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Career Expert provided Prithvi with career mapping towards future with Economics

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In India, it is rightly said that students first do graduation and then think what they want to do in their career life. At the stage of 11th-12th grade, students fall into the traps of peer pressure or get in the influence of parents for the selection of career. Instead of analyzing what are their skills and talents, they take up a career option what others are doing. When in 10th, if a student gets good marks, they are generally advised to take up science field in secondary school without considering their fitness for the subject. This process is one of the reasons behind an average performance of many students even when they are highly talented. The problem arises because of the wrong selection of the courses. It has been said that you can’t test a fish’s capability by testing its ability to climb a tree and same thing applies to children as well. If a student is skilled for football, it would be a waste of skill if he is asked to take cricket training.

Career Expert provided Me with career mapping towards future with Economics Today I am a economics student

Prithvi Reddy

Economics Student

Prithvi ’s Career Dilemma

  •  Prithvi’s career confusion started after 12th He did not want to continue with science stream anymore
  •  He economics as a career in mind but was unaware and not confident about the career options .
  •  In mid of all these confusion he decided to go for a professional help and came across CareerGuide while searching online

How CareerGuide Helped Him

  •  Career Expert took Prithvi through career exploration where he was told about career opportunities with economics comparing it with other careers.
  •  With concrete information and career progression details, Prithivi was clear and confident of pursuing Economics.
  •  Prithvi is presently pursuing Bachelors of Economics from University of British Columbia, Canada.

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Confused about how to proceed for his goals, Prithvi came to for career counseling

Same story happened with Prithvi when he finished his 12th. He always wanted to do economics and was interested in the subject but after 10th, seeing his percentage, he was advised to take science stream. Now, he was unhappy with what he was doing in his career life. He did not want to continue with science stream but was not sure of how to pursue his career in the field of economics when he had taken science at secondary level. He asked many people around him and could not get a satisfactory answer. This made him start searching online for the best options. From there, he got to know about career counseling and he landed up on the website of He talked to a career counsellor who advised him about the complete process that takes place during the counseling and he was also told about what he could expect from the career counseling.

Career Exploration helped Prithvi to understand different subject options and career paths with economics

Having a talk with the career counselor, Prithvi was convinced that he wanted to explore his career options in the field of economics. Career Expert advised him to first take Career Exploration test which could him to realize his strengths and weaknesses. Further, this test was helpful for him to learn what fields are suitable for his skills and aspirations. He was also guided about the career opportunities with economics and he was given a comparison of this with other careers. He was also given a factual information on job outlook, career development, pay scale and courses that he needed to study for the admission process in renowned colleges. His all the queries were handled nicely by the career expert.

This session of career counseling made Prithvi confident of his career selection and gave him the strength to pursue a new stream with complete zeal and vigor. Now, Prithvi was clear of what he wanted to set his goals and also confident of he was going to achieve them. Currently, Prithvi is pursuing Bachelors in Economics from University of British Columbia, Canada. He is performing well in his term exams as well and is fully satisfied with the way his career is now progressing. He is also good in extra-curricular and is active with industrial sessions and expert talks, looking forward to starting working with pioneers.

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