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What are the career prospects of studying law from abroad?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are the career prospects of studying law from abroad?

Jayanta Ghosh
Jayanta Ghosh
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'Law' is the major part of our constitution. Law is a set of categorized rules and regulations under which any society or country is governed. Law is one of the popular fields of education and there has always been great enthusiasm among students to become a lawyer. This field needs flawless debating skills. If you want to become a good lawyer, you must have good oral communication skills. A lawyer or an attorney represent their clients in the court so he/she must be confident and efficient.

The law education is usually a three-year degree program. This three-year degree program is called LLB (Bachelor of Laws), LLB is an abbreviation for Latin word ‘Legum Baccalaureus’. For further education or post-graduation, students go for LLM (Master of Laws) which is an acronym for ‘Legum Magister’.

There are many legal institutions in India which offer a well-recognized degree in law. The students who can afford to study abroad go for pursuing a law degree in foreign countries. Many people believe that there are not enough openings for lawyers in India. The silver lining is that if an Indian student gets a law degree from a foreign country he/she can do legal practice in India as The Bar Council of India recognizes some foreign degrees like-

  1. Three years’ LLB degree only if taken after three years’ Bachelor degree course.
  2. Three years’ LLB degree followed by one-year full-time LPC/BVC and followed by a contract of service with a Law Firm for at least two years to be entitled as a solicitor.
  3. Four years’ of LLB jointly with another subject like Finance, Accounts, Management etc to be immediately followed by LPC/BVC.

Therefore, if someone wants to study law abroad and practice in India, it is a clean path for you.

Now we’ll look at the process of getting our name enrolled in a prosperous foreign university to get a degree in law.

  • A majority of foreign universities take into consideration the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score of the candidate. LSAT exam tests reading comprehension, logical, and verbal proficiency.
  • One must also give an exam of English proficiency like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Entrance in a renowned university depends not only on entrance exams but also on the extra-curricular activities and overall personality of the candidate.

Law can be pursued from any country as every country has a legislature or legal system. When we can easily pursue a law degree from our own country then why must we study abroad? The answer to this question is multi-dimensional. As the legal system of every country varies, studying law abroad broadens our mindset, one gets a more comprehensive understanding of the law and can gain a country-specific knowledge of the law. There are some specialties in law like technology cum law and much more which is not offered in India but they are offered in countries like the US. Money is not an issue anymore, one can apply for plenty of scholarship funding.

Choose the right law school according to your caliber as this choice will act as the greatest stepping stone for you. While choosing your subjects and areas of specialization, think judiciously. It is very important to choose the right path in which you are really interested, switching paths midway is not at all easy. Do all the research on which field has the scope and you have an interest in it or not.


Now if you are done with studying law in a foreign country. What next? You can apply for jobs in the following areas-

  • Capital markets law: This is your best shot overall at working abroad. There is a lot of scope of a capital market lawyer as they are needed in every country.
  • Securities Law: Security plays the major role for any country. Nowadays it has become the biggest problem for every nation. So there is a lot of demand of securities lawyer.
  • Real estate finance law/Construction and commercial litigation law: This field has a lot of scopes especially in middle-east countries as they have a lot of on-going construction and much more awaiting too.
  • Corporate lawyer: One can also make a career in the corporate sector if you have good knowledge of business, trade and commercial law.
  • Immigration law: Immigration law varies from country to country and it is regulated by international law.

These are some areas where a law graduate can apply for and there are many more fields too. A law graduate can apply to be an associate in a prominent law firm and learn how the legal world works.







RE: What are the career prospects of studying law from abroad?

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