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What are the working hours of a Tourist Guide/Manager? And do they need to work for night shifts or flexible timings?

I want to know about all information

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RE: What are the working hours of a Tourist Guide/Manager? And do they need to work for night shifts or flexible timings?

Deepak Rana
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The number of working hours and the timings of the Tourist Guide or Manager depend on a number of factors which have been discussed below:

1. The tourist guide or manager's work depends a lot on the client they are working with or the tour that they are planning on. Sometimes they may not have a client at all while other times there will be too many clients. Therefore the work pressure and the number of hours vary greatly from time to time.

2. The tourist guide or manager has to work full time with a particular tour package and therefore have to devote all the time in that. While out on a tour, they will have to be available at all times for the services of their clients and ensure that everything is right on place. Thus during the trip they have huge amounts of work pressure and thus a busy schedule.

3. They have to work according to the seasons. The busy season occurs as per the place they are working in. For example during summers, people usually go to the hill stations and therefore during that time tourist guides and managers in the hill stations have a lot of work to do. Therefore during the on and off season their work pressure varies greatly. During the off season they usually take long breaks and spend their time with their families and friends which they often miss during the busy seasons.

4. The tourist guides or managers working in the large organizations or agencies have to follow a strict time table all throughout the year. They have to spend minimum number of hours at the work place which is usually 8-9 hours a day.

5. As you can see there cannot be any flexibility in the working hours of a tourist guide or manager. Otherwise this will greatly impact the clients services and therefore one cannot afford to do that,

6. Depending on the circumstances and the client, they may have to work during the nights also. This is specially required in case of the trips where night stay is being arranged.

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