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Dr. Veerender Chennoju, a renowned career counsellor and psychologist, believes that career option should be selected according to the potential of the child

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“Regular learning is very important for a career counsellor to stay updated.”            -Dr Veerender Chennoju

Many believe that career counselling and personality development go hand in hand. A student needs to be understood before being driven to take guidance from a career counsellor. Thus, a psychologist can have great advantages in the field of career counselling. No doubt, several psychologists in the country are helping young students to take up right career choice after understanding their skills and potentials. We at CareerGuide interviewed one of the renowned career counsellor and psychologist Mr Veerender Chennoju. He is currebtly working at You and Me as a career counselling psychologist and personality development trainer. He has more than 20 years’ experience in career counselling and has impacted lives of thousands of students across the country.

Dr. Veerender Chennoju, believes that career option should be selected according to the potential of the child

A student has many responsibilities and expectation during student life. He needs to be guided properly at this stage.

Mr Veerender is a career counsellor based in Hyderabad. He has done MS in Psychology from Telangana and has a PhD in Physics. He has taught students for around 15 years. While teaching, he realised the underlying problems with the students and how they get confused while selecting the right career choice. Thus, he changed his profession and became a career counsellor. He helps students with their career, emotions and relationships and thus counsels an overall personality of the students. He believes that every student passes through number of emotions during his student life. They have different responsibilities and expectations from their lives. Also, lots of happenings take place during student life which makes it difficult to choose the direction for their life. Mr Veerender focusses on understanding different students in their own individualistic way and then helping them to choose the right career option.

Career Counselling should be given to parents along with their children.

When asked the role of parents in selecting the career of their children, Mr Veerender said in a positive tone that especially in the region of Telangana, parents have an important role of choosing career for their children. As is common in all the students, the students in this region have lots of stress on them. Moreover, parents also try to achieve their dreams through their children which increases the responsibility on the students. However, Mr Veerender believes that career option should be selected according to the potential of the child. Thus, he focusses on giving counselling to parents along with their children. This helps the parents to explore the inherent skills of their children which can then be used to find the right career choice for their children.

Regular learning is very important for a career counsellor to stay updated.

For analysing the talents of a student, Me Veerender uses several tools such as aptitude test, multiple intelligence tests and psychometric tests. He believes these tests helps in understanding the student in a deeper way and gives an authentic result of student’s interest. Also, these tests have an additional benefit. The results can be shown to the parents which makes them understand what is right and best for their children. These tools and tests avoid any circumstantial decisions to be made in regard to the student’s career. Along with that he regularly updates himself for the multi-disciplinary course that take place in India and abroad. He believes regular learning is very important for a career counsellor to guide the student according to the changing times.

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He also shared with us how a passionate person can become a career counsellor to impact the lives of young generation. He says that a psychology qualification is necessary to become a career counsellor. Along with that, there are PG diploma courses which can direct someone towards career counselling. Further, training of analysing aptitude tests and psychometric tests is a necessary element. A career counsellor should be able to look a child in an objective way so that a student can easily open up with him and share his understanding of different career options with the career counsellor. Most importantly, a career counsellor should be good in communication skills and be able to share information with the student in a right way. He stresses on the fact that the field of career counsellor is not a commercial field rather it is a social field with an aim to help more and more students.

I remain in contact with many people across the globe who are into education sector, this helps me to know about the happening in this field.

In an atmosphere of regular change and when many new career options are evolving these days, it has become a challenge for career counselling to keep themselves up to date of all the latest trends in education sector. However, Mr Veerender keeps a regular check of all the updates. He remains in contact with all the influential people in the education industry which helps him to remain updated of the advances in different career options. He also keeps talking to different people across the globe and with his friends in other countries which help him to know more about different courses. Also, he regularly checks University websites and reads articles on different journal ad magazines.

Students in Telugu states don’t go for career counselling exclusively, they need to be made aware of the importance of it.

The major challenge that he is facing these days is that people in Telugu states don’t go exclusively for career counselling. Parents and students are not aware of using these services even after the recommendation of many educationists. It is a difficult task for the career counsellors in these regions to aware people and motivate them to use career counselling as an important part of studies. However, with the help of websites such, many people are getting to know about the importance of career counselling and it has been very helpful for students as well career counsellors across the country.

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