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Five Fantastic Jobs Where An MBA Will Boost Career!

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: Five Fantastic Jobs Where An MBA Will Boost Career!

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The MBA, which the whole market and the business world whirl around, offers you have a one of the better careers. The MBA graduates are in high demand for various tasks at managerial level. Since a decade, the word ‘MBA’ has become a buzzword and everyone wants to pursue MBA expecting higher returns in their career life.  As businesses grow, the demand for MBA professional will obviously grow for the every organization is moving forward to get at the top in its related field. We often come across the reports and surveys depicting the market growth and the business profiles in higher demand. I just researched for some of the key and genuine reports to give a brief of the following hot job profiles where an MBA professional will find them honored and satisfied.


Top Five Job Profiles for MBA Professionals

  1. Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Often termed as a Chief Technical Officer or the head or VP of the Engineering department, is an individual wholly responsible for the technical aspects/matters of the company.

  • The CTO will be overseeing the research and development and
  • The CTO will be inspecting the progress of special projects going on in the company.
  • The technological standards and its maintenance for the smooth functioning of day to day administration of the company is a part of the work the CTO will be doing.
  • The CTO helps evolve the strategic technical direction of the company.
  • The CTO finds loopholes in the technical aspects and fixes them.
  • Reexamining the goals of the company and evaluate them for making them aligned with the company’s long-term vision and policy.

In short, the CTO is an officer managing, articulating, inspecting, improving the techno-administrative matters related to the company.


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  1. Financial Manager

An officer, who is in charge of all the financial operations of the company, will be always at the helm of affairs of the company as the finance matters most for businesses. Generally attaining higher reputation in the organization, the Finance Manager monitors the financial condition and devises ways and means to improve the same.

  • Company’s business reports and the financial statements are prepared by the Finance Manager.
  • The officer set the financial vision and evolves the financial strategy so as to fit and align it with preset goals.
  • Examine the financial condition of the organization and make it sound to gain the competitive advantage.
  • The Financer will be in work like budgeting, funds management, financial analysis, etc.

Overall an individual acting as the Finance Manager shoulders all the financial aspects of the company to help it grow at a higher rate.


  1. Project Manager

An individual in the organization at the managerial level who oversees and always remains busy in planning and execution of the specific project that has been assigned by the organization.

  • Make sure that project competes within the time limit and proposed a budget.
  • Oversee the overall progress of the project.
  • Work in a team to synergize the efforts of all concerned for the accomplishment of the project successfully.

A Project Manager is one of the important officials for the organization to fulfill its goal in a highly competitive market.


  1. Investment banker

The Capital, the most important thing for the organizations without which it would be difficult to sustain the competition in the market. The organizations need capital and invariably they will be in need of Investment Bankers to guide on the matters. Some of the function which the Investment Bankers will be doing, as following:-

  • To raise money for the organization in the capital
  • Advise the organizations, government agencies on the matter of merger & acquisition and Sales & Trading and other such financial matters.

The officer with this designation also found working for large banks doing the same function, mentioned above.


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  1. Marketing Manager

Any organization needs to reach the desired customers and that’s the important thing for the concerned organization. Whatever be the product of the company, it should be reached out to the people so that the organization can thrive well. The wholly dedicated marketing departments or cells have been activated by organizations to focus on marketing aspects.

  • The Marketing Manager will be responsible for the services and products of the organization.
  • Formulates and develops the Marketing strategies.
  • Run advertisement campaign of newly launched and other such products of the company.
  • Helps develop the long-term marketing vision in line with objectives of the company.
  • Oversee all the activities like an advertisement, communication, endorsements, etc. which fall under the marketing department.

Dear aspirant, there are many such job profiles meant for the MBA Professionals and you need not worry about as CareerGuide is at a click away from where you can seek advice and career guidance for a dream career. just talk to the Professional Experts at CareerGuide and get genuine advice/guidance in real time. Hope this helps you!

RE: Five Fantastic Jobs Where An MBA Will Boost Career!

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