LLB VS MBBS? which is better to adopt?

I'm an F.Sc student... initially I was intending to indulge myself in medicine but someone diverted my mind to do LLB instead of MBBS...what are the significances of LLB over MBBS? ??

by Amir_hiraj
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4 answers

RE: LLB VS MBBS? which is better to adopt?

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
Verified Career Expert
Business Analyst at Capital Novus
  • Ahmedabad

Dear Friend,

The question you have asked is very critical to answer and at the same time it depends a lot over the kind of personality you have. But rather than going in to all that stuff lert me start telling you with the sides of both the profession.

I would start with LLB, since I am an Advocate my self, I am in a better position to answer your question from this side and my mother is a doctor so I will tell you that side also but in the second part.

First of all, LLB has a myth connceted with it that, only those becomes lawyers who does not or can not become anything else. Wrong, completly wrong.

There was a survey conducted in entire world last year about which is the booming profession in coming years and which field should be taken as a most important fector for any developed or developing countries. And you would be shocked to know that the Legal Field and Legal Profession is on number 1 today in entire world as a best profession to join and to indulge with. And it is not only that it has got connected too much money, but also it has got much respect and reputations than any other field or profession. It was held in that survey's conclusion that, after government officials, it is lawyers who get the same respect as the any other government officials.

Today, LLB does not mean a Layer standing in a court wearing a black court and arguing against a judge to get a justice for his/her client, today LLB has much more than that connected with it. An LLB degree holder can work in Pharma industries, Medical Fields, Education Fields,etc etc, you name the field and you have a chance to make your space there because, withouht law all these industries can not run on their own laws and regulations and to comply all these laws they need a person who has the knowledge of it, and that is you, an LLB degree holder.

The biggest reason to be in a legal field today is that, one of the biggest and strongest country in the world USA has gone through some extra ordinary way ahead today in the filed of law and like always, what USA does the other follows, the entire world is trying to adopt the legal system which USA has adopted since 2002, and in a coming years will witness the change even in India too. And at that time if you will have what the market needs, you will rule the world my friend.

As far as the MBBS is concerned, what you can do is you can be a doctor and maximum you can open a hospital and earn millions of money but you will not have a chance to go beyond what you have achieved or chance to explore it further whilst in a legal field you can do so.

Whenever you get a chance just try to find over the internet the pros and cons of both the field and you will understand by yourself what is good for you.

So, as far as India is concerned in the Legal field, you would amaged to know that in last year the highest paid employee in India was an advocate by profession and working for a one of the biggest finance group in the world.

I think, I can just go on and on explaining why law field is good, but keeping in mind the limits, i would stop here by saying that if you choose LLB to go ahead in near future, I am sure you will not regret in your future for sure.

I wish you all the best and hope you make a wise choice.

All the very best. And I wish you get what you want.

Ravi Thakor

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RE: LLB VS MBBS? which is better to adopt?

Halima Sadiya
Halima Sadiya
Verified Career Expert
FreeLancer Academic and Career Guidance Counsellor
  • Kalyan

Hello student,

Good that you placing your query to us and seeking professional career guidance instead of following confusing advices. A lot of students do take up career by following the best among hundreds of confusing advices by nears and dears and regret later in life, especiallywhen they find it hard to settle in the career selected.

Now, let us discuss both the fields and see what suits you the best. Both are diametrically opposite fields and both the careers are great in their own way,where lawyers have power, in essence, are interpreters and gate keepers of law , Doctors have prestige, provide health care and relief.

Do you think you have an analytical mind? good reasoning and logical thinking? comfortable with public speaking and have a way with words? can work on high pressure environments?sound in debate and negotiation , good in oral arguement's and strong in written communication's? As a lawyer's profession includes presenting information to client's , judges, colleagues, witnesses etc. , draft document's such as agreements, cases, legal noticesand memos, and other legal document's . one can get an opportunity to work with firms, corporates as a public relation officer, corporate lawyers, legal adviser etc. and at the same time can develop client's and set up one's own business. You need a graduation for pursuing LLB or can go for five year integrated program after 12th.

For a Doctor , or in health sector, one needs to be motivated to serve people, requires true intellectual curiosity about anatomy, physiology and medicine, a life long learning process and an ability to take timely decisions withlot of patience. There are extensive job opportunities in hospitals in govt. and private sector as well. The career growth and remuneration increases with experience and specialization in general medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, ENT, Anaesthesia, ophthalmology and lot more. One can opt for private practice after some hands on experience. You need sound preparations to crack the pre medical test then take up the MBBS program.

I would suggest you an ideal career assessment test and psychometric tests available at , so that you get an idea about your interest, skills and inherent talents, personality attributes and aptitude, which will help you to select a right career for you along with our experts guidance and advice.

Hope this answers your query and help you to take a right turn. Still have Queries? Feel free to contact...
All the best..

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RE: LLB VS MBBS? which is better to adopt?

Dr Rupa Talukdar
Dr Rupa Talukdar
Verified Career Expert
Chief Executive Counsellor at Mind's Eye-
  • Kolkata

You are basically a science student-so it is possible to continue study with a science degree e.g, MMBS as well as BSC. LLB both-but the two are completely different. Both are significant now-a-days-nation requires doctor and lawyer both -people need to consult with a person who knows the subject as per execellence-but it is not our study.

Personality wise the above two careers demand two different traits.
A MBBS student should have,

  • patience
  • people skill
  • good listener
  • investigate mindset
  • bookworm
  • should have love to experiment
  • fineness in tackling unknown instantaneously
  • courage to face unknown
  • likenss to give service to people benefit
  • numerical efficicencies
  • spatial sense

Whereas a Law student need to have following,

  • people skill
  • bookworm
  • good memorisation
  • communicative-speaking/writing
  • bold-can dominate others
  • analytical - visionary
  • fearless in approach
  • good political sense
  • as performer s/he should be above average
  • presence of mind-debater

So first of all a student should know how s/he is and what is her/is interest/preference-at the time of career selection s/he is the only person who needs to take final decision as it is her/is career after all.

Above two personalities are completely different-MBBS is science oriented and LLB is basically humanist oriented or rather in law profession a person with a LLB should have trend to know more about any subject if the situation demand as Lawyer have to study case for giving legal benefit to her/is clients- so s/he should have skill to acquire knowledge whatever it may be -from any background-Science, Humanities, Commerce.

If a person likes variation in profession, has domination over opponent and good socialization skill should take LAW as her/is future career option-here s/he can get the chance of variation of life situation.

But in Medical a student needs to stay with one and only subject and s/he should lead a life with a keen interest of acquiring better knowledge of the same subject.

So you just get the thorough idea of your personality and then choose your final career option.

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RE: LLB VS MBBS? which is better to adopt?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Dear Aspirant,

You have asked an extremely illogical question and also the person who suggested you and diverted you to Law for career also seems an irrational and illogical person. Please do not rely on such ind of people who misguide always and may not have walked the talk.

Comparing LLB nd MBBS is like comparing man and woman, where both are independent to each other.

I think you should undergo psychometric test to ascert in which career best suits you and whether you suit more for MBBS or for Law.

Best wishes

RE: LLB VS MBBS? which is better to adopt?

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