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What are the different available courses in Executive Management for Working Professionals?

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RE: What are the different available courses in Executive Management for Working Professionals?

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We are required to have a global leadership to shoulder the new challenges unfurled by the free market and international trade. The changing and highly competitive nature of the today’s market obliges organizations to employ best minds to run the gigantic operations with an added advantage. The top-notch decision-making and managerial flank of any organizations need to be aware of the challenges and opportunities so as to reap the every possible advantage from this.

The leader should know the various trends in markets, loopholes in management and the tactics to repair it, the leader should also be able to chalk out the long term vision with realistic goals and the leader must possess the abilities to achieve set targets in prescribed time. That’s the main reason behind the idea of offering these mid-career professional executive courses for business leaderships. Being familiar with the best practices in businesses the world over; the business leader can employ the same in their own organization to lead it with a new vigor. Now it has become a common practice of expanding the reach of the organizations globally. Many organizations themselves are supporting their managers to pursue the mid-career course so as to bring advantages to the organization. There are many such institutions which offer the courses for executives. Generally, these courses require minimum 12 years of senior managerial work experience. And the fee for the course may be higher going above 40 Lakhs or around. Let us have a look through some of the courses, meant for executives.



Executive MBA – IIT Bombay and Washington University, USA

One of the finest programmes, equally reputed as do the other global executive management courses, with 18 months of duration, lets you have an insight into the global business world and the work culture, best practices therein. The internationally renowned professors and industrial experts will be teaching you. The course is run by IIT Bombay in collaboration with Washington University. The participants will be experiencing the international immersions at Washington University in the USA. Professionals with more than 7 years of work experience at the senior managerial level are eligible for the course. For other such information, you can talk to the Experts at CareerGuide.


Post-Graduate Programme for Working Professional (PGPpro) - ISB, Hyderabad

The course from the ISB, for working professional having work experience strictly between 5 to 12 years, spans for 16 months. Along with international immersion, you will be going at two campuses of the ISB, one is Hyderabad and the second one is Mohali.  You will have to bear the cost around Rs. 28 Lakhs as a fee.


Post-Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executive (PGPMAX) - ISB, Hyderabad

A 15 month globally recognized equivalent course from ISB for the senior executives with 10 to 25 years of experience. The course costs you Rs. 35 Lakhs. The Participants will have world-class faculty and three international immersions.


Executive Program on Managing Business Decisions: A Quantitative Approach - IIM, Calcutta and NIIT Imperia

The participants of the course are taught about strategic and tactical business decision making. The course enables you to excel in analytics. 3 years work experience is required to be eligible for the course. the fee will be around Rs. 2.56 Lakhs.


Executive General Management Program (EGMP) - IIM, Lucknow and NIIT Imperia

Working professionals with minimum 6 years of work experience are eligible for the course. The course will run for a year once a week on every Saturday. NIIT Imperia’s Centre for Advanced Learning will be delivering the course. the fee is fixed above Rs. 3 Lakhs.


Senior Management Program (SMP) - IIM, Calcutta and NIIT Imperia

The one year course from the collaboration between IIM Calcutta and NIIT Imperia, has been designed to meet the needs of mid-career executives to help them transform into strategic leadership. Minimum 10 years of work experience is required for the course which will cost you up to Rs. 3.50 Lakhs.

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Dear Aspirant, we discussed at length some of the courses for executives and senior working professionals. For further information, you can have a talk with the Experts at CareerGuide. Wish you all the best!

RE: What are the different available courses in Executive Management for Working Professionals?

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