition of a certificate from IIPM??

by Visakh Nirengen
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3 answers

RE: Is IIPM Bangalore good to pursue my further studies?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Hello there

Thank you for approaching counsellors at and i am very happy you are consulting with us to take a right decision for your career. To introduce myself, I am Gomathi and i have been working in this counselling industry over 23 years now. I am certainly happy to help you today.

I see you wanted to get a management degree from IIPM. May i ask you what are your present qualifications and work experience? If you could supply these it could help me advice you better. First of all an MBA is a professional degree which requires a person to upgrade his standards from his or her current level. An MBA has many internal electives too like marketing, human resources, entrepreneurship, accounts, finance, operations, aviation and many more options. Have you already thought what specialization you are going to take as part of your MBA? It is essential to think as it is more important to select schools accordingly.

To give you an idea of some of the best b schools with internal specialization, please look at the list below.
University of Delhi Management school has MBA and they are good in operations management subject. XLRI is very good for human resources, IIM Calcutta is very good for human resources, Xavier institute of management and entrepreneurship is excellent for entrepreneurship MBA degree. IIM Ahmedabad is very good for accounts and finance, ISB Hyderabad is good for organizational behaviour and strategic management, IIM Bangalore is very good for supply chain, policy management. Like this each school in India has its own reputation for specific subjects. This is also a nice tip to select universities as per your career choice or career path.

IIPM is good but not too too good. Have you thought why you wanted to do at IIPM? Do you know they have high tuition fee compared to other universities and colleges? You could consider studying at University of Delhi Management school, IIT's as they have slightly less fees compared to IIPM. They have high reputation than the IIPM too. I want you to consider all these.

Next what exam have you done for MBA entrance test? You should write CAT/ MAT/ GMAT tests. Have you written any one of these? Are you on top rank? If not, try giving a next shot. Prepare well and try writing CAT as it is commonly preferred. With a high score send MBA applications to even better schools. You will be having a nice future. Good luck.

RE: Is IIPM Bangalore good to pursue my further studies?

Rohit Gala
Rohit Gala
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director & Counselor at Svastrino
  • Mumbai

Hello Dear,

How are you doing?
Seems you are quite determined to do a management course and your determination for IIPM also suggests that you have scored well in the entry requirements.

But it is suggested that you should target some other well known institutes which are worth investing your time and money. Whereas today in IIPM is facing some legality issue which stops me from suggesting this institute to any student in India.

As you have gone well with the entry requirements we suggest you to go with the following instituites as they are recognised and worth investing your time, money and efforts. Further your certificate will also be accepted in various companies globally adding value to you. The institutes areas follows:
S.P Jain in ANdheri West Mumbai,
Narsee Mohanjee institute of management studies Vile Parle West Mumbai,
Welingkar Institute Matunga Central Mumbai,
Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies Fort Mumbai,
Somaiya Management Studies Vidya Vihar, Mumbai,
South Indian Education Society college of management studies, Navi Mumbai,
Kirlosker Institute of advance management studies Pune
International School of Management Research, Pune,
International School of Management Studies, Pune,
Vishwakarma Global BUsiness School, Pune,
Doctor DYs Patil Global Business School & Research Center, Pune,
Symbiosis INstitute of Design, Pune
Alliance University, Banglore,
International School of management Excellency, Banglore,
PES University, Banglore,
Aadarsh Institute of Management, Banglore,
National INstitute of TEchnology, Manglore,
Shrinivas Institute of Technology, Manglore,
Justice K.S. Hegde Institute of Management, Manglore

Wish you find one of your dream colleges from the above list.

Best of Luck,

RE: Is IIPM Bangalore good to pursue my further studies?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear,

IIPM WAS a good institute but now due to the numerous law suits going on against it, I would not recommend you to go for IIPM anywhere in India. Your query does not make clear which stream or graduation you belong to. Therefore it is slightly difficult to advice appropriately, however this does not affect the fact. I am glad that you approached the right platform of for seeking guidance to your career query and also you have approached us at the right time.

IIPM when it strated was an autonomous Institute and gave PGP and not any diploma or degree like MBA or PGDM. Later on according to me, it got associated with University of Mysore and some north region Universities and started giving degrees and diplomas.

My Dear, what I would suggest to you is score good percentile in MBA entrance exams and aim for getting admitted to one of the top 25 BSchools in India for a really good MBA course.

I have seen many students do MBA just for the sake of doing it or under any misconception that MBA will give them manager jobs immediately. This is not the reality.

It is also important to get MBA as a degree from a University and I would like to suggest you to avoid PGDM or PGDBM, since these are Diplomas and may not be equivalent to degree.

Aimign of top Bschools is the need of the hour since the local and tier 2-3 BSchools are closing down or are having very poor placements and in some colleges there is not a single placement. Always remember that companies go to bschools which are good only since they want good candidates who can work for them.

Best Luck My Dear...

RE: Is IIPM Bangalore good to pursue my further studies?

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