Interior design course in India

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Students seeking the best education in the area are surely becoming more and more interested in interior design course in India. In actuality, we all desire a setting that is both cozy and useful, and Indian colleges are aware of this. Let’s dig a little deeper into what interior design is, how to pick the best school, what qualifications you need to apply, and more!

However, before we begin, let’s define what an interior designer is:

Who is an interior designer?

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A space planner and design concepts are offered by an interior designer. They will be involved during the entire procedure. To manage the project, interior designers oversee product and material specifications and work with dealers. Simply put, interior designers organize interior spaces with the correct structure, furnishings, and colour schemes to make them more outstanding. To create the ideal setting for you, they also incorporate personal touches.

Additionally, a course in interior design teaches students how to recognize and emphasize a space’s unique qualities.

What jobs can I get with a degree in interior design?

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In reality, a lot of interior designers collaborate closely with architects to help outline how the inside of the firm might improve the space’s efficiency. Overall, earning a degree in interior design opens up a variety of professional options, including

Space designingYou will design the indoor space, furnish the place, improve the structure, and more.
Exhibition designingYou will work and design large commercial spaces.
Theatre and film set designingYou will be the set designer or production designer. This also includes working with the director and producer to design and come up with ideas that will suit the story.
Merchandise designingYou will have to develop themes and visual concepts for events related to marketing.


Why should I enroll in a course in interior design?

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Interior design courses provide you the satisfaction of turning a house into a home for its occupants in a society when many are compelled to seek STEM courses and technical degrees like engineering and architecture, which are regardless fine endeavours if they make you happy. Interior designers actually enhance the beauty and natural elements of a space. Therefore, interior design jobs are the ideal fit for you if that sounds like something you’d enjoy.

Overall, taking an interior design course gives you the chance to show off your artistic talent while also keeping you on your toes with the technical procedures. To select from the top interior design courses, continue reading.

What is covered in an interior design course

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Through some of the top interior design courses offered at universities, you can learn the principles and methods of interior design. It can be difficult to pursue this course because it is a new field, thus it is essential to study all approaches while developing your own style.

In actuality, various interior design programmes around the world put a strong emphasis on the artistic side of design. Teach students solid technical, management, and business skills at the same time. The course lasts, as mentioned, typically 1 to 3 years. It’s crucial to remember that you can work as an interior designer without a formal education. However, professionals are preferred over those without one. Considering that an interior design degree gives you an advantage and enables you to learn a lot more.

What can an interior designer anticipate?

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While becoming an interior designer is an exciting and creative career, there are also some less enjoyable aspects to consider. Along with following building and safety regulations, your job would require you to read blueprints, readjust your colour schemes, readjust to the latest updates in design software, and more.

You need to be an expert in fields like design analysis, programming, interior design, space planning, materials, tools, and furniture. You must make sure the layout of public spaces is accessible to those with disabilities.

Top 8 Interior design course in India

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It’s crucial that you thoroughly investigate all your possibilities because prior education is better for courses in interior design. Many interior design careers require a mix of a standardized exam pass, classroom knowledge, and professional experience. Some interior design schools are recognized by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). This shows that the curriculum at these institutions adheres to the strictest requirements for interior design education. Fees for interior design courses vary depending on the programme and the institution.

The top 8 Interior design course in India are listed below:


1. Master’s in Arts

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You can enroll in a Master of Arts programme to get in-depth understanding in a particular field, like interior design. Once you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree, you can enroll in this course. This is one of the top interior design course in india. Students may enroll in this two-year course in a part-time, full-time, correspondence, or remote learning setting.

MA eligibility requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from a college approved by India’s UGC (University Grants Commission).
  • Aggregate of 55% for graduation.

2. Master’s in Fine art

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A Master of Fine Arts is a postgraduate degree that entails the study of performing and visual arts, including interior design and architecture. This is one of the top interior design course in india There are various universities that offer specialties in this two-year study.

Once you develop your skills in a certain subject, there are many different employment choices available.

MFA qualifying requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, preferably a BFA.
  • A minimum aggregate of between 50% and 60%
  • Depending on the university of choice, the requirements for admission may change.

3. Master of Professional Studies

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The Master of Professional Studies combines the study of conventional graduate degrees (Masters of Arts, Masters of Science, etc.) with practical workplace-relevant skills. This is one of the top interior design course in india. Students who want to be experts in their field can benefit from this program’s theoretical and practical instruction.

4. Interior architecture master's degree

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A hybrid study that combines interior design and architecture is the Master of Interior Architecture. The degree equips you with in-depth expertise for interior building design. This is one of the top interior design course in india. You might learn about business or hospital interior design in your study. Long-term benefits of taking this course include the development of skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and other organizing abilities.

Qualifications for a master’s degree in interior architecture

  • An undergraduate degree from an accredited university
  • Minimum combined score
  • There may be a maximum age at some universities.

5. Master’s in interior designing

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This postgraduate degree programme teaches students how to transform their homes into functional spaces for daily use. This is one of the top interior design course in india. This programme covers a wide range of topics related to space, including scale, configuration, light sources, materials, and more.

Your creative potential will grow, “and this course will help you develop your interpersonal skills. A constant requirement for interior designers is their ability to calculate accurately and design software programs.

6. Masters in Interior & Product Design

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The Masters in Product and Interior Design equips students with the methodological toolkit they need to successfully design items across a variety of industries. This is one of the top interior design course in india. This course teaches business, construction, architecture, and art.

7. Masters of Arts in Interior Design

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For aspiring designers who want to specialize in interior design, there is a degree called the Masters of Arts in Interior Design. This is one of the top interior design course in india. In fact, the curriculum gives you the knowledge and abilities you need to work as a professional in the field.

8. Masters of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture & Design

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The interior architecture and design theory as well as related cutting-edge techniques are the main topics of this Master of Fine Arts degree. This is one of the top interior design course in india. The curriculum emphasizes research, creative ideas, global issues, traditional and digital media, as well as concept and design creation.

Additionally, you might think about certificate and diploma programmes in interior design. You learn how to incorporate safety, human health, and well-being into the design process in interior design classes. Additionally, they put a lot of emphasis on developing your technical expertise and creative flair.

Top interior designing colleges in India

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  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • CEPT University, Gujarat
  • Indian Institute of Art and Design, Delhi
  • Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur
  • JJ School of Arts
  • College of Architecture
  • Exterior Interiors Pvt Ltd
  • Pearl academy
  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
  • Sai School of interior design

How to pick the best course in interior design

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There aren’t many options for interior design courses, but you need to choose one that’s appropriate for you. These are the few considerations to make when selecting a specific interior design programme:

    • Recognize which of these two—a targeted or a flexible program—is more suitable for you.
    • Verify the course material’s applicability to the area. You won’t get as much practice in the field taking some courses because they are more hypothetical.
    • Verify your eligibility by looking over the prerequisites.
    • Recognize if you want to work on significant commercial projects like shopping malls and governmental structures. You can also design spaces for the domestic market or just for friends and family.

What skills are required to work as an interior designer?

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To become an interior designer, you should have a wide range of related skills. The following are 15 of the most in-demand skills that you should prioritize:
Skill Set 1 Skill Set 2 Skill Set 3
Aesthetic sense Communication skills Management skills
Creativity and attention to detail Flexibility and adaptability Understanding of spatial balance
Organization and time management Problem-solving skills Budgeting skills
Basic hand-drawing skills Visualization skills Color basics knowledge
Computer skills Trend identification Interpersonal skills
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