What is the difference between Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Cadets in Merchant Navy

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RE: What is the difference between Sponsored and Non-Sponsored Cadets in Merchant Navy

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Hi Dheeraj,

Merchant Navy is an industry which involves transportation of cargo (solid, liquid and gases) as well as passengers by ship.

Sponsored cadets are candidates already selected by any shipping company. Shipping companies frequently advertise for openings for cadets in their company and request for candidates to apply for the same. They have their own selection process and might include particular qualification, interviews and psychometric test etc. once the candidate is selected they are called the Sponsored Cadets – this simply means that once they complete the Pre Sea course successfully, the company will send them on board company’s ship for training / completing candidates sea time for next promotion. Most of the companies do not pay for your Pre-Sea Course and will only pay you stipends once you join on board or in simple words sponsorship does not mean that the company will fund your course, it only means that the company is willing to give you on-board training after the completion of your course.

Non Sponsored cadets will depend on the college to get employed in a company or have to search companies / ship by themselves to complete their sea time.

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