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What I do after 12th ? i am confuse about select course?

I am too late dicide any thing, plz help me for choose any option after 12th ?

by Vivek Sahu
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3 answers

RE: What I do after 12th ? i am confuse about select course?

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear student,

Seeing your query above I can understand your problem that you are confused about your choice of career in future, Which is a very crucial time for you and it will be a decision of life changing and it need definitely a expert advise.

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To start with the options suitable for you is based on the current qualification you are having, as you forgot to mention which line you are into like either commerce, science and arts etc, than only the possible stream for you or say career choice convenient to you will be given.For time being I would say as per all the lines option, like if you are into commerce and completed your inter in commerce, than you can go for options like BCom bachelor in commerce, CA chartered accountant, CS company secretary, MBA master in business administration, CFA certified financial accountant, cost accounting etc, all these are further options to go after commerce 12th completion.In case you did in science stream, than you can go for engineering, medical ,MBA in this line also is possible, BSC bachelor in science, MSc master in science, Phd in research line. All these are very promising line you can choose for your career and can look you future into it.In Arts you can go for many options like BA bachelor in arts in english honors in a great career choice, MA master in arts, Content writer, teacher ship, MBA too, IAS indian administrative services also is more comfortable in arts subject.So you can go for the choices as per your choice of subject and preference in your line.It would have been better if you could have mentioned your line or subjects in twelve so that we can guide you in more appropriate way and help you to decide better and wise option for you.Over all I would say upto this only, hope you will get at least some insight in your future, do come back with more details in case you need further assistance.Thank you for coming to with your query and asking it to us and it is always our pleasure to answer it and help and guide you in the best possible way we could.All the best.Thank you.

RE: What I do after 12th ? i am confuse about select course?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend, Choosing a right path is very crucial step in life which decides the fate of your entire career. At the same time it is not a complex job as we make it knowingly and unknowingly there are several reasons behind such diffculties

. First of all it is our socio-economic structure and lack of awarness about the academic excercise as we know seventy percent india is still in pre-maturation phase after sixty six years of independence, mass is chasing the blind race without knowing the individual strength. As people rush the path in blind manner then after certain period they realize that I should take U turn which causes traffic jam in such a huge crowd. This is the real picture of India where very limited and narrow lanes get you to the jobs eventually you get stuck and feel stiffy, even though people feel hesitant before juming into such narrow lane. In conclusion, there is a difference between developing and developed countries where a developed country has all the defined paths with broad dimension where people walk and run smoothly unlike our country where everything is in rush.Hope you did understand my opinion what I am trying to explain you, it was for your preparedness and raise the tough mentality to fight with, to work with compete with so that you will be promising with your academic background.Now come to the point where you need to opt the right path with a greater pace and comfort, but how to do it? Simply follow the instructions if possible. Look at the entire course structure what you have dealt with at school level and then analyse in which subject you are comfortable and did understand the subjects with a greater ease.If you have not done so then must see your transcript and compare the subjects at good, better and best marking, make sure your examination system???? Based on the exercise you start to explore the implications in real life and then again see your suitability at aptitude level. These above listed lines are very simple better you follow rather than getting any complex situation in life.As quoted by Sir Eienstein "Not try to be a man of success rather try to be a man of value"

RE: What I do after 12th ? i am confuse about select course?

Aparna M Venkatesan
Aparna M Venkatesan
Verified Career Expert
PhD Management And Organizational Psychologist
  • Hosur


Electrical Engineer
Thank you for choosing Mera career guide and writing to us. I understand your ongoing confusion as it is a bit normal for students to get confused over education and choice of profession. At the first note I would like to advice you to take up the psychometric testing that is available on this website. Taking up the test will help you the type of personality you have and eventually advice the types of careers you may likely try for your personality.I would want to better help you but I am totally unaware of what you are currently studying. First let me advice on the degrees that you can pursue from any subject background at school. Fashion technology,Textile designing & Interior designing& Furniture designing (for the courses from 1-4 here you can choose to study at NID Ahnedabad/ NIFT)BBA - bachelor of Business Administration,BA History,BA Geography,BA Foreign languages,BA Political science,BA Public administration.If you are from a Science group (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology)BSc Maths,BSc Biology/ Botany/ Zoology/ Biotechnology, BSc Medical technology, BSc Physics, BSc Chemistry,BSc Biochemistry, BSc Bio organic chemistry,BSc Environmental studies, BSc Food science,BSc Psychology,BA Sociology,Professional courses,BE/ BTech Biotechnology/ Bio informatics/ Bio medical engineering/ Industrial biotechnology/ Medical biotechnology.BPharm - Bachelor of pharmacy,Bachelor of physiotherapy,MBBS,BDS - Dental,MHBS - Homeopathy,MABS - Ayurveda,MSBS - Siddha, Bachelor of Engineering (BE/ BTech) - Electrical, Electronics, Chemical, Mechanical, Automobile, Civil, Architecture),If you are from a group that has a Computer science subject,BSc Computer science,BSc Information technology,BE/ BTech Computer science,BTech Information technology,BCA Bachelor of Computer applications,If you are from a Commerce/ Economics background,BBA Bachelor of Business Administration,BCom Bachelor of Commerce,BA Economics,BA Environmental Economics,BCA Bachelor of computer applications,If you had given me the subject group you are currently studying, I would have tailored my answer to your subject. Therefore I have given you a big picture. If you write back to us with the subject you are currently studying, we are happy to revert to you. However, I advice you to think of a few basic questions before choosing to study any subject.,Do you like to earn so much and for that reason study a demanding course like CS/ IT? Do you like arts? If yes choose any course related to designing.,If you like professional courses, you should be targeted to Engineering/ Medicine. If you would like to study a non-professional course any BSc course will help.Hope this helps. All the best.

RE: What I do after 12th ? i am confuse about select course?

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