Types of Certifications To Become a Career Counsellor

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career counseling certification course is a new age career option emerging across the world and gaining popularity as it also provides financial stability. Career counseling requires commitment, ability to take responsibility and lots of patience as they help individuals make important career decisions and take subsequent actions wrt their careers in various stages of life- be it school students, college students or working professionals. Here are the types of certifications to become a career counselor – all offered by CareerGuide.

Career counselor help school students by helping them gain a better understanding of self, goals one wants to achieve and help gain clarity of what work one wants to do in their life. Graduates look for career counselors to take advice for career development and expand their professional network, whereas postgraduates need guidance for further research, academia and in their future career paths. Working professionals sometimes know where they are heading up to and what they want in their work life, but they too need help with it.

So, there is a great demand for this profession but one needs to be properly equipped to deliver the demanding expectations of being a career counselor. Keeping this in mind, CareerGuide also provides a bundled package of all the six types of certifications into one program called “Become a Master Career Guide” at a much reduced price with lifetime access. So what are you waiting for? Start your career counseling journey with CareerGuide and thrive in the field of career counseling by learning at your own pace. This article will now delve into different types of certifications to become a career counselor offered by CareerGuide.

Certification Course for Guiding School Students

The period in life of a student from class 9th to 12th is a very stressful adolescence period. Hence, it is imperative for career counselors to provide support to school students by helping them choose their right career by understanding them. Through our 50+ hours self paced certification course for guiding school students, you will be an expert guide in the following-

  • career counseling certification for class 9th with skill based Psychometric test and report analysis.
  • Subject combinations after class 10th in CBSE, ICSE, IB and IGCSE Boards.
  • Use of Psychometric stream selector test for stream selection after class 10th and report analysis.
  • Different career counseling modules with Psychometric career selection test and report analysis, list of popular career choices, details of competitive exams and preparation methods for class 11th and 12th PCM, Bio, Commerce and Humanities students each.
  • Details of different New Age Careers.
  • Top colleges after 12th in different streams.

Certification Course for Graduates and Postgraduates

career counseling certification can really help graduates and postgraduates in making a successful transition from academia into the professional world. Through our 75+ hours self paced certification course for guiding graduates and postgraduates, you will be an expert guide in the following-

  • Psychometric career assessment test for graduates and postgraduates.
  • Placement and job hunt for graduates and postgraduates including resume and Linkedin profile building, interview preparations and networking.
  • Competitive exams details and list of top colleges (in India and in the world) for a particular career option for graduates and postgraduates.
  • B-Tech graduate career counseling for year 1, year 2, year 3 & 4. Different tech and non- tech activities to boost resume for placements along with list of specializations in B-Tech.
  • Career counseling for other graduate programs like BBA, B.Com, B.A, BCA etc.
  • Popular generic jobs available for all graduates.
  • Mentorship and Career counseling for both years of MBA postgraduate program.
  • Postgraduate career counseling for MCA, M-Tech, M.Sc, MA, M.Com programs.

Certification Course for Guiding Working Professionals

The role of a career counselor in guiding working professionals is to get to those steps which will help working professionals find that satisfying high paying job or higher education or certifications needed for career change, career clarity or career progression. Through our 75+ hours self paced certification course for guiding working professionals, you will be an expert in the following-

  • Understanding the source of dissatisfaction within the client by active listening and finding the possible solution.
  • Personal development of the client and giving motivation towards growth by showing them the actionable path towards growth.
  • Psychometric Career selection tool and report analysis for working professionals.
  • Helping clients prepare for the interview on how to sell oneself and project strengths, weigh pros and cons, do SWOT analysis and help understand what the current market situation and industry is like.
  • Hone the client’s soft skills and conduct training and upskilling seminars.
  • Guiding on higher education and building networking skills and expanding their network.

Certification Course for guiding Study Abroad

Because of the rise of the internet, the world has become a small place where everyone is connected to each other. Hence, going to study in a different country has become extremely easy. Through our 50+ hours self paced certification course for guiding study abroad, you will be an expert in the following-

  • Factors important in making decisions of destination for studying abroad.
  • How to write LOR and SOP for different universities for studying abroad.
  • How to build an impressive profile because admissions internationally is not just about marks but also about who you are as a person, your passions, leadership abilities, confidence and interests.
  • All you need to know about studying in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Asian countries. Top 10 schools and universities each for different areas of studies in these countries, how to get into those universities, Scholarships etc.
  • How to settle abroad and checklist for settling abroad and guidelines for student Visas worldwide.

Become Certified Psychometric Practitioner

Psychometric assessments are the behavioral measurement tools for assessing a candidate’s intelligence, interest, aptitude, personality, motivators etc for career guidance or assessing suitability of a candidate for a job role. Through our 50+ hours self paced certification course to become a Psychometric Assessor, you will learn the following-

  • History of Psychometric tests and how Psychometric tests are designed.
  • The need for designing CareerGuide’s own Psychometric assessment tests.
  • Different types of Psychometric tests in the market – their pros and cons.
  • Understanding the Trade Mark Psychometric tests of CareerGuide (Ideal Career test, Engineering branch selector, Stream selector test, Humanities career selector, Commerce career selector, Psychometric test for working professionals, skill based test) along with learning how to analyze them with sample case studies and Psychometric test manuals.
  • Group discussion on Psychometric assessment with career counselors.

Personal Branding & Sales For Career Counsellors

If you are serious about making a career in career counseling certification, then you should take up this course and not only listen but implement things taught in this course. Every single step in this course is tried and tested. Through our 20+ hours self paced course in Personal Branding and Sales for Career Counselors, you will learn the following-

  • How to sell your services.
  • How to make your first few sales (this is where most career counselors get stuck).
  • Tools and technologies which can be used by career counselors in setting up their practices.
  • Personal branding checklist along with sales blueprint to earn Rs 10 Lakhs yearly by working for just 300 – 500 Hrs.
  • 60 Day step by step activities you need to do to position yourself as a career counselor.
  • Steps and techniques of career counseling certification during counseling sessions.

Become A Master With Careerguide

The “career counseling certification Course” from CareerGuide is a 50+ hour, self-paced, lifetime access online course for career counsellor certification. This course will not only provide you with curriculum but also equip you with a comprehensive range of Case Studies, Scenarios, FAQs, and Quizzes, allowing you to gain a deep understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, it offers everything you need to become a successful career counsellor, ensuring that you have the necessary tools and resources at your disposal. With its carefully designed lessons, this course is specifically tailored to help you develop your skills and become a master career guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a career counselor do?

A career counselor is a professional who helps individuals explore and navigate their career paths. They not only assist with career planning but also provide guidance on educational and training opportunities. Moreover, they administer assessments to identify interests and aptitudes, offering valuable insights for career exploration. In addition, they offer resume and interview preparation assistance, equipping individuals with the necessary skills for successful job applications.

What qualifications are needed to become a career counselor?

The qualifications to become a career counselor can vary depending on the country and specific job requirements. However, the most common qualifications include:
  • A master’s degree in counseling, psychology, or a related field.
  • Completion of specialized coursework or a career counseling certification program.
  • Relevant work experience, such as internships or supervised counseling hours.
  • Licensure or certification requirements mandated by the specific region or country.

How long does it take to become a career counselor?

The time it takes to become a career counselor can vary based on several factors, including educational requirements, prior experience, and the individual’s pace of study. Typically, it can take around 2 to 4 years to complete a master’s degree in counseling or a related field. Additionally, further time may be required to gain practical experience and fulfill any licensure or certification requirements.

Are career counseling services covered by insurance?

In some cases, career counseling certification services may be covered by insurance. However, the coverage and extent of such services depend on the specific insurance provider and policy. To ascertain whether career counseling services are covered and to what extent, it is advisable to check with your insurance company. By reaching out to your insurance provider, you can gather the necessary information regarding the potential coverage for career counseling services.

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