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What is the difference between the Full-time Executive MBA course and the weekend Executive MBA course? Which one should be preferred?

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RE: What is the difference between the Full-time Executive MBA course and the weekend Executive MBA course? Which one should be preferred?

Surabhi Dewra
Surabhi Dewra
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Let us go in detail. You know both are the Executive MBA course and difference lies in their delivery strategy where one is full time and for another one, the batches are held on the weekend and sometimes on alternative weekends. You may find some institutions which are holding classes for 4 to 5 days in a row for a month. We in India have all mentioned types of institutions. The participants are supposed to be aware of their needs so that they can join the certain programme of their choice. Just go through the following details and you will come to know for what purpose the distinction has been made in the delivery of the programme.



Full-time Executive MBA Programmes:

These programmes are for the working professionals and executives with work experience of 5 to 10 years. The course duration might be from 12 months to 16 months. Some institutions may offer the course for 2 years duration. The participants need to attend for the whole duration of the course. There will be 2 to 3 weeks of learning at an international campus. These instiutions generally have collaboration with the foreign institutions. Admission for the course is based on Work experience and personal interview. You may be required by some institutions to present GMAT/GRE/CAT score for the admission short listing purpose. The fee ranges from 20 to 35 Lakhs generally. Many IIMs (Indian Institute of Managements) come under this category like IIM Ahmadabad, Calcutta, and Bangalore, etc.


Weekend Executive MBA Programmes:

This programme is somewhat same as the above full-time EMBA course. The main difference is that this course is meant for the senior executives/entrepreneurs/business owners, etc.  who have experience at the senior managerial level of 10 to 25 years normally. the participants of the course are in their mid-careers and aspire to be a business leader of the time. They might be running their own organisation, might be CEOs of MNCs and other such entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs can’t afford to attend the full-time classes as they have other many important responsibilities and duties to perform. The weekend or few days in a row in a month will be right schedule for these business persons. The Institutions like IIT Bombay jointly with Washington University, Indian School of Business (ISB) offer this type courses. The fee generally will be higher than the full-time course and ranges from 25 to 40 Lakhs. Admission criteria are same as the full-time course.

Dear aspirants, you might be having many such questions in your mind which must resolve before getting admission for these courses. The CareerGuide is a genuine platform which is known for its prowess and authenticity. You will be guided thoroughly until you get the desired institute. Going randomly for such courses may cause you losses. Have a talk with the Professional Experts for on-time genuine information and career queries. Wish you all the best!

RE: What is the difference between the Full-time Executive MBA course and the weekend Executive MBA course? Which one should be preferred?

Piyush Mahajan
Piyush Mahajan
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Hello User,

Thanks for stopping by at CareerGuide.com.

The difference between the full time and weekend executive MBA course has been very well defined in earlier post.

Let me throw some light to 'Which one should be preferred?'.

This is very specific to everyone's situation and goal that you are aiming to achieve when you plan to go for Executive MBA. Please consider following points-

1. Why do you want to go for Executive MBA?

2. Can you afford taking a break from job and do MBA?

3. Which stream you want to choose? Explore whether it is available in full time or weekend course.

4. What is your expected timeline of completion of the course?

Please feel free to discuss with our Professional Experts and have a better understanding of what works best for you.

Best wishes



RE: What is the difference between the Full-time Executive MBA course and the weekend Executive MBA course? Which one should be preferred?

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