Hi Achintya,You have a very good background experience to move towards smartphone software development as suggested by Sumit above as well. Additionally, SAP programmer level entry may not suit you. SAP consultants are mostly with Functional background or freshers starting in programming. It would be difficult for you to start as programmer and give another 4-5 years to achieve a good level in SAP client consulting and technical roles.Though if you want to try your luck in SAP product company, you may get a chance with your skills in smartphone app development and existing design skills, as SA

No worries.Your friend has opted for the best career and it is a booming sector these days.Ask him to join an IT firm ASAP.Since he has more of practical knowledge about applications and basic software, getting into a firm as a trainer or tester or junior programmer will help him out.Preferably a private organization would be the best option.Though he may start at a junior most level with a low salary, but the chances of learning and growth is maximum in private organizations than government sectors.If he is very much interested in studying further and if he has the potentials, then again ther