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Career guidance found a course for Sagar, which combines his technical and creative interests

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Career guidance found Me a course which combines My technical and creative interests

Sagar Sonawane


Sagar’s Career Query

  • Sagar studied PCM in his 12th, as well as Drawing as his elective subject. He was particularly attracted towards mathematics and drawing and wanted to apply his keenness for these subjects in his future career course.
  • However, he was stuck on the question, “Which course can I choose that suits my interests?”
  • Sagar felt the need of making an informed decision and therefore, he approached, through social media.

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  • Sagar’s career expert discussed with him the possibilities of doing technical courses, which would combine his talents of mathematics and sketching.
  • This guidance made him interested in mechanical engineering as it involves the design, production and
  • operation of machinery and tools. The scope of this course, which includes software applications like Auto CAD and CAM were also greatly discussed in detail.
  • With all of this information, he chose to study Mechanical Engineering.
  • Sagar is currently in his second year and is looking forward to making his mark in the professional world.

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