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What are the different jobs opportunities lie with Healthcare Management?

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RE: What are the different jobs opportunities lie with Healthcare Management?

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Usually, people have a perception that hospitals and clinics meant only for nurses and doctors, but the fact is far from this thought. It is an equal contribution of managerial staff to take any healthcare institutions towards an edge of success. Only an efficient non-medical staff having effective managerial skills can help in raising a small clinic in a hospital and mount them into a large specialty and super-specialty hospitals. In the past several years, about 25% growth was seen in the healthcare industry, which leads to rising in modernized and structured healthcare services. As a result, there comes a rise in demand for medical staff, which offers a tremendous scope of various job opportunities in healthcare management services. This is an emerging field, which students can pursue, having various bright career options.

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Minimum Eligibility Criteria for HCM:

After passing 12th with biology subject, with at least 50% marks from a recognized institute, one should have an undergraduate degree in hospital administration (BHA). After graduation, one can directly apply for the entry-level jobs in this field. Furthermore, one can have a master’s degree in Hospital Administration (MHA) or an MBA in Healthcare Management for getting higher managerial posts. Both medical and non-medical students can opt for the master’s degree having compulsory subjects such as microbiology, biotechnology, nursing, medicine, veterinary science, pharmacy and more. One can also go with some short term certificate course to get a job related to this field.

Healthcare Management Areas:

After completing the education, one may pursue various fields related to healthcare services. One needs to develop his skills such as interpersonal, technical and conceptual skills for entering into this field. Various areas have different responsibilities which include financial operations, budgets, analysis. One can explore his career in the below fields:

  • Clinics
  • Health insurance organizations
  • Healthcare associations
  • Human Resources
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Mental health organizations
  • Public health departments
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Consulting firms
  • Universities and research institutes
  • Finance
  • Government relations
  • Information systems
  • Material management
  • Medical staff relations
  • Patient care services
  • Planning and development

Various Job designations:

In Healthcare management, one can explore various options to get his foot in the door. One who has skills to make effective budgets and the ability to control various managerial operations can accelerate his career even at an initial stage of this field. Knowledge and principles of business administration will play a key role in getting a job at various positions.

  • Medical Office Administrator: One can start his career as an administrator in various healthcare departments only after having some training related to administrative work. Medical Office Administrator is also known as Medical secretaries or assistants. One can work in a hospital, laboratories or health departments and at a doctor’s clinic.
  • Job Duties: They have to do some clerical or back-support office work such as attending calls, maintaining accounts, prepare reports, assist physicians, schedule appointments, bookkeeping tasks, handling contracts, hire and manage medical staff. One should also know about making documents in office equipment.
  • Additional Requirements: Along with graduation degree, students can opt for various certificate, diploma, and associate degree programs related to this field.
  • Medical Executive Assistant: Medical Executive Assistant can start his career as an assistant in doctor’s clinic or medical faculty. After gaining some experience in medical terminology, one can follow up to high-level administrative jobs for doctors and medical scientists.
  • Job Duties: One has to perform tasks such as reviewing documents and reports, transcribing dictation, conducting research and schedule appointments. One should also have knowledge of insurance and billing accounts, medical terminology and lab procedures.
  • Additional Requirements: One can have a certificate program of up to three months duration or an associate 2year degree program after completing 12th with subjects biology, chemistry, and anatomy.
  • Healthcare Human Resource Manager: Healthcare HR manager plays a crucial role in any big and small medical administration areas. He works for the stability and overall development of an entire institute. HR are in high demand in various medical offices.
  • Job Duties: The human resources manager has the responsibility to bridge the gap between an employee and corporate structure. He has to guide for various administrative tasks, coordinating and handling all the functions of a department and management related issues.
  • Additional Requirements: One can have courses related to employment law and development and labor management for better job opportunities. One can also pursue a higher level of HR officer after doing a master’s degree in the same field.

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  • Healthcare Informatics Manager: Healthcare informatics is a technical field which requires knowledge of keeping EHR (Electronic Health Records). All healthcare providers need technicians to keep their massive records securely. One has to understand the knowledge of computer and accounts to work for software development and privacy and security of health records.
  • Job Duties: One should have to develop policies to access and update patient records in a real-time protected user environment. One has to ensure that all the medical-aid related to patients are quite safe and secure. He also has the responsibility to update the latest technology for keeping records.
  • Additional Requirements: One should have a certificate course in technology. One can also pursue a master degree or a Ph.D. program to work as a Chief Healthcare Informatics Officer (CHIO) along with years of experience.
  • Social and Community Service Manager: Social and Community Service Manager is needed to coordinate and to supervise various social and community service programs. These managers work along with healthcare professionals to help children, veterans or homeless people. One may have to directly involve with social workers, counselors, or probation officers.
  • Job Duties: The role of the manager is to provide staff to profitable and non-profitable social service companies, whether it is a private firm or a government agency. One should also have to collect data and health reports and report them to the senior-level managers and stakeholders.
  • Additional Requirements: One should have a bachelor or master degree in social work.

Expected salary in Healthcare Management:

On an average, one can get up to 30k INR per month at an entry level after graduation, depending upon the academic skills and practical experiences. A student having masters degree can earn between 4lacs to 12lacs annually and after reaching seniority level one may get up to 25lacs per annum.

After a complete analysis of Healthcare Management field, one can explore wide scope to start his career as per his interest and skills. One should have devotion, knowledge, and experience to pursue this field as his best career option.

RE: What are the different jobs opportunities lie with Healthcare Management?

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