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Is there any integrated course option to pursue a career in Law?

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RE: Is there any integrated course option to pursue a career in Law?

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Law is the major part of our constitution. Law is a set of categorized rules and regulations under which any society or country is governed. Law is one of the popular fields of education and there has always been great enthusiasm among students to become a lawyer. We have always seen lawyers in movies and T.V. serials and we can infer that this field needs flawless debating skills. If you want to become a good lawyer, you must have good oral communication skills. A lawyer or an attorney represent their clients in the court so he/she must be confident and efficient.

The law education in India is a three-year degree program. The BCI (Bar Council of India) is the main regulatory body of legal education. This three-year degree program is called LLB (Bachelor of Laws), LLB is an abbreviation for Latin word ‘Legum Baccalaureus’. For further education or post-graduation, students go for LLM (Master of Laws) which is an acronym for ‘Legum Magister’. The admission into law college in India is through Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). Some colleges conduct their own entrance tests.

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There are broadly two options available to pursue law degree in India-

  • Undergraduate: This is a three-year LLB degree, which one can do after graduation i.e. BA/BSc/B.Com etc. LLB is a professional degree.
  • Integrated Law: One can do a five-year integrated law course directly after class 12th. There are many course choices like BA LLB/BBA LLB/B.Com LLB/BSc LLB/B. Tech LLB.

After LLB students can go for specialization in a particular area of interest. For this one need to pursue LLM in that subject. There are one or two year programs for LLM depending upon the university.



Now I will give some details about the integrated courses available in law:

  1. BA LLB- It is a dual degree professional course in administrative law. BA LLB is a combination of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Law which is a 5-year long course. This course is an integration of Arts subjects like History, Sociology, Economics and Political Science etc and law subjects like Tax Laws, Criminal Laws, Corporate Laws, Administrative Laws etc. BA LLB course emphasizes on Energy Laws. This course prepares professionals who are well-trained in the legal framework for energy sector companies. The subjects in this course provide a better understanding of the society.
  2. BBA LLB- It is a dual degree professional course which is basically an integration of Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Law. This is also a 5-year course. The main objective of this degree course is to produce Corporate lawyers who excel in the understanding of business as well as corporate laws. A Corporate lawyer can easily find a job in private, government or multinational law firms. There is a huge scope and exposure out there if you want to become a Corporate Lawyer.
  3. B Com LLB- This 5-year course integrates Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Law. It is a professional degree course which comprises of subjects like accounts, finance, economics and a range of law courses. Commerce means trading of goods and services between countries, regions or people. This course provides the knowledge of trade and commerce to the aspiring lawyer as for any legal practitioner this knowledge is important. One can easily work for legal cells in a private, government or a multinational company.
  4. BSc LLB- This is a 5-year undergraduate course which provides an understanding of science and law. This course is a blend of Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Legislative Law. The course of BSc LLB includes topics like Legal Method, Law of Contract, Family Law, Business Law etc. The profession of a lawyer depends upon his/her field of specialization like a criminal lawyer, civil lawyer etc. By pursuing BSc LLB you can become a Techno-Legal professional which is very new and has a great scope.
  5. B Tech LLB- Many colleges offer a unique amalgam of Computer Science knowledge and laws pertaining to the Cyber world under the name of an integrated degree, B. Tech Computer Science Engineering LLB with specialization in Cyber Laws. It is a 6-year degree course. Due to the emerging need of computers, crimes through computers or the internet has also increased enormously. So a person who has technical knowledge in IT and also knows the cyber laws is a great asset for any company.

These were some of the integrated courses which are offered in the law field. By doing an integrated course, an individual saves time and gets two degrees at the same time. Although there is a vast scope of law or legal education, it totally depends upon an individual’s capability that how successful lawyer he/she can be.  

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!



RE: Is there any integrated course option to pursue a career in Law?

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