Hi, Thanks for visiting us at [CareerGuide.com!!!][1] [Event management is of course][2] an exceptional lucrative course and has high scopes in the corporate world today. Not many students recognize the excellent job prospectus that this MBA offers and instead decide to [pursue the regular MBA][3]. I shall explain what is an event management, then go on to give a brief idea on its job scopes and finally the colleges that offer this degree in India. What is an event management?Managing an event by understanding its technicalities and functions is known as event management. So studying t

Dear aspirant It is appreciating to see your interest in MBA event management. [Event management is an excellent course][1] that helps you to get jobs in creative industries, entertainment industries and also at the media sectors. It is a mere application of project management in starting a function, knowing what all are required to run this function effectively and stands till the end at the completion of the function or festival. Completing an event management you have high scope in corporates and cine, television industry as these sectors are often creating or organising functions for t

Hi Deepika,There are scientific methods to establish ones area of interests. I would advise you to undertake an interest assessment /identification test . Based on the result, you decide your future plan of action , as you are already in the right industry with exceptional growth path!!NEvertheless, coming to your query, Event management per-se is a vast area. There are short term courses to masters program available. To name a few as NIEM, COEM etc(searched using google). Pls. do your research on the suitability, recognition , facilities before taking such a big career decision.Best Wishes,Su

Hello There!   'Settling in Dubai' thought is itself so exciting and therefore I would say that your background and base should also be made exciting. Just with a graduation degree like BCom, it is definitely difficult to get a good job in Dubai considering it as an international city with many international businesses and people.   I am glad that you have approached CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance and advice for your genuine query.    For settling in Dubai, just a graduation degree would not be sufficient. If you are really interested i

Dear Dnyaneshwar, As you already have MBA degree working as event management and a career in it would be easy for you. Your college extra curricular activities would be of great help to you like as you mentioned you were part of organizing comitte of National Seminar. You already have got your PG degree, I would recommend you to take some diploa course for duration of 6 months -12 months or even less would do. Few of the institutes which you can look for are: / All the Best

[Event management][1] involves organizing a professional event for a partcular targe audience. It involves visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting , organizing and executing events such as fashion shows, musical concerts, corporate seminars, conferences , exhibitions, wedding celebrations, theme parties, product launches etc. It can be divided into two segments i.e. personal and corporate. Functions like birthday parties, weddings are considered personal events while launching a product or a company cvonference, seminar  etc come under corporate event.[Event Management is a kind of pr

Hello Shilpa,   As per my conversation with you, sending you a list of companies you could approach  / http://www.seventyemg.com/ http://craftworldevents.com/ http://www.partyplanetindia.com/corporate.php http://www.greenchili.in/ Adding here, that you would have to be persistent in your effort to join the company. At the sametime, you need to market yourself, so that you can create an impression. At the sametime, a sample of your work in terms of videos and photographs could be an added advantage. What I mean here is, in your area, hold an event and record it. But please note the

The area of environmental management is of greater potential as it creates infinite opportunity to make the earth a better place to live. This sector deals and manages directly to all the factors that are decomposing our earth, as a result, making this sector an important field to study. In each and every professional discipline there is a course dedicated to environment studies but apart from that, there are some major institutes that deal with regular and full-time studies in order to create better knowledge and awareness among students and make the course as interesting as possible. A prope

  Hello Diksha, Interesting question. Before I answer your query, let me tell you in brief what event management is all about. You might have heard about big events or shows conducted like say Singing competition finals or some contests finals etc. These events needs to be glamorised before it reaches the audiences. This is where Event Manager steps in. Right from the props to be used, to the stage to the lighting, to the functioning of the cameras to every arrangements like extras to be used etc  is the brain child of the event manager. Thus an Event manager is the brain child of co

Dear Aspirant, For Event Management, there are Diplomas available after graduation. Also, there is MBA Event Management. Pursuing a course in Event Management is highly recommended which will give you placement opportunities as well as you can think of independent event management company of your own. Event Management has a good scope and future and definitely you can build a good career in the same. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Event Management has been on high demand in recent years. It has a good scope and also you can become an entrepreneur in event management space. Events from parties to weddings are now being managed by professionals who have learnt Event Management.  If you love people, if you love travelling, if you love handling multiple tasks, if you can image, plan and execute, then Event Management career is for you. The scope is in India as well abroad. With a good team with you, event management is fun as well paying job. You can do Event Management from below Institutes. However ple

Hello Navneet Nowadays’ from birthday parties to wedding planning and from corporate meetings to bollywood award function, event managers are everywhere. People spend minimum eight to ten hours at work and are very busy with routine schedule. So they prefer to outsource work like menu planning, decoration, invitations, shopping, etc. to event managers. Hence, do not worry about the scope of event management field, it will be increasing in India. You may start your career by pursuing a formal course from a recognized institute. However, skills like networking, communication skills, negoti