What are the career option for commerce with infomatic practice and entrepreneurship without maths?

What are the career options for commerce with infomatic practice and entrepreneurship without maths?

by Sherry
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4 answers

RE: What are the career option for commerce with infomatic practice and entrepreneurship without maths?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Thank you for choosing and writing to us. Commerce field and its related job prospects is well established in India. I can brief you on the job options yo pursue with a degree in Commerce. First of all, be happy that you have also studied informatics practice and entrepreneurship as well. with these extra subjects you have a great opportunity to diversify your career in future. First let me explain you the career options with a degree in Commerce and then we will follow up with informatics practice and entrepreneurship.
With a degree in Commerce, you have a variety of options to pursue like Banking, Finance, Human resources, Marketing, not for profit organisations, entrepreneurship, teaching or further studies. If you haven't studied Maths or Business Maths you can rule out Banking, finance and accounts careers as these careers require you to have maths to be an integral role all the way. So my best advice for you is to consider working in Marketing, Human resources, teaching, entrepreneurship or consider studying further. If studying further, you also need to carefully pick up the right course that suits your interest and match your study experience and expertise, like Masters in human resources, Masters in Marketing, Masters in General Management, Masters in Economics and many. To give you a brief idea, on what all subjects you could study after a BCom, in case you are interested please see the picture below.
If you aren't interested in studying further you may consider working for Human resources and Marketing.
In Human resources: You can work as a recruiter, sourcer initially and later upgrade to Senior recruiter and Manager
. Once you get experienced in recruiting, you can try other departments within HR.
Marketing: You can work as a Market analyst, Industry analyst, Consumer analyst or entry level marketing positions in any company.
ITES/ BPO: You can consider working at ITES or BPO at either their technical division or customer support division.
Entrepreneurship: You can start your own company that you are interested in and to also develop your knowledge in this, you can probably study a Diploma or MBA in Entrepreneurship.
Credit analyst: You can work as a Credit analyst for banks as either in branch credit analyst or customer credit analyst.
Hope this helps. Good luck.

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RE: What are the career option for commerce with infomatic practice and entrepreneurship without maths?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Dear aspirant

I am glad you approached counsellors at to seek advice. Dear student first of all please understand that any course/ group of subjects by an education board is highly planned and are also evaluated on job requirements. Education boards frame subjects in a group accordingly that no student should struggle to get a job on completing of the concerned subject. So please be relaxed that not studying maths is no harm and it will certainly not affect your future career. So i believe this will bring your mind to calm.

You are highly needed to explore what all you can do without maths getting involved in future subjects. However, understand that you need to have basic mathematical numerical aptitude at work and you dont have to master pure mathematical skills like differential calculus or integral calculus when you start work. I suggest you always have touch with NCERT maths text book to be competitive when you start work. I advice you not to ignore basic maths but also tell you not to worry that not studying maths will no way interrupt your career.

You are at a very competitive career line as you have chosen informatic practice subject in your school level. Completing this subject you can very well choose BSc Information technology, BSc Computer science and BSc Information management courses. These courses will eventually give you a career in the IT world after graduation.

Next taking entrepreneurship is highly advantageous too. Studying this course you will know how a business functions and this will give you a scope to understand the internal functions like HR, Marketing, Accounts and Finance. Studying this subject at school level you can also take BBA- Bachelor of business administration at college level. This will more divert you into management aspects of career. After BBA graduation you can choose to work as a managemnt trainee at companies or go to work in direct specialisations like HR trainee Marketing trainee or account trainee. After few years of work experience you can top your career with a MBA professional degree and stabilise your career. Alternatively you can also choose to start your own business or take care of your parental business if one exists.

Finally i advice you to take a psychometric assessment that is available on this website to know your personality type and the careers that suits you. Taking the test will help you filter unwanted career options and will narrow down your options to focus on the right career path. I wish you good success.

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RE: What are the career option for commerce with infomatic practice and entrepreneurship without maths?

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend

Thank you very much for contacting for your important and valuable career. Your query seems to be imperative for a commerce student and teacher both so that both community can work together for a better explanation towards the academic career related to commerce. As we do understand the high-throughput definition of computer technology at software and hardware level moreover being evolved according to the technological requirement in any discipline whether it is commerce, biology, medical sciences, mathematical research, or anything else computer sciences are everywhere due to its dynamism, pace of complementation to any subject. If you are interested then please explore the intricacies of computer sciences and find the relevant tools for your commerce so that you can make use of this combination. Though understanding of maths is also an unavoidable tool you can not ignore it for the sake of convenience and smooth practice rather try to know the involvement of maths like computer sciences. I can not say that you leave maths even tough an institute offers such course without maths I do not recommend you to go for such study.
Commerce is such a course which is defined by economics, statistics- a mathematical tool, accountancy and after all your communication and transmittance capacity. You have included entrepreneurship without maths where I am not clear about your definition of math which seems to be a major difficulties. Here I would like to advise you certain models for your mathematics phobia:
1. Fundamental skill: First you draw the common pre-requisites for commerce which are catered by all subjects at school level. Never overlook the subjects at school level if they are creating confusion then once again you read them preferably from NCERT model which will be proven as eye opener for you. But you have to take this exercise very seriously otherwise you will not be able to crack the bottleneck at this juncture.
2. Maths versus info tech and commerce: If you look into the modern commerce in economical era which is known as e-commerce which is being crafted at multidisciplinary level where academicians from commerce, from economics, maths and from computer-information technology contributing under a giant collaboration.

Hope above suggested models will help your future career in simple manner.

Best !

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RE: What are the career option for commerce with infomatic practice and entrepreneurship without maths?

Vivek Kumar
Vivek Kumar
Verified Career Expert
Counselor / Subject Matter Expert in Microbiology
  • Meerut

Dear friend, many many thanks for approaching us at, in fact this is a very practical question. here you have not mentioned your academic qualifications and what you are doing at present. As you have mentioned that you are interested in commerce along with informatics practice. Let me tell you that gone are the days when commerce was a subject chosen by students after science subject, and people used to opt it for the sake of taking care of their family business.

Now a days, the commerce is very popular and job oriented course, which has huge demand. As you have combined commerce and Informatics practice, therefore, it has lot more scope compared to simple commerce subject. The commerce is all about business and trade. It deals with studies of market, economics, fiscal deficit, fiscal policies and industrial policies and so on. Commerce is a broad orbit of interdisciplinary branches viz. accountancy, business administration, finance, economics, business, trade, advertisement, e-commerce and so many other disciplines.The over all economic growth of a nation largely depends upon advanced commerce studies and analysis by the experts. Therefore, this streams offers a very large number of options.

Scope of commerce and Informatics practice

Commerce opens up many job avenues, globalization, foreign insurance and foreign investments has created enormous job opportunities for commerce students both in governmental sector and private organization. In governmental sector the job opportunities are in colleges, universities, institutes, state and central government offices and banks. here the person works as lecturer, assistant professor, assistant scientist, economist, technical officer, probationary officer. The commerce graduate is also eligible to become charted accountant and company secretary. Both these jobs has great opportunities in private sector.

Moreover, if you wish to study further (post graduation in commerce) then you will have lot more opportunities in marketing, banking and finance, hotel management, business communication, finance, insurance, economics, Law etc.

By having a commerce post graduation degree you may be appointed as business manager or manager in any business or finance related company. Later your hard work and performance will give you higher positions.

The scope of a commerce (graduate or post graduate along with informatics practices) are also great in western hemisphere. Here maths is not that important do decide your future, the other subjects such as accounting, auditing, business economics will fulfill the requirement of the degree.

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RE: What are the career option for commerce with infomatic practice and entrepreneurship without maths?

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