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Hotel Manager manages all the activities, facilities and staff of the hotel and is responsible for each and every happening that takes place in the hotel.

Introduction Disasters are out of human control and they cause immense loss of human lives and properties, shaking the normal everyday activities and putting a stop on them for several next months.Natural disasters are very common all over the world, there is no escaping of it. Disaster Management is the administration of programs and resources for responding to such emergency situations caused either by natural events such as floods, earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, landslides, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricanes, cyclones etc. or sometimes by emergencies caused by human activity such as

A career in the logistics and Supply chain industry is new since the field in India is new and yet in developing phase. Due to this, the demand is although there, but knowledge and awareness about the industry are not there. As many of the efforts going on, still, the industry will take the time to grow and rise up as an educational giant. But meanwhile when the field is enhancing, it is important to get the hands on proper facilities and the institutes that are providing good knowledge and greater value to these courses is the most important thing on the list. What is Logistics & Supply C

Hello My Dear...                           I am very happy that you have decided seriously your career path and rightly approached for seeking guidance from the experts here. I am glad that you have started preparing for future at the right time.     Hotel Management is a fantastic and exciting and growing career option.   But My Dear, why are you searching for a crash course suddenly just when you are still to pass HSC? This is not good as per industry requirement.

Hi.. You can join for MSc in Hotel Management or MBA in Tourism and Hospitality, once you have done with your five year graduation course. It will help you to get more weight in the job market. Visit   the websites like Jamia Millia Islamia, Institute of Hotel Management, Lovely Professional University, Symbiosis  etc for more   info regarding your eligibility and methods of admission in Hotel Management course. 

HelloWelcome to!!!The profile of a hotel manager is one of the most coveted positions in the hospitality sector. But as each coin has two sides so does this vocation. Here a few advantages and disadvantages of being a hotel manager. Table Contents 1.  Overview Of How To Be A Hotel Manager 2.  Top Colleges For Hotel Manager 3.  Top Ten Colleges For How To Be A Hotel Manager In India 4.  Career After Hospitality Management Programs 5.  The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being A Hotel Manager ProsThe job will never get boring as

The typical day of a Hotel Manager involves the following activities:Getting up early. In fact very early. This is one rule that you have to follow in the hospitality industry. Arrive the hotel early and ensure the operational management. If any issues are there, they have to get them resolved quickly.The daily meeting happens where the daily staff report is presented about what has happened over last night, those details are provided by the staff.They are always roaming around the hotel making sure that each and everything is in place. They meet their clients and take their feedback

Hi Yes, you can go for M.Sc hotel management after your engineering. Eligibility for M.Sc hotel Management in most of the top universities is Pass with 50% aggregate marks in Bachelor's degree (any discipline) In hotel management students are made aware about effective use of technology (software, equipment, systems). They are given the Knowledge to manage the professional preparation, presentation, and service of quality food at advanced level. Students also Acquire necessary managerial and technical skills for building career in hospitality and allied indus