Here are the top career options aspirants may pursue after they complete a Cyber Security course or degree from different educational institutions. Information Security Analyst As an Information Security Analyst (ISA), a professional’s job is to protect an organization’s computer system and networks from any vulnerabilities by using firewalls and data encryption software. They do regular monitoring and auditing of information systems to escape any unusual activities or breaches happening.  Penetration Tester As a Penetration Tester, you are responsible for utilizing testing me

In computer security, a hacker is someone who focuses on security mechanisms of computer and network systems. You can go with the following steps, 1. Learning Fundamentals     1.1 Run a UNIX-like OS, such as Linux     1.2 Write an HTML Page     1.3 Learn Programming languages. 2. Adopting Hacking attitudes     2.1 Think Creatively.     2.2  Learn to love solving Problems     2.3 Learn to recognize and fight authority.       2.4 Be competent 3. Hacking Well     3.1 Write open-source software

To start your career in ethical hacking, first, collect all information related to it, like everything about hacking, what subparts n topics in it, What kind of job opportunities this field offers. You can easily find your answers on the internet. Go through various articles, blogs, videos. After that, you will get a clear idea of what hacking is. Then you can go for the ethical hacking course, there are a lot of institutes that provides this course, but before choosing any institute make sure it offers, course syllabus you are looking for, and training is done by industry experts.  You c