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A mechanical engineer works in the product development department, the work of a mechanical engineer is prevalent right from the research and development stage to the designing and manufacturing processes. Mechanical engineers are involved in delivering effective solutions for the product development processes. Many industries today largely rely on mechanical engineers for the product designing and development of processes. Mechanical engineers will work in construction, power, medical and manufacturing industries. The mechanical engineers are related to the development of new technologies in such industries. Find frequently asked questions on career related to Mechanical Engineer answered by renowned Career Counsellors of India, and to know more on what, why and how's of becoming Mechanical Engineer

Dear Student, if you wish to pursue engineering and that to in mechanical branch, then first of all you must fortify your PCM, for this you may follow NCERT books which are an ideal choice and the content in these books is quite satisfactory as well as helpful in appearing in tests like JEE/AIEEE etc. Thereafter if you have some desires to join a particular institution, you may download the syllabus and recommended books and be on your toes to study well. Some renowned names of institutions may be mentioned over here for mechanical engineering, you may visit the official websites of these inst

Below are the [top 10 colleges/universities for Mechanical Engineering][1] in the world:1. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology):It is undoubtedly the best institute for [mechanical engineering.][2] The reason is the cutting edge ideas and their implementation at MIT is wonderful. Also the scope and opportunities for the students are vast and diverse in nature.2. Stanford University: Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University is well known for its innovation and entrepreneurial ventures. The university is well known to come up with innovative ideas and convert those vivid dr

Dear FriendThank you very much for contacting, as you have contemporery mind set one must think to excel career while learning that is why education system has been evolved globally and offer you degree while earning. This is called mutual benefits like your recruiters will be happy for your academic advancement, academic institution will get potential student who has experience in course implementation and not giving any tension in terms of placement and any financial obligation and of course you are the best customer who is going to be benefited at the end. Keeping all these

Hi, As we are aware for the top institutes the basic eligibility criteria for a BE / B.Tech is 10+2 or equivalent examination, with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. After the bachelor's one can go in for a post graduate degree. The postgraduate course generally offers specialized training in thermal engineering, design, and production engineering.  There is also the Associate Membership Examination of the Institute of Engineers (AMIE), which enables working people in the private and public sector, or diploma holders to acquire a Bachelor's engineering degree through distance ed

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering. The various job roles of mechanical engineers are as follows:-Production- They are responsible for supervising the manufacturing of mechanical components and machines.Design- the job profile mainly involves drafting technical drawings, manually or with the aid of computers.Miantenance - Their main responsibility is to ensure that machinery is working as per specifications.Installation- They are responsible for installing machines and mechanical parts at the client location.Research & Development- Their work mainly involve

Dear Friend, appreciate your curiosity  to know the routine of Mechanical Engineer.  This is my 15 th year as  a Mechanical Engineering  and I have worked in various departments during this period. Like  many other students, when I passed the Engineering, I enrolled for  AutoCAD class. It was a myth prevailing  those days  (May be today also) that Mechanical  Engineer  MUST  know  AutoCAD. Without knowing my skills and aptitude I simply waster money. Before I  answer your question , the above background is important to unders

Dear Aspirant, You can definitely have job opportunities. Not every body can score first class or distinction and scoring that does not also mean that every body gets a job. Also scoring low also does not mean that one cannot get a job. Getting a job and scoring good in exam are two different things. Both require different skill sets. You should ensure that you are job ready in terms of knowledge, flexibility, attitude, adaptiveness, team spirit. These do not come in academics or cannot be taught in subjects. These you shoudl build and develop. Companies look for such traits also apart from ma

Dear Aspirant, To choose from the so many options is difficult and I am happy that you chose to be here and seek for clarification and help. The very important thing when you are unsure what to choose for career should be to know yourself first in terms of aptitude, interests, innate abilities, etc. Knowing these will define what you can become in the future as a person and as a professional. has an excellent psychometric test called as Ideal Career Test. This is an online MCQ based test which does not rely on just aptitude but also on other factors mentioned above which are hi

No i am from commerce background and i was a school topper. Unfortunately i got admissions in Cu. And the results what i have i this. Who should i blame myself for studying 16 hours and getting this marks or blame university for spoiling my life and ruining my life. Its not just me many are there who is going thorugh the same situation.

Dear Aspirant, How many years have you been working in your current profile and job? What is that is bothering you that you are thinking of changing to other domain? I would suggest that your current job is also a critical job which is helping the company you are working for. If you are bored of the job, find out what is the real reason. Yes, definitely Safety and Environment Engineering is a good option and you can definitely look at it as a change, however, you will have to learn it through a course first and then think of changing your job. There are short term courses available also for He

Hello Rahul,  Interesting question.  My only suggestion would be that stress completely on the job profile. Experience is what matters to help you secure your future.  So before you say yes to the job, get details of what the job profile is and what it has for you whichyou can make use in the future. Wish you good luck....

Dear Aspirant, Definitely, academic performance and command should be considered for future career decision making, but that should not be the only criterion. This is where many students and parents make a mistake while deciding a course.  Your interest in Humanities should not be at all neglected. With Maths and humanities as a combination you can get a good career in life.  I feel, that if you are sure that though you have maths competence you should convince your parents about your interest. It is important that we choose what we love and not just based on the basis of mental acum

Dear Aspirant, After completing Diploma in Mechanical Engineering it appears that you dropped from the degree engineering course. Your aspiration to become a Design Engineer may be fine, but it will be a wrong turn at this moment.  I strongly suggest that you should complete your engineering degree and then take a turn towards Design Engineering. Mechanical Engineering is actually a good base and foundation for becoming a Design Engineer as a career. You need to learn the Computer Aided Designing technologies to step into the Designing domain in engineering.  Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Immediately look for a job now. After ME, there is no other best way but to get into the industry and start working. What are you waiting for till now? Try contacting your college, friends, relatives and upload your updated resume on the job portals like, etc. Also send your resume to private job consultants and be in touch with them. Please do not think fo studying more, if you are not wanting to go for teaching jobs. You can get teaching jobs on the basis of your ME, later you may plan for pursuing a PhD.  If you are not interested in teaching jobs, then hittin

Dear Aspirant, 28 years of age seems too old. What have you done after engineering? Did you work somewhere? This information is very important while taking admission to US universities for MS. Your statement of purpose also is very important since you are over age if not having work experience. You will be required to give GRE Exam to qualify for MS course in US Universities. Mechanical Engineering is definitely a good branch for further studies in US through a MS degree. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, From Mechanical Engineering you wish to shift to Marketing field. Hope you are a fresher Mechanical Engineer. It appears that your first decision to go to Mechanical Engineering which is one of the core and demanded engineering streams, was not correct.  Now that you are looking for Marketing field as a career, why do you feel that Marketing is the perfect choice for further career? What if this also goes wrong as it did for Engineering? Though there are many engineers who shift to non-engineering career streams after wasting four years and money, it cannot be the same for

Dear Aspirant, I would strictly not recommend you to shift to counselling. Health Counselling will not be applicable to you based on your graduation degree. It will be a very way off from the education you have taken. Further Career counselling is not a simple task and randomly done work. Mechanical Engineering offering so many opportunities, it is really surprising that you are not wanting to do that and shift to counselling. After BE I would suggest you to look for a job in the industry, gain some years of experience and then consider advicing career aspirants.  Best wishes  

Dear Aspirant, Why suddenly you felt that you want to do career in dance? 80% in Engineering Diploma is a good academic record and this suggests that you have the aptitude of being an engineer. Now that you have done your diploma in engineeering, thinking of dance as a career is late. Are you already trained in dance forms? If yes, then you have a chance to get into dance career. How do you plan to do in dancing? Is is through tv, films, theatre, etc? If you are not trained already and you need to get yourself trained still, then I am sure how far you can reach since training in dancing now wi

Dear Aspirant, Nice to know that you are a Mechanical Engineer and got a job with engineering major Larsen & Toubro and also you got a manufacturing job profile. What is your concern then? Are you not satisfied? Were you expecting something else? Do you wish to change the company or change the entire domain sector? If you can tell me the answer to the above questions and also clarify more about your concern it will be better to help you. I feel, looking at your current level, you should definitely continue with Larsen & Toubro for another 5 years before moving out. Meanwhile, you can t

Dear Aspirant, Nice to know that you are a Mechanical Engineer and got a job with engineering major Larsen & Toubro and also you got a manufacturing job profile. What is your concern then? Are you not satisfied? Were you expecting something else? Do you wish to change the company or change the entire domain sector? If you can tell me the answer to the above questions and also clarify more about your concern it will be better to help you. I feel, looking at your current level, you should definitely continue with Larsen & Toubro for another 5 years before moving out. Meanwhile, you can t

Dear Aspirant, You can shift to BA after completing your Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. You are eligible. However, please re think on this decision of yours since this is sounding very unusual. To pursue UPSC, it is not compulsory or recommended to to do graduation from Arts. You can complete Diploma and then completing Engineering degree will also make you eligible for UPSC. Further completing your Engineering and that too in Mechanical stream opens up many other job opportunities which you can tap if UPSC takes time. Best wishes

Dear Aspirant, Confusion is natural however, should not be left as it is since it is the question of your life and career. Which stream are you doing your education from? Arts/Science/Commerce? If you write this, I can additionally help you out. Choosing the career option based on your aptitude, interests and inter personal abilities is very important.  The best way to remove confusion is to choose a career based on your strengths and likings. You can assess those by introspection, but the results are not always 100% right, since they can be biased. I would urge you to appear for the Idea

ISRO recruits fresh graduates every year those who have pursued BE/Btech through its central recruitment system called ICRB in various streams like - mechanical, civil, electronics and computer science. Candidates with aggregate of more than 65% marks are eligible for the job. Applicants are required to take a written exam consisting of 80 mcq based question of their specialized stream. On the basis oof this exam, the selected applicants are then called for an interview which decides the final selection of candidates for the post of Scientist/ Engineer SC etc. For pursuing your degree in engin

Dear Aspirant, What do you mean by a challenging job? Are you looking for a challenging job in the marketing domain in future?  Please let me know how many years of work experience you have gathered till now?  Challenges do not come announcing nor you can go and search for them. They keep coming at any time and in any job. Therefore, I would recommend that you should keep gaining experience and try to learn as many things as possible and ask for new assignments which are not so simple. Having a dialogue with your Manager will help you to take on challenges. Best wishes