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Economist is a professional who studies, develops and implements economic theories and policies considering the market forces, producer-consumer, and other factors in mind.

Dear friend, many thanks for your question. Since you are [interested in economics][1] and want to make career in economics, therefore first I will tell you something about [economics and then its scope all over the globe][2]. Students who read economics can go to become economist, out of the various profession open to them. The [economists][3] are those study, research and monitor demand and supply, business trends, employment rates, cost of the materials, and so on in their attempt to make predictions of the course or economy of the business are taking and so on. Globalization and consequ

Career Advice – As discussed above, the psychometric career test reports about the abilities and skills of the test taken, hence, it is the aptest way to find out the strengths and weaknesses too. It not only gives the aptitude knowledge of an individual but also explains the uniqueness of the test giver. Therefore, it becomes more apt to make a career decision based on it. As the student can get to know what makes his or her unique from the crowd, they can focus more on their special trait and thus pursue them in the right direction.   Taking psychometric test is almost equal to

Dear Aspirant, If you want to enter into corporate, then you have to decide whether you wish to enter into companies like financial companies, research companies etc. or you wish to enter into the banking industry. If you wish to go into banking, then Masters in Business Economics (MBE) is suited. If you wish to go into the research industry, then Masters in Applied Economics is suited. If you wish to go into financial companies, insurance, stock market companies, investment management companies, then MBE or MBA Finance is suited. MBA in Business Economics is a sheer nonsense degree. Be

Hello, The UGC NET Exam is going to be the best career options for you if you have interest in Economics Subject The exam is conducted every year for the aspirants those who want to make career as a lecturer or in Research program The UGC NET Books for Economics would help you alot for this 

Dear aspirant Thank you for approaching counsellors at You have clearly stated that you have plans in studying further and not interested in work. As you have planned to study and are confused between MBA and MA applied economics, i shall give you some light on the two and say what is suitable for you. To straight away say, you can study MA applied economics rather tahn doing an MBA because of just one reason, you are lacking work experience and an MBA would not suit you in this aspect. Therefore i advice you to take up MA applied economics. An MA Applied Economics o

Hello My Dear English and Economics Aspirant,I am very glad that you appraoched [CareerGuide][1] for seeking guidance and clarification to your confused career concern. Please let me tell you that choosing a [career option after HSC level][2] is that way very simple but we make it confusing and difficult unnecessarily.Firstly just relax and when you relax you will find out for your self what you are actually made up for for your career.I understand from your query that you have interest in english and economics both. And there fore I assume that you are from the commerce field till your HSC le