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What will be the salary and perks for the Logistic and Supply chain Manager?

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RE: What will be the salary and perks for the Logistic and Supply chain Manager?

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The logistic and supply chain department is one of the most growing sectors and due to less reach to the audience; the number of skilled labor in this section is very few and hence made the requirement of the skilled people in this field very high. The logistics department is growing at a faster rate and which made the number of available in this sections. Adding to the following the logistics and supply chain department is the backbone of each and every industry and in one way or another organization require this department in order to complete it’s all the operations.

What is Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Logistics is the process/chain management of transport flow and the storage of goods and services from its origin to it consumptions.
  • It includes both inbound & outbound movements and does not include activities such as forecasting and procurement.
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the oversight of materials, information, and finances as they move in a process from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer.
  • SCM involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and among companies with the objective of making products available when needed.
  • Supply chain management can be divided into 3 main flows:
    Product flow • Information flow • Finances flow

Indian Logistics Scenario

  • India spends 13% of its GDP on logistics compared to an average of 10% in other
    developing countries
  • India logistics market to double by 2020
  • Indian Logistics industry would need 28.4 million skilled people in the “Senior Resource
    Category” in warehouse management by 2022
  • Technological change in the logistics industry demands a trained workforce in all
    areas of the sector
  • Indian logistics industry is at an inflection point and will reach a market size of over
    $125 billion in coming years

Promising Career in Logistic and Supply Chain Sector

Due to all this, high and faster pace growth in this sector, the requirement in this sector is very high. Each and every company or organizations has to deal with either delivering goods or with receiving of raw materials. In both ways, the requirement of a shipment expert and logistics manager is necessary and hence it makes the department as one of its kind. Due to all this, the requirement of the logistics department is high and more acceptable and hence leading to greater need for the manpower in this sector to manage and overlook all the activities of the storage facility.

Apart from that, Supply chain department in India is also a place to look forward too, since, no matter what the organization is, or deals with which type of services, the organization must have some type of requirements or it works in order to provide the service to another thing as a supply of commodities and hence making it an important part of the industry. This altogether ends up as the sector on which all the industry depends and hence making it an important part of the economy and circulation of the services. This is why the requirement is high in the supply chain department and yet ignored due to less awareness among people. This is the why in maintaining the economy and all the process in an organization the supply chain department and to run the working properly, a supply chain department is needed in the organization.

Expected Salary of Logistics managers

Due to the greater need of the logistics managers, an average logistics manager in India earns up to Rs.  5lakh per anum, which is comparatively a nice salary. Also, this is an average salary, so completing a course from better college or institute or getting placed at a much better organization will definitely result in more than that. Adding to the context, the number given here is an average value which means the statistical analysis of the all the managers and not the highest salary, so the chances of the improvement are section and the number is considerable.

Expected Salary of Supply Chain managers

As the importance of supply chain sector is high and no layman can carry out the operations in the sector without proper knowledge and experience, the salary offered in this department to each and every manager is up to Rs. 7 lakhs per anum, which is an average or estimated amount and is calculated as an mean of all the data gathered by surveys from industrial expenses and spending on their human resource. The chances of this number getting higher as per the position or quality of institute or educational body may vary, and also, the organization which is recruiting the manager. Also, the chances of change in this number are still considerable because of the average consideration and change in industry requirement, but as per the market, the number will only increase.

Even though the salary at the beginning might be around 4 lakhs to 7 lakhs but after a good experience of 5years or more, the expected salary of a candidate can be up to 10-12lakhs per anum, which made the sector as one of the areas that provide high growth rate as well as provide a good and more stable job.

The knowledge about these sectors in India and to the youth is very less, and due to this unawareness, these sectors are left out most of the times. Due to this, the number of manpower and skilled people in this field is very low. This makes the requirement and importance of people in this field very high and can be up to a greater value and hence result in the best possible results. The offered salary in these sectors is growing with an assured growth rate of a higher number. Also due to unawareness and less knowledge in the departments the chances of getting a job even in the low market is comparatively high and hence making this sector a nice place to work.


RE: What will be the salary and perks for the Logistic and Supply chain Manager?

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