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How to go through career change?

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Many of us are at the stage when we are doing something in our life but don’t like it. This most often happens with a career. I have many friends who say very frequently tell me that they don’t like their jobs. They have their reason to not do something they love. Some are bound by financial insecurities, some by societal pressure but most of them are scared to change their lifestyle. Changing your career needs lots of risk calculation and management of whole life which just takes a haphazard manner from the time you decide to change its route. Many people adopt a career change at the age of 20-25 since this is the time when a person is highly ambitious and wants to do a lot in his/ her life, However, this is also the time when most of the people take reckless decisions without giving much thought about it. One should follow certain steps and ask specific questions to understand the nature of career change and how that should proceed.

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Ask yourself Why

Many people hate their jobs and look at other career options thinking them to be better options. If you don’t put into a deep thought, then you might end up with another career that you still hate. So, at this point, the major step is to first ask yourself- ‘Why I want to change my career?’, ‘Why I am choosing another career?’, ‘why the new career option interests me?’ The answers to these questions can give you a clear idea of whether you genuinely want to change your career or you just need some change in your life which might not include a change of career.

Find your skills and talents

Now when you have decided that you need to change your current career to something which is new to you, you need to understand that this time you won’t be having enough time to learn and fail. You will have little time to learn new skills and get back to work. Thus, it becomes imperative that you already have some skills that are required in your new career. If you already have an inclination towards the newly selected career, then you can easily master the new skills. You will require lesser time and chances of failure will also decrease. This also provides you long term career fulfilment and does not give way to any kind of negativity once you set out on a path of new career.

Knowing the challenges in advance

This is called getting prepared for what might come as a challenge while you are on a journey of a new career. You need to know what are the major problems that you can face which could be based upon capital investment, experience requirement, skills sets, certifications and family support. You need to figure out everything in advance. If you are dependent upon your family, you need to understand whether your family will be able to support your decision financially as well spiritually. Also, you should be prepared for the hard work that will be put into it. For all these questions, you may talk to an expert in that field or talk to a career counsellor who can guide you through these doubts.

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Building up a strategy

You can’t just jump over to a new career one day and leave the previous one. You need to strategize your steps so that it does not affect your long-term career plans. Also, your professional and personal life should not be affected much by the change in career. Begin with an action plan on how to proceed on everything. Decide your primary goal and then make a step by step guideline structure for yourself. This will help you to take all the decisions wisely without delaying your process of changing the career. Building an action plan will also clarify several doubts of yourself. It will tell you about your strengths and weaknesses and how you can tackle them.

Keeping a track

For a successful transition, you need to keep a track of all the steps that you made in the action plan. If you don’t follow the action plan, you are likely to fail in between. This will not only take you far away from your goal but also hamper your progress in your current career. This is like monitoring yourself and rating your efforts on how you are doing preparations for a career transition. You can keep a track of time also about how much you are investing into moving towards the new career. Monitoring your efforts will motivate you to give your best and compete with yourself. Since the decision of career change is itself difficult, there is high need of self-motivation in this process.

Professional change adoption

Now when you feel prepared to change the career, you need to make professional moves. You can update your LinkedIn Profile and can update on your social media accounts so that if there are recruiters in your field, they can reach you with a suitable offer. You can also proceed with networking events which are held in many metro cities. Another option is that you can get in touch with your seniors who are in the field that you have chosen. They can help you in finding a right opportunity in the new career field. Tell the people you think can support you about your reason for changing your career and seek their advice and support.

These steps may not guarantee you success but will definitely prepare you for your journey of changing your career successfully. One should follow these steps and if still doubts persists can take professional career counselling which can be helpful to focus and clarify all your doubts.

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