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How to explore career for senior secondary students

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Career Guidance plays a vital role in the senior secondary student’s education. It helps in equipping them with knowledge, skills and decision-making capabilities at each stage of their education and future career. It also plays a key role to students for transiting success from schooling to graduates and postgraduates and even in the outside world for reaching the acme of career success. It is also helpful in managing their pathways and learning abilities related to their future throughout their life. It is necessary to inculcate qualities such as social and emotional competencies, adaptivity, creativity, resilience, self-confidence etc in the students. These qualities prepare the students for the upcoming career challenges. The students need to be all-rounded and happy at school for being an independent learner and for being mature before stepping out for job hunting process. Here are few points which may help senior secondary students to explore their career choices:

  • Identify hidden talent in students:

The first step is to identify student’s area of interests and to give them the opportunity to develop their interests and boost their capabilities towards their interests. Try to pursue students towards the academic course which suits their learning style and helps in inclination and alignment with their dreams of success.

How to explore career for senior secondary students

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.           

~Walt Disney

  • Build a strong foundation for getting panache in students:

Set the aim according to their interest and lead them towards a sound foundation for learning. Conceptual knowledge, application skills, analysis, positive thinking and high goals are the keys to build strong underlay in senior school learning process.

  • Go with the curriculum:

Choose the extensive curriculum as per their choice. They may choose medical, non-medical, commerce or arts subjects in which they are able to understand easily. Students should acquire their field with flexibility and freedom for choosing the perfect subject fit according to their abilities and orientations.

  • Encourage students to make their own path:

Try to remove all the hitches that come in the path of their dreams. Don’t let others opinions affect their dreams and ambitions. Encourage them for making their own path to differentiate themselves from others. Everyone develops maturity at their own pace. Boost them to use their own potential to start learning and researching as per their needs. Develop decision-making ability in them.

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When you take charge of your life, there is no longer need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life.               

~ Geoffrey F. Abert

  • Expand thoughts for students growth:

Try to understand the topics instead of the cramming whole of the book. It will lead them towards selective approach. Expand their thoughts and go through all the topics minutely. It will help them in answering offbeat questions easily. Keep practicing; develop a habit of reading more and more to gain knowledge about new things. Supplementary books may help them in further amendments in their thoughts.

  • Work on assignments independently:

Various assignments are offered in senior secondary schools for helping students to gain practical knowledge. Take these assignments as an opportunity for growth rather than a drag in their gala time. Don’t pass-up your projects to others to work on. Take initiative to do it on your own.

  • Prepare students in an organized manner:

Senior secondary education is most important series for future development. Set reminders and plans towards your goals. Fix half hour daily for each subject for studying. Practice writing along with reading topics. Make notes on each topic that will help them in further revision.

  • Keep an eye on entrance exam dates:

Research on further subject options for graduation and start practicing accordingly. Keep an eye on various entrance tests after class 12th such as JEE, BITSAT, AIIMS, NEET, AIPVT, CET, CAT, NCHMCT, LSAT, CSAT and much more. Fill in the gaps by making a strategy for studying and striving more for better grades and gaining experiences.

  • Try to overcome the fear of failure in students:

Develop confidence in them. Try to overcome the fear of getting a failure in the little heart of the students. Only the challenges will bring improvement in them. Don’t let them go nervous about the entrance exams. Stay calm and keep practicing.

Students need guidance in right direction and positive approach towards their career options of their own choice. They will surely achieve the goals for what they are dreaming about. Only support and push is required for the development of the hidden talent in senior secondary students who are the future of gen-x.

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