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My parents are suggesting me to go for B. Tech but I’m interested in BCA. How do I convince them that BCA is much better than B. Tech for me?

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RE: My parents are suggesting me to go for B. Tech but I’m interested in BCA. How do I convince them that BCA is much better than B. Tech for me?

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Due to the advancement in IT sector, nowadays most of the students are much inclined towards the studies related to computer science and information technology. Most of the times, students with such interest gets confuse that whether they should choose BCA or B. tech as graduation course. These two fields of computer studies are far different from each other. When it comes to choosing a suitable course for future as carrier option, it seems that parents and peers have the say. Generally, it is seen that most of the parents pressurize their children to take up engineering rather than other undergraduate course all because of the fame associated with the name B. Tech. Increasing number of drop outs from professional colleges and the soaring  backlogs are the results of this undue pressure. Usually parents think that B. Tech is more job focused than BCA (which is another relative field of engineering and is a good platform for further studies in computer applications). Though, an interesting aspect which lies in that fact that most of the jobs which were previously acquired by B. tech aspirants are now obtained by BCA degree holders as it covers almost all the fields of computers applications and gives a much deeper knowledge of the languages.

 BCA (bachelor of computer applications) comprises of  ?

Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) is a three-year undergraduate degree in computer applications. Almost all of the universities in India offers a BCA degree, which may be The course includes subjects such as –

  • Programming in C Language (Basic and Advanced)
  • World-Wide-Web
  • Networking
  • Data Structure
  • Database Management
  • Advanced C Language Programming
  • Software Engineering, Mathematics
  • Visual Basic
  • Object Oriented Programming using C++
  • Programming using PHP
  • Oracle
  • JAVA
  • Web Scripting and Development
  • Operating Systems, etc.

To get admission into BCA program, one must have passed 12th with approximately 45-50 percent marks from any board. Although, a few of the universities have different procedure and polices for admissions, as some requires mathematics as a compulsory subject at 12th level. As such there is no specific entrance exam for BCA and admissions are mostly based on your 12th   grade scores.


There are many advantages that are offered by the BCA course with respect to the B. Tech course. These advantages include:
• As the name signifies, BCA deals with computer applications by providing more knowledge of all the computer languages in depth like students learn java, oracle, C++ and much more. On the other hand, B. Tech aspirants have more   knowledge about computer practically.
• The total tenure of BCA is three year, on the other hand, B. Tech is a professional course of four years as it includes a year for training in any company. In this way, this can prove to be a beneficial thing for the BCA aspirants as they can save their one year and can gather one year of work experience work.
• In today’s scenario, the much expanding IT Sector is more keen to hire aspirants with deep knowledge of all the computer languages for better development in this field. This can be an advantageous aspect for BCA students as they have more theoretical as well as practical understanding with these languages. So, in this way BCA aspirants are eating up the jobs which were previously give to B. Tech candidates. This is the biggest cause for the surging rates of employment for        B. Tech students.
• Not only in india, now BCA aspirants are acquiring jobs in most of the forieng companies with hot salaries and they are in great requisition for such jobs.


How to convince your parents for BCA?

  • First of all, convince yourself that why you want to pursue BCA as carrier option. If you are really interested in this field of study then go for a rooted research about this field. They only approach your parents to convince them that how BCA would be helpful for building a better carrier than Tech.
  • Try to meet with the people with BCA degree and who are doing a pleasing job with proficient salary. Gain experience by asking them your queries regarding this course. Finally, share this experience with your parents and make them understand that you can also achieve success by opting for this carrier option.
  • Plan out how you want to approach the topic.
  • Describe your parents about the cost efficiency of BCA over engineering.




Be clear about your goals and subject of interest. Then, with a broad research over the topic of your diversion, then convince your parents about the field by introducing them with the merits associated with this undergraduate program. Work hard for your passion and achieve your goals.


RE: My parents are suggesting me to go for B. Tech but I’m interested in BCA. How do I convince them that BCA is much better than B. Tech for me?

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