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What are the internship opportunities in India for a Second/Third year student of Petroleum Engineering?

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RE: What are the internship opportunities in India for a Second/Third year student of Petroleum Engineering?

Jyoti B Dhingra
Jyoti B Dhingra
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Internship is the first step towards the beginning of of your carrier.So it is important to look at internship both paid and unpaid,as an opportunity to gain valuable experience in the work place,with many internship opportunities leading to offers of full time employment.

In India there are certain portals which help the students to catch the internship opportunities by recruitment.

With you can register get head hunted by best recruiters in India. is another such portal where you can register and get picked by the recruiters. is available for students to get internship opportunities of your liking.
Online database is becoming more popular for locating internship opportunities.
AIESEC if you want to go global.

Some of the top companies which provide internship opportunities are -
Indian oil corporation
IBP company ltd
Lubricants India
Oil gas India
Petrosil group
Shiv-vani Universal
Bharat Petroleum
Reliance Petroleum ltd
Essar oil ltd
Gas Authority of India
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation
Oil India ltd
Tata Petrodyne
Bangaigon Refinery
Gas Projects(India) Private Limited
Hindustan oil exploration company limited
India LPG
Kochi Refineries Limited

Internship opportunities are provided by the collages also from where you are doing the degree,they are quite helpful in making it possible for their students.Another thing which is most helpful is your own networking with students of different colleges,your friends from other institutes and their networks.

Network of your family members and relatives also can help you in this regard.Keeping eyes and ears open and taking action at the appropriate time is the key thing to achieve this.

Petroleum industry is growing very fast.Petroleum jobs will increase 18% over the next eight years,which is far faster than the average growth expected in other occupations.Oil and gas jobs for college graduates with petroleum engineering degrees will offer entry into rewarding careers helping to supply the world's energy needs.

So expansion in the field of Petroleum is possible when they have more and more qualified professionals.Internship gives the scope to students as well as the companies.

Hope i have been able to answer your question quite well.


RE: What are the internship opportunities in India for a Second/Third year student of Petroleum Engineering?

Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde
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Greeting's for the day!!!

Despite the fact that petroleum engineering is an attractive and high paying career option, not much information is available on it. Typically, a petroleum engineering graduate is given the job to discover natural sources of oil and examine the same. Similarly, developing the latest machines and equipments which can be used in the extraction and processing ofoil is a part of the job of a petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers have global career and are hired by global oil companies.

The petroleum engineering is divided into 2 parts:
1. Upstream Sector:
Consistes of activities like exploration, peroduction and exploitation of oil and natural gases. After gaining a qualification in petroleum engineering, the engineers work in the exploration and production activities of petroleum and other related products. Using the latest drilling technology and geophysics for exploration of oil reservoirs, they exploit the same for maximum output.

2. Downstream Sector:
Consist activities such as the refining, marketing and distrbuting of a petroleum products. Production is not the only work carried out in a petroleum company and the job of petroleum engineers does not get over as the oil is produced, rather, it starts at this stage. Refining process is crucial for and oil product as then only it can be used. Marketing and distrbuting department require a petroleum engineer to have some management degree.

Job Prospects:
Career prospectsare quite attarctive in petroleum sector as petroleum companes have great influence and offer attractive salaries to employees. The demand for petroleum and petroleum products is only expected to increase and the increase would lead to creation of new jobs. In fact, there is great demand of efficient petroleum engineers and almost every young graduate in petroleum engineering gets a job offer from petrol and gas companies from India and Overseas.

Whereas private petroleum companies offerattractive salaries to petroleum engineers, government sector oil companies are not far behind in terms of paying attractive salaries and bonuses to employees.

Internship Opportunities:
There are many of the petroleum companies who offer internship opportunities to 3rd and Final Year students. The Internship varies from the duration of 7 Days to 6 Months depending upon the requirements on that time. Students will be awarded with stipend as well as Internship Certificate on successful completion of the training.

Few of the companies who offer internships are;
1. Bharat PEtroleum Corporation Limited
2. Essar Oil
4. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited.

Further doubts or queries feel free to contact.


RE: What are the internship opportunities in India for a Second/Third year student of Petroleum Engineering?


sir please once more help to apply for internship in these companies rather than its not come in our colleges.
i m a student of petroleum engineering in IIT(ism)Dhanbad

RE: What are the internship opportunities in India for a Second/Third year student of Petroleum Engineering?

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