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CareerGuide Certifies Career Counsellors for their Hard Work

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At, we have always believed that career counsellors have been our strength and backbone. They have joined us in our endeavours to help thousands of students across the nation. There are hundreds of queries that come up on Career guide’s portal every day which are handled by our reputed career counsellors very nicely and in an amicable way so that the student can reap out maximum benefit out of it. Also, they handle several calls from the students even at odd times. Without the support of our career counsellors, we could not have been successful in helping the students to get the right career advice.

To acknowledge the efforts that have been put up by career counsellors on our portal, we are giving “Certificate of Appreciation” to the most active counsellors. The award has been decided considering the fact that how many hours a counsellor has put in helping the students in the last 6 months. Also, the rating by students has been taken into consideration. This certification represents the hard work that has been put by our career counsellors. The first set of certification goes to the following career counsellors

CareerGuide Certifies Career Counsellors

Guidance provided by the above career counsellors has helped thousands of students across the country to select a right career option for themselves. They have guided the students on phone as well as by directly answering their questions on the website. These career counsellors helped Career Guide and its students in changing the way we all think about career options. Earlier, most of the students used to seek career guidance from their parents and teachers which were mostly limited to few career options only. However, with expert advice, students can make an aware decision regarding which career will be the best for them. There have been students counselled by the above career counsellors which have proved time and again that career counselling reaped great results for them career wise.

We believe that career counselling is an essential thing for all the students in the country. However, lack of access to a career counsellor restricts our students to take expert advice in this matter and they often times, take up a wrong career decision based on peer pressure and limited information. With the help of career counsellors available just a phone call away, students located in even smaller cities and villages can take the benefit of right career advice.

The above career counsellors have gone beyond their comfort level and helped maximum students to acquire the best career advice. These career counsellors have their expertise in different fields and thus helped the students on their different queries. We are highly thankful to these career counsellors and the others who might not have been able to give enough time but are still helping the student community. We appreciate their efforts and thank them for being an essential member of our network. We hope that they continue sharing their knowledge and help much more students in gaining their life goals.

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