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Tertiary education level signifies an educational degree that is above school level. World Bank states that all the colleges, universities and specialized institutions come under the umbrella of tertiary education. It is also known as ‘Continuing Education’ in some of the countries.

Career Counselling has been regarded as highly important for those seeking tertiary education. In above mentioned 17 countries, on average, 46.1% of the total population in the age group of 25-34 has received tertiary education. Tertiary education is third level or post-secondary education i.e pursuing any academy after high school.

Korea has the highest number of populations with tertiary education of age group 25-34 with 68.97% followed by Japan with 59.65%, Canada 59.18% and the United Kingdom 49.18%. India, Italy and Germany have the lowest population with tertiary education in the age group of 25-34.

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Career Challenge in India:

The main reason behind the low tertiary rate in India is that many urban and rural private education institutes offer degrees without affiliation or recognition and this leads to no recognition of educational qualification of a major share of the population in this age.

To save tax, many institutions are not approved by authorities like UGC and AICTE. Due to unawareness, many young students get trapped in such institutes.

Post Grad And Grad


At this stage, career counselling can play a major role for the students and others who want to pursue tertiary education. It is safe to say that tertiary education can provide better job prospects and salaries to the students and thus can lead to a better lifestyle.

However, many students, due to lack of proper guidance, end up leaving their studies. Career counselling can help the students understand what career can be suitable for them and how they can gain expertise in their selected career options.

In addition, career counsellors and guide the students about how much effort their selected career stream will demand, the kind of lifestyle they can expect, the scope of career growth and most importantly the financial aid that is available for particular courses.

Financial Advice To Graduates And Post-Grads

Most students face financial issues during college, and they start opting for part-time or full-time jobs to pay their bills. Eventually, they start missing classes and start showing lesser interest in pursuing their studies. As a matter of fact, they drop out of college.

All things considered, a career counsellor can explore more options for a student to cope up with such situations and can guide them to continue their studies with various financial aid policies. Financial aid policies and easy part-time work options may help the students to complete his/her degree/graduation.

Career Counselling At Doctorate Level

“The Chronicle of Higher Education”, took a survey of people who completed their postgraduate degree on the factors due to which people drop out during the doctorate.

80% of doctorates assumed that most people drop out from PhD due to lack of financial support and 65% of doctorates believed that there is a lack of mentoring and advising which results in dropping out from PhD.

Career counseling

It was observed that very few career counsellors provide counselling to doctorate students. Doctorate students usually think that they will be paid a handsome amount while pursuing the degree.

Information regarding the financial conditions should be provided by career counsellors before the enrolment. Admission fees, tuition fees, perks and stipend related information should be provided in advance before admission.

One of the reasons for the high dropout rate of doctorate students is the lack of funds. Financial aids and education loans can help students to complete their doctorate degrees.

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