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why to pursue mba?

by kartik bhandari
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5 answers

RE: why to pursue mba?

Sai Bhupalam
Sai Bhupalam
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RE: why to pursue mba?

Rahul Sharma
Rahul Sharma


You can make in lectureship rather than MBA as it provides a well settled career in lectureship and professorship program

The exam is conducted in two stages only

You will get Scholarship in terms of UGC NET JRF Fellowship worth INR 25000 if you qualified the exam.


UGC NET Exam award letter makes you eligibility to apply for FPM Program at all IIMs. The FPM Interview calls are based on JRF Do not guarantee you that they would make a call for you. The application of JRF Awardee will definitely be taken a look by the faculty members for short listing

RE: why to pursue mba?

Daksh Ahuja
Daksh Ahuja


There are a number of benifits of doing mba. I am enlisting some of those: New job positions will be open for you, your earning potential will increase, you will enjoy greater job security, your professional skills will improve, you will become more knowledgeable in areas most important to your career.

So you must look for some top universities that provides good placement opportunity, outstanding industrial exposure. I am listing some of the universities for your help such as symbiosis university, Lovely Professional University, Sharda university, etc.

I hope it helps.

RE: why to pursue mba?

Daksh Ahuja
Daksh Ahuja


It is very good to pursue mba. You can pursue your MBA in different streams like finance, HR, IT, hospital and healthcare management, international business etc.

So you can choose any of the above mentioned streams as per your interest.

After MBA you can have other few benefits such as: You can have higher job positions, follow new career paths, you can have higher packages, you will have greater job security.

The most important thing is that from where you pursue your MBA. You must go for the top universities such as Lovely professional university etc.

I hope it helps.

RE: why to pursue mba?

Daksh Ahuja
Daksh Ahuja


It’s an obvious point to start with, but the skills attained by studying a postgraduate degree will strengthen your CV and certainly help you stand out amongst those who haven’t obtained a postgraduate qualification. You’ll be acquiring knowledge at a higher level than what you studied during your bachelor’s degree, and the course should help you develop the necessary skills for your field of work.
With a postgraduate qualification on your CV, securing a good graduate job is more likely, and the possibility of attracting a higher salary is increased. This will leave you feeling confident that the time and money invested in your postgraduate education was worth it.

You can pursue your MBA in different streams like Information technology, Hospital and Healthcare management, International Business, Tourism and hospitality, Supply chain and logistics, Financial markets, Banking and insurance, E-Commerce or you can go for MBA (HONS) also. So you can choose any of the above mentioned streams according to your interest.

There are a lot of benefits for MBA, such as:

1. New job positions are open to you.

2. New career paths are open to you.

3. Your earning potential increases.

4. Your professional skills improve.

5. You enjoy greater job security.

After MBA you can work as:

1. Management Trainee

2. Branch Manager

3. Store Manager

4. Sales Manager

5. Marketing Manager

6. Relationship Manager

7. HR executive

But the most important thing is that you should choose the best university or institute for pursuing your master’s which offer good placements and offers you good practical and industrial exposure like Lovely Professional university, Christ university, Chandigarh university and few others.

I hope it helps.

RE: why to pursue mba?

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