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With what educational qualifications , apart from B.E./B.Tech. I can become a Petroleum Engineer?

Can you provide me with detail description

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RE: With what educational qualifications , apart from B.E./B.Tech. I can become a Petroleum Engineer?

Jyoti B Dhingra
Jyoti B Dhingra
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More advanced degrees in a particular field always helps the candidates to grow further. A minimum of a bachelor's degree in engineering is required for most entry level Petroleum Engineering positions, but some employers require a masters degree for more advanced management roles.

Five years Petroleum Engineering programs are conducted in some colleges and Universities. At the completion of these programs graduates earn both a bachelors and a masters degree. Graduating from one of these programs can improve your long term advancement opportunities. So now it must be clear to you what is required apart from a bachelor's degree.

Before you enroll in any engineering program you should make sure that it's accredited by ABET. If the program is not accredited, you will be unable to earn a license.

Petroleum Engineers in all the states require to have a license if their services are directly offered to the public. After graduating from an accredited college or University, the first step to becoming licensed is passing the fundamentals of the Engineering exam. This exam can be taken immediately after graduation.

After four years of work experience, engineers are qualified to take the professional engineering exam. Engineers who complete this exam are referred to as professional engineers. Normally petroleum engineers begin their careers by working under the supervision of a more advanced engineer. With time they are able to start working on more advanced projects. Long term, many engineers in this field move on to becoming engineers.

Apart from the above information here are a few more things which can help in building a successful career-
- Excellent academic record in BTech in Petroleum Engineering is a must.
- Technical exposure during various projects carried out during the course shows that the candidate can work efficiently when exposed to real scenario.
- Excellent numerical and computer skills are expected from petroleum engineers as most of the time there would be computer stimulation required for further analysis.
- Skills to plan out project and execute them with team spirit are further requirements.
- Sound communication skills in English language would enhance the chances of getting international exposure and higher position with in the organization.

I hope my answer will help you move ahead in your desired field.

ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!

RE: With what educational qualifications , apart from B.E./B.Tech. I can become a Petroleum Engineer?

Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD
Dr. Anand Wadadekar, PhD

Hello My Dear,

. BE BTech have now becomes very foundation level courses and are just an introduction to a subject. Today the industry is demanding much more that what is taught in the graduation courses.

I am happy that you approached CareerGuide.com for seeking guidance to your good query.

I suppose that you have very rightly realised that it is not just the educational qualification which is the only thing which makes a career. I am happy that I am answering your query.

My colleague here Ms. Jyoti Dhingra has excellently adviced you, however I would like to put forth my points.

Today the infrastructure industry is a thrust area in terms of growth and investments by the Govt. Petroleum industry is a part of the infrastructure sector. Today the infrastructure sector is facing huge manpwer shortage in project management.

Project Management does not only mean technically managing the project but also managing the project non-technically too. There are many non-technical aspects like cost control, quality control, human resource management, finance management, project appraisal, planning, Supply chain management, logistics, vendor management.

All the above factors if learnt by any Engineer, he / she can be a better engineer and more over an engineer who will be in demand always due to this skill.

I recommend you to think for a course in Project Management after your graduation and make yourself extremely well competent for the job market.

Best Luck

RE: With what educational qualifications , apart from B.E./B.Tech. I can become a Petroleum Engineer?

Rahul Shinde
Rahul Shinde
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Career Consultant at Pinnacle School of Business Management
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Greeting's for the day!!!

Despite the fact that petroleum engineering is an attractive and high paying career option, not much information is available on it. Typically, a petroleum engineering graduate is given the job to discover natural sources of oil and examine the same. Similarly, developing the latest machines and equipments which can be used in the extraction and processing of oil is part of the job of a petroleum engineer. Petroleum engineers have global career and are hired by global oil companies.

The Petroleum Engineering is divided into 2 parts:
1. Upstream Sector:
Consists of activities like exploration, production and exploitation of oil and natural gases. After gaining a qualification in petroleum engineering, the engineers work in the exploration and production activities of petroleum and other related products. Using the latest drilling technology and geophysics for the eploration of oil reservoirs, they exploit the same for maximum output.

2. Downstream Sector:
Consist activities such as the refining, marketing and distrbuting of petroleum products. Production is not the only work carried out in a petroleum company and the job of petroleum engineers does not get over as the oil is produced, rather, it starts at this stage. Refining process is crucial for an oil product as then only it can be used. Marketing and distributing department may require a petroleum engneer to have some management degree.

Eligibility Criteria:
Successful completion of 10+2 examiantion with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects, is the minimum eligibility criteria required to pursue Bachelor's degree in Petroleum Engineering. One must also pass the qualifying entrance exam of the particular institute or AIEEE, or JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) conducted by IIT's which will be an added advantage for admission to top institutes.

apart from BE and BTech Course, one can become Petroleum Engineer by pursuing following courses:

1. Basic Petroleum Technology (BPT):
This course presents a non-technical, practical understanding of petroleum industry technology in an interesting, effective, and efficient manner. Participants are placed in the position of Reservoir Engineer, and "Our Reservoir" is defined, analyzed and put in production. Next, drill sites are chosen. Partcipants are then placed in the position of Drillig/ Completion Engineer, and the drilling/completion program for "our well" is analyzed. Participation result in greater job confidence, enthusiasm, and productivity.

Course Contents:
- Reservoir Fluid Properties
- Petroleum Geology
- The petroleum Reservoir
- Unconventional Resources
- Exploration Technology
- Drilling Technology
- Well competion and workover
- Production operations
- Recovery
- Surface Processing
- Offshore Operations

Offered by: Petroskills.com

2. Fundamentals of Petroleum Refining- A Non-Technical Introduction (FPR):
You don't need a engineering degree to understand the fundamentals of petroleum refining! This exciting program is designed to introduce non-technical oil industry members to the fascinating field of petroleum refining. Learn how a refinery works and how refinery operations affect global oil and product prices.

Course Contents:
- Fundamentals of Crude Oil
- Petroleum Chemistry made easy
- The three stages of refining
- Atmospheric and Vaccum distillation
- Cracking Processes
- Catalytic reforming
- Gas Plants
- Isomerization
- Hydrotreating
- Blending for finished products
- Refinery economics terms

Offered by: The Oxford Princeton Programme

Further doubts or queries feel free to contact.


RE: With what educational qualifications , apart from B.E./B.Tech. I can become a Petroleum Engineer?

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