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Who is a radio jockey and how to become one?

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RE: Who is a radio jockey and how to become one?

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Are you an interactive and a witty person? Do you want to make your hobby a profession? Perhaps radio jockeying will be the most interesting profession for you. Let’s have a look at how to become a successful radio jockey and the criteria behind this interesting profession.

Who is a radio jockey?

During the ‘70’s radio used to be a popular past time and entertainment for the mass audience. After the popularity of television gained roots in late 80’s and early 90’s, radio was almost an extinct culture in the urban areas. The rural population was interested in following the news and educative programs dedicated to the farmers. But the popularity of FM and other channels kick-started the popularity and audience became a fan of radio program like never before. The person behind all these shows is the radio jockey. He is the main voice and talent who is responsible for successfully running the show.

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What are the requirements of becoming a radio jockey?

Radio jockeying is an interesting and exciting career. Aspirants need not have great qualities or IQ level, but a successful radio jockey is an instance of great wit, IQ level, and quality – sounds interesting? Might be that one in a thousand is born with the talent of being a radio jockey and thereby entertaining the audience. Radio jockeying  is not only about  one’s interest in music but it’s the most humorous way of conveying message, playing music of one’s interest, taking interviews, listening to public requests and  reverting back in the most intelligent way, informing about the traffic situation and putting up current affairs in the most hilarious and witty way. In one word, a radio jockey is responsible for either making or breaking the show. There are various requirements of being a radio jockey.

Having a pleasant voice

This is the most important criteria of being in this profession. A person who has a good voice can win over several hearts. Voice modulation according to the situation is an important requisite here.

Hold over language

He should be knowledgeable in the language he is dealing in. Good and appropriate vocabulary is also a necessary skill. He should have clear diction and accurate pronunciation.

Good sense of humor

Humor is the ultimate tone of assertion. All moods of the world could be captured successfully with a good sense of humor. A radio jockey should know how to convey his message to the world without disappointing anybody. That’s a greatly required skill.

Good grip of the local dialect and culture

He who wants to be a successful radio jockey should know the local dialect and history. He should be able to cite examples in the most appropriate manner thereby mesmerizing the audience in the most gripping style. His engaging style of speaking is quite an important factor.

Training in this field is a mandate

Apart from being a humorous and witty person, he should be a trained professional in the field of radio jockeying. A trained jockey knows how to manage a show, how to handle disputes in the show, how to handle celebrities and most important how to create a long-lasting impression in the minds of the audience.

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Radio Jockey has to be a diplomatic person 

When you are the speaker and hold the key responsibility to attract sponsors of a show, you need to be truly diplomatic. Handling any given situation in a diplomatic way, thereby not hurting any specific sentiment is very important. One should always remember that running a public show is a matter of great responsibility. Thereby avoiding sensitive issues tactically is a great requisite here.

In one word, if you are a public speaker and want to make your hobby your profession, being a radio jockey is the most lucrative and desirable career. The basic qualification to go for a short term radio jockeying course is that one needs to complete 10+ 2 level of education. Then he can go for a Radio Jockey course of his preference. The various courses offered are diploma, degree, post-graduate and certificate curriculum.

There are no dearth of entertainment industry, radio and TV channels nowadays. Music lovers and youngsters are the greatest followers of this industry. Being a radio jockey is a matter of great challenge; it needs a lot of good qualities and guts to be a music jockey and run a show successfully. A popular and a successful radio jockey are considered as the face of the industry.

For further queries and related information, you can approach the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. Hope this will help you!

RE: Who is a radio jockey and how to become one?

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