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I am student of commerce and I am intrested in computer

I passed 12 th commerce without maths...I am interested in computer...hardware and software both

by Ankit Verma
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3 answers

RE: I am student of commerce and I am intrested in computer

Sonia Agrawal
Sonia Agrawal

Hello dear student..

After seeing your query above I can see that you are having commerce back ground but interested in computer stream, I am happy to say that there is nothing wrong in doing so, just be calm and compose and go for it.

First of thank you for coming with your query to asking it to us, it is always our pleasure to help and guide you answering your query in the best possible way, you did a correct thing by coming to us as here you will get the exact answer as it will be from experts rather than word of mouth.

If you are good in computer and you really want to work in computer line than no obstacle is there for you in the world to move ahead, again in go in computer line you can opt for BCA bachelor in computer science if done with graduation than go for MCA, master in computer science. For that you need to apply for admission at the time when form filling is going on, so keep a eye on that also when admissions are going to start mostly it is in the time of march and April. So it is very important you should see be prepared if you really are interested in the computer stream.
Hope you are clear now and now for you it is not a problem to decide and stop worrying about it and just march forward and go for it.

Remember that it is always important to be focused and do hard work in what ever you are selecting and doing. as hard work is the key to success and it is always important in every thing.

Now you can start the preparation with full commitment and focused. and do focus on the college from which college you are doing your course as it is important to see whether after completion they will help in placements or not, other wise again you will face problem computer line is now a days having good scope and job opportunities are also more in this line as now a days so many IT information technology companies are there in India. As a fresher in computer line I suggest you to go for MCA after BCA than you will get lot many preference than other thing in job perspective

All the best for your bright future and have a successful career...
Thank you.

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RE: I am student of commerce and I am intrested in computer

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Verified Career Expert
Founder & CEO: Discovering Careers India
  • pune

Hello My Dear,

Commerce background and wishing to go into computers? Not a problem at all dear... There are many commerce graduates going into Information Technology industry. You said that you are interested in both software and hardware, there are definitely good career options for this particular liking.

As mentioned above commerce background students can very well enter into the computer field - software and hardware.

As rightly mentioned by my colleague here Ms. Sonia Agrawal, you can opt for BCA after your 12th. Bachelor of Computer Application is one of the famous under graduate computer course liked by many. After BCA you can surely do MCA. Doing MCA after BCA will be comparatively easy for you. Please remember that doing a post graduation is very important in todays dynamic and demanding business environment, so you should definitely aim for post graduation.

The above courses will help you make your career in software / IT, since those courses are very much accepted and required by IT companies in India.

Since you are also interested in hardware, it is necessary for you to do some formal hardware courses from reputed training institutes. Institutes like APTECH, SEED InfoTech, JetKing, etc are famous for hardware courses. In BCA you would not be taught about hardware and therefore you need to do a course separately in hardware from another institute

In industry, there are many jobs which require software and hardware knowledge, like computer specialists in product showrooms, etc.

Just a word of opinion, that before opting for computer courses especially since you are from the commerce background without maths as a subject, I would like you to think once more and see whether you are really passionate about this field.

Best Luck

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RE: I am student of commerce and I am intrested in computer

manojjnu Kumar
manojjnu Kumar

Dear Friend,
Thank you very much for contacting As you stated that you have commerce for your current study and also want to have computer sciences though it is not mentioned that you want computer as complimentery level or looking for the full-time course work.Anyways computer sciences have a broad areas at hardware and software level which is being offered in the specialized manner at the same time basic computer course is designed at elementary level which is meant for fresher and only for the common uses at day to day basis.Some course work like BCA bachelor in Computer Sciences which is highly applied and industrial course work meant for professional career in computer application at the same time in computer sciences or btech in computer sciences also designed at applied level but your candidature is in doubt. So check the pre-requisites from the concern institutions as we know now a days many private universities are offering computer sciences under numerous tag names so please check all these module specific program which can suit you.

Next you need to know why a commerce student join computer course work either for the sake of job or interest in computer. In your opinion nothing is clear as of now so you look for the final word. Again I will ask you that how come you got inspired by computer sciences --by the general references or your commerce skill which impulsed you to explore the computer due to the uniform definition of softskill in any subject. I think this is the genuine explanation which can convince you and your future in the combination of computer sciences and commerce. Therefore the basic insticnt to explore the computer science at higher level is to give anew dimension of comerce. Always keep your basic commerce where you can exploit the computer sciences at max level it is the universal rule before nvestigating anything new.
Screening of any new subject for you is a crucial job so give ample time to your thought processing and then analyse the modules being offered in computer sciences and align them with your core course in commerce. Hope it will help you to undertand that why you are taking computer sciences.
Best wishes

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RE: I am student of commerce and I am intrested in computer

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