MBA in event management

Please tell me the college names in lucknow that have MBA in event management.

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RE: MBA in event management

Halima Sadiya
Halima Sadiya
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  • Kalyan


Event management is a multi faceted activity which involves planning, organizing and execution of live events, like brand or Product launch, awards ceremonies, promotional events, press conferences, fashion shows , commercial events etc..It includes planning out from the core to handling out all the creative, technical and logistical aspects of the entire event till delivery of the final occasion.

Following are the colleges in Lucknow that offers event management courses:

1) Amity Institute Of Communication, Lucknow offers Post Graduate Diploma in Event management and public relations.

2)Aizaz Rizvi College of journalism and mass communication,Lucknow offers M.B.A. in Media management.

3)Nimbus School of Technology management, Lucknow, offers M.B.A. in Media Management.

And even best colleges are

1) Indian Institute of event management, New delhi

2)Mudra Institute of communication Ahmedabad

3)National academy of event management and development NAEMD, Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Jaipur.

Public relations, Creativity , Marketability, Analytical ability, Organisational and management skills are at the heart of the profession , which will actually take you forward. Institutes that offer purely event management degree are very few, but, with a degree in hospitality, public relation, tourism, marketing, Mass communication etc. you can have your way in this field as many event management companies like Wizcraft, XLNC, Red events , Millenium events prefer candidates from different discipline with good communication and organization skills.

Hope this information is helpful for you. Still Have Queries? Feel free to ask ..

Good Luck..

RE: MBA in event management

Ravi Thakor
Ravi Thakor
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Business Analyst at Capital Novus
  • Ahmedabad

Hi friend;

Event Management is abooming career today, a lot of money is involved within this industry.One of the best and Asia's No 1 event management school is NAEMD ( National Academy of Event Management & Development). They have three campuses in India, Ahmadabad Gujarat, Jaipur Rajasthan, and Mumbai Maharashtra NAMED offered three different courses in Event Management which are as below.
BBA in Event Management & PR.

Duration for this course is 3 years for full timers and and there is no part time facilitiy available for this course.

To ebeligible you hould have Twelve pass certificate from any stream.

And the classes are run 3 to 5 days a week depending upon the scedule.

This BBA is a UGC recognized University Degree program that facilitates one to learn and know the Events & Entertainment industry at an early stage of his/her career. BBA in Event Management & Public Relations shall ensure a rock solid foundation for an aspiring manager of the future generation.

National Academy of Event Management & Development is the first of its kind to offer a well-researched UGC recognized University Masters Degree in Event Management & PR.

NAEMD has done extensive research in ordor to reach the great expectations of Event Management companies and corporate. MBA degree in Event Management & PR offeres the students a wider scope of career opportunities in Multyiple Industries such as Advertising & Media, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality, Event Management & PR.

Course structure of MBA in NAEMD


Management Pricnciples and practice
organizational behaviour
corporate communications
introduction to event management
event management p[lanning
event production process
computer applications in Management using SAP*

Semester 2

Advertising and sales promotions
Spocial Events
Event Team & Crew Management
Event Resource Management
Computer Application in Management using SAP* Practicle

Semester 3

Management Information System
Event Marketing and Sponcership
Event Cost Accounting & Finance Management
Event Hospitality, Law, & Permissions
Event Risk Management

Semester 4

Media Management
Special Events
Advance Aspects of Event Management
Public Relations
Tourism Marketing
Project & Training Report Viva & Voca

There are Diploma as well as Bachlour Degree courses are also available in the same institute.

Please see the addresses of the variuos campus of NAEMD

NAEMD- Ahmedabad
G-24, Samudra Complex,
Near Hotel Clasic Gold,
Off- CG Road, Navrangpurs,
(079) 3008 1829/3008 1830

NAEMD - Jaipur
E-293, Lal Kothi Scheme
Behind New Vidhan Sabha
Tonk Road
Jaipur - 302015
(0141) 324 1220/ 324 1121

NAEMD- Mumbai
Rajasthani Sammelan's
Kirandevi Saraf Institute of Comlete Learning
Opp-Bajaj Hall, SV Road,
Malad (W), Mumbai -64
(022) 6565 6642/65675 6642

I hope the information provided herer is more than sufficient to solve your query.

I wish you all the very best and wish you a very good luck.


RE: MBA in event management

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
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Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant It is appreciating to see your interest in MBA event management. Event management is an excellent course that helps you to get jobs in creative industries, entertainment industries and also at the media sectors.

It is a mere application of project management in starting a function, knowing what all are required to run this function effectively and stands till the end at the completion of the function or festival. Completing an event management you have high scope in corporates and cine, television industry as these sectors are often creating or organising functions for their employers or public audience. This subject has a lot of scope and high earning opportunities too. The good news for MBA event management people is that, this is one of those MBA streams that allows you to work even as a freelancer. You can work full time and freelance part time or else freelance full time and it offers high earning opportunities. I know some candidates who are part of the IPL 2014 team, they organise the events and other shows for the IPL and they are all event management degree holders and they earn very well per month.

Event management is offered at many colleges in Lucknow and in India. Colleges in Lucknow for this course are:
1. Amity school of communication - this is the most recognised private university in India and also has excellent internship and job placement opportunities for students post mba completion. I would highly prefer you to apply to Amity as this is the attractive tag for most of the companies in India and they also have designated companies that often come to recruitment on their campus. Studying at Amity is also reputable and the certificate is also recognisable abroad. I also know a candidate who completed MBA event management here and is presently working in Dubai. Thus Amity is globally recognised and reputable and keep this as your first choice.

The other institutes that offer this course in Lucknow are Jaipuria institute of event management, Nimbus school of techology management and Aizaz Rizvi college of journalism and mass communication in Lucknow. You can also come out of Lucknow and pursue event management courses in other cities and Delhi, Mumbai and Pune are the hot spots for this course. However in my opinion Amity institute of communications in Lucknow will be the best choice for you. All the best.

RE: MBA in event management

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