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Clinical Psychologists diagnose or evaluate mental and emotional disorders of individuals through observation, interview, and psychological tests, and formulate and administer programs of treatment. They aim to reduce the distress and improve the psychological wellbeing of their clients. They use psychological methods and research to make positive changes to their clients' lives and offer various forms of treatment.

Dear Aspirant, Thanks for putting up your query here. Well, to become a clinical psychologist, minimum qualification is MPhil in Clinical Psychology. Following is the career pathway to become a Clinical Psychologist: MA/MSc in Psychology (preferably specialize in clinical psychology if you want to do become clinical psychologist) MPhil in Clinical Psychology (you have to appear in entrance test and interview) PhD in Clinical Psychology (is desirable but not mandatory to work as a clinical psychologist) When you choose institutions for MPhil, please consider institutions which are recognized/

Thanks for posing your query. With you question, I am not clear about your career objective behind doing graduation or [other courses in psychology][1] after doing BBA. Your query does not explain why are you doing BBA and what your career goal. Your question is whether you can do psychology honors after doing BBA. My answer is YES. You can do graduation in psychology after doing BBA. One of the career counselor has provided you the list of Universities/college where you can do the course. You can do distance course in psychology also. To answer your query appropriately, I use two assumpt

Dear FriendClinical psychology, Medical trnascripting and drug related courses are attracting the students in many ways like placement approach, nature of job, and salary package. Anyways chattisgarh University, Indian Academy School of Managemet Study, Bangalore, Himachal Pradesh University offer you the the professional PG.Diploma in clinical pshycology which require the basic sciences or humanities at graduation level with the good CGPA scoring. As these organizations follow the norms of RCI which is a regulatory body to take care the academic requirement as well as implementation of course

Wish you all the very best for your Graduation result. I am sure looking at your earlier record I am sure you would score a first class in your Graduation.Also you have chosen one of the premier institute to pursue higher study.But before you apply, please read the selection criteria clearly, as most of the universities accept students who have done 6 papers in psychology for clinical psychology course. If that is the case, you would have to apply for a paper of psychology before you apply for the masters program.As for the cut-offs, it would all depend on the number of students applying for t

Dear Career aspirantWelcome to guide you to a perfect career.Being a clinical psychologist and a professional in that field, I think I shall guide you properly. For MA clinical psychology, the desired qualification naturally is BA Psychology or any other degree with atlease three ppers related to psychology. Because clinical psychology is considered to be good psychology qualification and is related to human health. No health professionl person is llowed to play with a persons helth. Therefore, it has been decidded to make a basic knowledge in psychology compulsory for MA cl

Dear sherya,Psychologist need to be someone who can help other to solve there problems in best possible way. Apart from a good education you need to have those counseling skills in you, to handle all sorts of clients. Clinical psychologist are someone who take cases related to substance abuse, mental retarded , severe chronic problems, personality disorders etc etc . For this you need to have good practical skills , strong mental level, physically fit, and of course qualification. After your master's you can start as intern under any clinical psychologist.And learn practical skills. You can

Hi Akshita.. Practical knowledge is the best part about Master courses in Psychology. Both MA and MSc will be having more papers and classes for experience of the students in the field. However it may vary between the institutes. SO you may have to choose the institute rather than the course for getting much experience in the field of clinical psychology. The courses like MA in Applied Psychology is also offering more practical classes to the students in institutes like JMI, Delhi University, Lovely Professional University, Punjab University, Christ University etc.The institutes like Ranchi un

Hello Raksha,  Interesting set of qualifications. As such your educational background does not need support of any qualifications as such. Both clinical research and QC fits your profile easily. You can apply to any organization of your choice pharma or retail or biotech. But incase you wish to adopt a managerial role, though your  qualifications support the role too, but industries demand an MBA, thus either an MBA in pharma or hospitality management can be a good option. Hope this helps. Wish you good luck..

Hello harshitha, Clinical Psychology is  a specialised field in the area of Psychology. They work in close sync with mental health institutes, hospitals as well as Psychiatrist Mainly deals with both neurotic and Psychotic ailments. They are mainly into diagnostics i.e. diagnosing an ailment through the use of various verbal and non verbal Psychometric test. They are also into therapy or counseling but only after the Psychiatrist has finished the earlier Psychiatric treatment. A Clinical Psychologist also deals with diagnosis (assessments) as well as counseling of issues related to anxiet

Hello Nehla,  Yes of course you can. Preferably after 12th commerce shift or take and opt for Psychology. Then at masters could opt for Clinical Psychology specialization. Wish you good luck...

ICRI is one of the top premier institutes for educating postgraduate students from the various field about clinical research in and out of the country. The Institute of Clinical Research India (ICRI) is one of the institutes within India that you can go to pursue your higher education in the field of conducting and monitoring clinical trials for medicine and drug testing. The institute has established its name among the top institutes around the country by providing global recruitment options as well as ensuring that its students do very well in the field directly after graduation. The ICRI ho

Educational Qualification For Post graduate courses in psychology - Bachelor degree in psychology is required.

Dear Aspirant, You are expecting and asking before time. You will definitely improve and progress in your career, but not with little experience. Three years experience is small to progress to the Manager level. Why are you so desperate to climb up, when you have just gathered small work experience? Quality Assurance is a good domain and I would recommend you get certified by doing ISO Certifications etc which will justify your promotion coupled with a little more experience added. Best wishes

Dear Aspirants, Definitely there is scope for Clinical Psychology and Industrial Psychology in India. You can find jobs in schools, colleges, orphanges, companies, NGOs, etc. You can also have you own independent practice as a Clinical Psychologist. Best wishes

Dear Nikita, Thanks for writing to! Very good question. Minimum criteria for MPhil entrance test is Masters in Psychology. You are eligible to appear for MPhil entrance test. However, UGC does not allow to pursue two degree courses at the same time.MPhil is full time course and students receive stipend. NIMHANS does not allow students to pursue any other degree courses at the same time. Either you complete PhD and then do MPhil or do MPhil then PhD. If you want to practice clnical psychology, then I encourage you to prepare for MPhil test and do MPhil as it is recognized co