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Which course is best after 12 th commerce stream?

I want guidance regarding the courses available after 12 th commerce ,which provided better employment after studies.

by Avani Kapadia
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3 answers

RE: Which course is best after 12 th commerce stream?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello There!

I am glad to come across a commerce field query and also glad that you thought of approaching CareerGuide for seeking career guidance. I am sure that you will benefit from the opinion of the experts here.

Just a little about myself - I am an Educationist and Economist. I have been into career counselling for many students generally from the field of commerce / management / law / engineering for more than seven years now. I am also a writer and have been writing on various topics including career management and economics for reputed magazines and newspapers published across the nation.

Commerce field is one of the best, every changing, dynamic, exciting and lucrative fields in the business arena. Since you may have already completed HSC or in HSC, you must have by now got an idea what commerce field involves in terms of subjects. All subjects in the BCom course are very relevant, important for businesses today.

After HSC Commerce there are number of fields available for making good careers. However completing your BCom graduation is most important since a graduation degree in commerce opens the doors for admissions to number of courses. The most relevant courses after HSC Commerce which can be done along side completing the commerce gradaution are Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretaryship, Cost Accounting, Chartered Financial Analyst. After HSC Commerce, you may also shift to BBA or BBM or BMS or Hotel Management for graduation degree. CA, CS, CWA, CFA are known as professionals courses which lead to specialized careers in Accounting/Taxation/Finance, Secretarial Practice Law, Cost Accounting, Financial Analysis respectively. CA, CS, CWA are statutory professions and job opportunities for thes professionals are growing and are in plenty. CFA is a very niche and tough career course.

If you opt for BBA / BBM / BMS, etc, then doing MBA after graduation will be a sort of easy to complete. However if you do an MBA from a very good Institute your career will be growing and very flourshing.

I hope that the commerce field will keep exciting you and those professionals courses and MBA will be the best if can be done after graduation.

I wish you best luck for your future.

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RE: Which course is best after 12 th commerce stream?

Gomathi Venkat
Gomathi Venkat
Verified Career Expert
Managing Director at GV Counseling Group
  • Bengaluru

Hello aspirant

Thank you for approaching counsellors at meracareerguide. This is a common quetsion i always get to hear as a counsellor - which course is best for a 12th commerce student. Well i can split my answer in three different branches. For that ask yourself these three questions initially.
1. Do you like economics?
2. Do you like commerce?
3. Do you like business?
If you choose economics, you will get careers that will more often lead you to work as an economist or a consultant. You will be like an advisor advising comapnies, schools, universities, organisations on their problems and help them achieve efficiency. This is a highly recognisable study and career role in India. You can study BA Economics initially and then study MA Economics. You can also choose to specialise like environmental economist, trade economist, health eeconomist, food economist, agri economist and education economist. You can work for one particular branch of industry.

If you like commerce then you should initially and definitely choose to study bachelor of commerce that is a BCom degree. this will give you all the ground aspects of commerce and little bit of business. So it will be a degree that is almost 70% commerce and on 30% business. With a BCom you can work in banks, be also eligible to write national level bank exams, investment banks, business analyst, commerce analyst and many more. this degree will give you professional accrediation especially if you choose to study CA Chartered accountancy/ company secretary CS. This is the highest target for most commerce students and you can also take this route.

Finally a business degree. You can choose to study BBA Bachelor of business administration. It will be a 100% management degree and you will not study either commerce or economics although having an understanding of commerce and economics will help understand business functions. After this degree you can work at companies as a management trainee, hr analyst, marketing analyst, business analyst, trade analyst, opeartions analyst and project analyst. In fact you can also choose to work for accounts or finance if you hold that specialisation until 12th. After a few years of experience you can also study an MBA degree with a specialisation that interests you so much. This business route also leads to a professional career.

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RE: Which course is best after 12 th commerce stream?

Dr Aparna
Dr Aparna
Verified Career Expert
PhD Organizational Psychology
  • Hosur


Commerce is generally treated as the backbone of any business, and therefore it gives excellent career options for commerce and business allied subjects. To pursue a career in commerce, it is essential for students to study in a commerce group at the HSC level. If you are studying in an international board where you have options to choose students to study then you can study commerce, accounts, finance, economics and business maths as the ideal subjects.

Commerce stream gives three types of careers in general and they are business route, Chartered route and the Doctorate route. Depending on your aim and your interests, you can choose the suitable route accordingly. Bachelor of commerce BCom is the most common destination for students choosing commerce in 12th level. With this, I shall explain what are the career options.

  1. BCom general with Business: Students can choose to study general BCom degree where business is a default subject. Students interested in business and commerce together are suitable for this route. Therefore as a part of the business subject, you will study HR, Marketing, Supply chain, Operations, Organisational behaviour, business accounts and business finance. Completing this degree, students often choose to work as a business analyst, HR Analyst, marketing analyst, commerce analyst, trade analyst, e-commerce analyst or even a management trainee.
Professional route: Students after gaining a few years of experience can opt for an MBA degree and pursue managerial careers.
Bcom ---> MBA
Bcom ---> MCom ---> PhD Commerce/ PhD Business

2.BCom with accounts: Students can also choose to study accounts as main specialisation as part of the BCom degree. This explains a career as an auditor or a company accountant, cost accountant and management accountant in future.
Professional route: Bcom ---> MCom ---> Chartered accountancy CA
3. BCom with Finance: Students who are confident in pursuing a career in finance and have high numerical aptitude can choose finance specialisation as a part of the BCom degree.
Professional route: Bcom ---> MCom ---> CFA Chartered financial analyst or
Bcom ---> Mcom ---> MFM Master in financial management

4. Bcom with banking: Students interested in pursuing a career in banking can often choose this banking allied subject.
Professional route: Bcom banking ---> MCom banking --->other professional bank exams.

5.Bcom with computer applications: Students interested in studying commerce and computer science together can best choose this route. Completing this degree students can work as a commerce analyst, e-commerce analyst and computer systems analyst.
Professional route: Bcom with computer applications ---> MSc Computer science or ---> MCom with computer applications
6. BCom with Chartered accountancy: Students who aim for a CA career can straight away take up this route. This offers ground breaking training in accounts and CA preparation right from first year and getting an admission in this course is also highly competitive.
Professional route: Bcom ---> CA
7.BA Economics: Students interested in Economics can choose to get into this route. Completing this degree you can work as an Economist or even a trade economist, trade analyst.
Professional route: BA Economics ---> MA Economics ---> PhD Economics

8. BBA Bachelor of business administration: Students interested studying only a business degree can choose this subject and after graduating you can work in any management roles in a company.
Professional route: BBA ---> MBA ---> PhD Management

9. BBE Bachelor of business economics: Students interested in a combination of business and economics can choose this and after graduating they can pursue careers related to economist roles within business functions.
Professional route: BBE ---> MBE ---> PhD Economics

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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RE: Which course is best after 12 th commerce stream?

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