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Why do people generally say that do BBA (Graduation) from wherever you want but complete MBA (Post Graduation) from a renowned institute?

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RE: Why do people generally say that do BBA (Graduation) from wherever you want but complete MBA (Post Graduation) from a renowned institute?

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Good is your query, I would say! What people are saying about the management courses has some truth owing to the various factors attached to the education from such reputed learning platforms that help in one’s career path.


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Dear aspirant, I welcome you to the CareerGuide and I assure, you would be having a kind of genuine answer for your query. I would have pleased to have some more detail about your educational background and that would have helped to come precisely to the answer with reference to the actual educational details of yours.

Now let’s come to the exact point that your query demands. The Management Field is such that it has got an overwhelming importance these days, thanks to the development of international trade and business. The vast and ubiquitous operations of the business world made day to day life of ours in the present world relate to some sort of business in a way or another. That is the reason, one may easily learn, why the management education has become most sought after in the twenty-first century. The organizations are thriving at a great rate so the requirement of the management professionals is obvious and could be expected as the very outcome. Do you realize now that if the field has got importance then the competition will be there as the sure outcome? Here is the crux and it explains why should one pursue Post-graduation degree in Management from a reputed college/institute.

To be frank and as an established fact, I am of the opinion that it is MBA which would have expected effect when it comes to searching for a job and not BBA but still we can’t opt out the very importance of the graduation knowledge even if it has not got that much weightage. Many people do MBA after engineering or other such faculties. After BBA, one has to pursue the MBA because mere BBA is not preferable for most of the organizations. Thus, doing BBA from somewhere doesn’t matter but MBA does. We will discuss what are the obvious benefits one would have, of pursuing the MBA from a reputed and renowned institute.


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Benefits of Doing MBA from Reputed Institutes

Better Career Prospects

Yes, obviously the name matters the most. All know that when we say the Institution is reputed or renowned, we actually mean to say that certain institution has established and proved its educational standards for sure. The students from such reputed institutes like IIMs will have better career prospects and job opportunities. The unmatched and lucrative job opportunities such students get, automatically strengthens the reputation the concerned institutes already have.  

You get to become a part of the alumni network of talented minds

IIMs and ISB like institutes have been places which make the pool of talented minds and intellects. This is for you as an opportunity to become a part of. This helps afterward when you set in your business/profession. Quite some time, the situations would come when your friendship in the business field would help you in terms of guidance, directions, knowledge, insights etc.

Quality Education

Quality education, the thing we can expect from any established or reputed institutions. These institutions will invariably be having qualified tutors/professors of international standards. A quality education helps get the actual insight of that specific field of career. Good faculty of in such institutions is another most important reason for one may think to pursue an education there.

Chance to have an International Immersion

Generally, all the reputed Management Institutes provide the facility of International Immersion where the participants of the course will be having a definite period of their course to be taught at some international/foreign campus. Many of such institutions have tie-up/collaborations with the institutions abroad for education exchange purpose. Students are helped at an immense level from such immersions as they come to learn at the global level, the global business practices and organizations.

Campus selection for lucrative jobs even before you complete your Course

You might have heard about this but if it is a reputed institution then the organizations which come for campus selection will be MNCs and big corporate houses. Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, Google, Amazon are few names for which students from reputed institutes can aspire.

Help in advanced studies in many ways

Are you a kind of ambitious person then never stop having merely PG in your record but think of some PG Diplomas and Courses from highly reputed institutions which will help you grab more lucrative and strategic-dynamic job opportunities. Having a degree from such good management schools/institutes helps qualify for more advanced studies and get admitted into the equally rather highly reputed institutes.

Satisfaction of having a good Alma Mater in your record

This can be an ultimate thing and satisfaction is more than anything for like students from IIT/IIM always boast of being alumni of such highly reputed institutions in India. This gives you a mental boost to make difference in your career field.

Dear Aspirant, you have got a kind of detail discussion for your query. We the CareerGuide has more in store after successfully guiding lakhs of students, to give to the Career Aspirants for the sole purpose of making the dream careers of them happen. The more such queries/questions if you are having then you can have a direct talk with the Professional Experts at CareerGuide. We are having Psychometric Career Tests including Ideal Career Test for deciding right career alternatives for aspirants and you can avail the benefits of it for the sake of your career. Hope, this will help you!

RE: Why do people generally say that do BBA (Graduation) from wherever you want but complete MBA (Post Graduation) from a renowned institute?

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