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Logistics is the new biggest recruiter in India - Facts revealed by ILAM

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RE: Logistics is the new biggest recruiter in India - Facts revealed by ILAM

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What is logistics?

Logistics can be taken as the conductive and progressive phase of delivery of goods and services from the manufacturer to its consumer including all the important stages involved in it, such as storage, transportation and maintenance. This is the process of logistics, that consists of all the phases of the delivery of the product and also deals with the inbound and outbound movements of the product and hence the quality of delivery is very much based on the logistics division, and in the quality assurance the logistics plays the most important role. The whole cycle of logistics and supply chain management deals with the product control and delivery system that deals with the oversight of the materials, information and status of movement in the whole supplier and consumer ecosystem in order to fulfill everyone’s need and creating a better and stable environment of work for the whole system.

Growth of logistics industry

According to the current scenario, the overall logistics industry that consists of the international and national logistics and delivery systems both, are presently valuing the 8.1 trillion USD and the number is still increasing at a very fast rate. This number has the higher chances of growing up to 15.5 trillion USD by the 2023, which is a very high growth rate for industry. Some of the tacticians and theorists have estimated this number and assumed that the logistics industry is the next big thing for the world economy. With the growing world economy, the logistics and the supply chain sector has been providing the job opportunities to more than 40 million professionals worldwide, that is a very high number for the employable population of the world. Talking about the India itself, the logistics and the supply chain industry controls the almost 13-15 percent GDP of the country which is a very high driving factor and can be looked as the one of the major options in the country.

Job Opportunities in Logistics Industry

Almost each and every industry is somewhat dependent on the logistics industry in one way or another, and hence driving factor of all these industries is been the logistics department. The logistics industry covers the following proportion of the all other industries


19 percent


17 percent


19 percent


4 percent


23 percent


4 percent


10 percent


4 percent

This all made the career option very much easy for the logistics professionals and has opened a number of ways for the person to fit in the industry. The logistics industry is almost been a part of each and every other sector of industry and hence making it very easy to switch the jobs and jump to any of the mentioned sectors with an ease:

  1. Government Organizations
  2. Educational Organizations
  3. Service Institutions
  4. Consulting Firms
  5. Merchandising Firms
  6. Manufacturing Firms
  7. Third party Logistics firms
  8. Transportation firms

Facts by ILAM

All the mentioned above facts are provided by the ILAM which is the institute of logistics and aviation management, and is a renounced institute for the MBA in logistics and Supply chain management. According to some facts according to the ILAM, our country has been one of the key players in recruiting the logistics department. According to some stats by ILAM, the possibility of the market getting doubled by the 2020 in India has very high chances. And which made the high demand of the skilled people in the Logistics and management, and that can be up to 28.4 million till 2022. This all made the logistics sector as the super bowl of recruitment in India, and valuing this sector at almost 125 billion USD only in the India.


  • ILAM is preparing you for the careers of tomorrow.
  • Higher salary 4 to 7 lacs in starting & within 5 years its 10 to 12 lacs pa
  • Additional certificate from CII in Logistics
  • Frequent guest lecturers & Industry visits
  • Additional certificate from Galileo in Aviation
  • Teaching by pool of expert from XLRI &IIMA
  • Placement with big brands
  • Nation-wide campuses- Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore

Due to all these possible options open for the logistics industry the chances and growth rate offered by the industry is very high and thus makes it one of the major areas look forward too. Also, almost every business is service oriented and services needs to be delivered, thus making the logistics sector as the important one in order to maintain the quality of service and quality assurance of the organization. Due to all this the demand of the professionals in this industry will be growing at a very high rate and hence making this sector as one of the most desirable sector with a very high recruitment rate over the past years.

RE: Logistics is the new biggest recruiter in India - Facts revealed by ILAM

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