Hi,Greeting's for the day!!!Cyber Security:Whenever we think of crime we think of traditional robberies, murders, and detectives, court, witnesses, and finally guilty ones getting their due punishment. There is another branch of crime where traditional investigations do not work. for e.g. hacking, cyber fraud, phishing, identity theft, data theft these all comes under as cyber crime. It can be defined as illegal electronic operation that targets the security of computer systems and data processed by them.Cyber forensic experts are normally very adept in network security as most cyber crimes ta

Hello Rohit, As such I would be unable to pin-point the best Institute in Delhi. You would have to visit the Institutes, get first hand information about their campus placement and as well if you could get in touch with people who have done this course from the articular Institute would be difficult but will give you a better understanding. Please note these following sites: - - http://www.networkbulls.com/training-ceh - http://www.lucideus.com/summer/ Please note that Ankit Fadia and many other Institutes also provide online training too. But of course learning practically and onli

Dear Aspirant, I agree with Ms. Meghna. Hacking these days is rising as a career option. The career is challenging and does not guarantee a secure job or growth. There are definitely courses in hacking, however hope you are inclined towards this career for a good reason and not for a negative reason and purpose. Hacking experts are generally asked by defence / police departments, journalism field, etc. Best regards