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Should I quit my job to prepare for CAT 2017?

by Rohit Dubey
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2 answers

RE: Should I quit my job to prepare for CAT 2017?

Pradeep Raju
Pradeep Raju
Verified Career Expert
  • Hyderabad

Hi Rohit,

Quiting the job depends on your financial position. If you or your family do not have any financial problems then go ahead in Quiting your job and concentrate more on the preparation. But if financial position is tight then also you can work and simultaneously can prepare for CAT.


Everything depends on you. If you have a capability of doing multi tasking then go ahead with job and also the preparation.


All the very Best !!!!



RE: Should I quit my job to prepare for CAT 2017?

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
Verified Career Expert
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  • New Delhi


This is one of the frequently asked questions whether to quit the job or not for the preparation of CAT 2016 which is held for the management admissions at IIMs and other such hundreds of institutions. The CAT is not that easy exam that anyone can crack it with little or casual efforts. You must be serious about and need to put in concerted efforts consistently for a long time. You have asked that if one should quit the job for the preparation of CAT 2016; the answer for this question is a mix of Yes and NO and it depends on when one has started the preparation for the CAT. My frank advice would be, you should not quit the job provided you have already started preparing for CAT and have been performing well practice test series. And one who is late trying hands on CAT preparation is obviously but obliged to quite the job.



For CAT 2016, you know the CAT is in the offing and has been scheduled to be held on 4th December 2016 and even the admit card downloading date has been passed too. So if you are preparing for the CAT 2016 then you have less time to ponder over but need to quit the Job as soon as possible for the exam is only a couple of weeks away. Some of the serious and ambitious candidates now might have been in their last phase of revision and practice. They might be solving their practice papers on a daily basis just to gain enough confidence and to crack the CAT by all means.

Dear Aspirant from your question it hints me that you might be in a job and have already applied for CAT 2016. I hope you might have studied well in past days and still you can do better in remaining 15 days quitting the job. I am just giving in brief, the general strategy which you can take recourse to as a final reinforcement package for you.

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A Last Two Weeks Strategy for CAT 2016


  • First and foremost, DO NOT START NEW TOPICS which you haven’t opened yet but GIVE IMPORTANCE FOR REVISING WHATEVER YOU HAVE DONE in past few months.
  • PRACTICE of solving question papers must be given more weightage than starting over new chapters.
  • For QUANTITATIVE APTITUDE – just revise the basic formulae and start practicing using them.
  • For DATA INTERPRETATION and LOGICAL REASONING – here too practice is a must and nothing else can help you. Daily practice of DI and LR questions enables you to this type of question in limited time at the time of the exam.
  • For VERBAL ABILITY – No need to add to vocabulary as it was indented to be done in the early phase of preparation. Practice the RC which will make you enough quick to comprehend the content in less time.
  • Revision of some basic facts and PRACTICING THE TIME BOUND QUESTION PAPERS is the key to the CAT.

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Dear Aspirant, you should have quite the job at least 1 and half month before the actual exam which would have offered you enough time to solve question papers and improve accordingly. Still you no need to panic about as you have fair two weeks in your hands so make this period productive doing putting your best in place at the optimum level possible. On a cautious note, I would like to suggest you that whatever the outcome of your CAT 2016 comes don’t stop the preparation but continue it and take guidance from our Professional Experts at CareerGuide for CAT 2017 so that you can definitely crack the Exam to enter the IIMs. Be in touch with Career Experts and have a talk with them for more information regarding the CAT Preparation. Wish you all the best!

RE: Should I quit my job to prepare for CAT 2017?

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