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What are the pre-requisites of becoming a Radio Jockey and the challenges therein?

by Rohit Dubey
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RE: What are the pre-requisites of becoming a Radio Jockey and the challenges therein?

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Are you an extrovert person and desire to be heard always? Do you feel that interaction is your passion and you want to achieve it on a more popular platform? Are you the one who want to make your hobby a career? Perhaps you are on the right track to be a radio jockey. Apart from good communication and openness, there are many other pre- requisites for this field. Let’s have a look at the major challenges and requirements of the profession.

Pre- requisites of being a radio jockey  

A smart and talkative person can be a good radio jockey, but apart from these qualities, there are other requirements which are essential to be possessed in order to be a top rated professional.

He should come from a good background

Good hold over the language is an essential pre-requisite. A radio jockey should be calculative, humorous, talkative, outspoken, open minded and have a good grip over the language he is communicating with.

He should have good memory

In order to keep talking, he should write his script himself; he needs to have a good presence of mind and quote appropriate phrases at any condition whenever the situation demands. The more he reads and remembers, the more he would be able to apply in his professional field.

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He should have a soothing voice

A good vocal quality is a very big pre-requisite. Since the audience cannot see his body language, his tonal quality is the ultimate image of his personality. Harsh and hoax voiced people should refrain from this profession. Even a sweet talker with a strange voice is not considered right fit for this field.

He should have the qualities of handling a challenging situation

A radio jockey is expected to handle any unpleasant situation that might arise during the time of a show. He handles requests from the audience about a particular music to be played for a close person;  if any controversy arises which might spoil the mood of the show he should take up the responsibility to draw a perfect ending without hurting anybody’s feelings; this is a great quality and enhances with experience.

He should have a good sense of music

Since 90% of the requests handled are surrounding music, he must have a crisp knowledge on which music to be played at what time. Music should be in his subconscious mind and he should be able to quote any suitable line in any situation.

After successful completion of a radio jockey course, an aspirant can apply for a suitable position in the entertainment industry.  ‘All the glitters are not gold’- it’s true in the case of this career. Not that radio jockeying is always a bed of roses; it has some thorns in it and challenges. The challenges need to be known and overcome in order to have a rewarding career.

Challenges of being a radio jockey

There are various challenges of being a radio jockey. Let’s see the thorns of the profession and how to overcome it.

Being talkative throughout

The toughest part of the game is being talkative throughout the how and no mood swings. He should be unaffected by any personal highs and lows. His personal worries should in no way affect his professional field.

Expressive voice

 His voice should be soothing and impressive. His tonal quality should be unaffected by any health hazards. He should abstain from drinks and food that might give him a choked voice. He should be over protective about his voice and avoid any activity including yelling in joy, which might affect his tonal quality. It’s a vital task.

Being diplomatic

When a person becomes the image of an entertainment company, he should be extremely careful in choosing words or any situation that might have an adverse effect on the audience. He should know how to handle discussions related to political views, sensitive issues like religion and other controversial topics. He can discuss them but no word should ever point fingers at him thereby making situation tough for him and the entertainment industry.

Sense of humor, not demeaning

There is a significant difference between a good sense of humor and demeaning a person.  Whenever he wants to perform mimicry and imitate a celebrity he should be over careful that no single fan of him should get disappointed or sue him for no reasons. He should be a balanced speaker and avoid and controversial situation.

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Pay scale for beginners, not a good figure

For beginners who have started working as a radio jockey, the pay scale is not a good one. But as he advances in career and sponsors come forward with financial support, his compensation gets increased in multifold. So, establishing oneself is a great herculean task like any other profession.

Any field has its challenges and advantages; radio jockeying also has. For youngsters who want to enjoy a challenging career, accept any challenges and be successful, attain the peak of popularity in life – radio jockeying is the best. So, any aspirant who is reading this article can make up your mind to accept all challenges that might come with your way of being a top rated radio jockey.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: What are the pre-requisites of becoming a Radio Jockey and the challenges therein?

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