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After completion of class 10th, The biggest dilemma of a student is to choose between science, commerce, and Humanities. They have a lot of pressure while choosing between the three streams. Students have to continue to pursue an education in the same stream until the end of graduation or post-graduation. Although students can change their streams, it takes a lot of time and effort, so it is better to make the right choice in the beginning.


Science stream is about Sciences like chemistry, biology, and physics. Mathematics and computer science are also a part of the science stream. While getting an education in the stream will lead to science-based careers like- scientist, computer engineer, doctor, and forensic experts. Science is a stream that is very popular among parents and students. In India, most parents and students believe that science is a stream that can give a better career while ignoring the other streams.

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If we talk about commerce streams, it is all about business organization structures and economics. In this stream, you will get subjects like accounting, finance, organizational structure, business studies, economics, and mathematics. Getting a bachelor’s degree in commerce can lead to accounting, insurance, banking managerial, and administrative career options. This is the most popular stream with students where they will get Real-world knowledge, related to business.


The Humanities stream covers subjects like literature, psychology, sociology, Geography, Sanskrit, Hindi, history, and literature. Humanities is a broad stream where you will get a lot of subject choices, as you can see mentioned above. In the Humanities field, you can fulfil a career as an archaeologist, graphic designer, copywriter, filmmaker, photographer, psychologist, and journalist. Many of the professions have received popularity in recent times and many students are choosing Humanities to follow their career they’re passionate about.

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When to opt for Science?

Before you go to of your sin you have to you know few things which will help you to choose the right stream– If you have liked for natural Sciences, subjects like chemistry biology and physics and you have previously scored well in the subject then you can go for science stream your love towards this subject will grow once you start studying them in-depth and learning more in detail. If you are good at mathematics you can also think of choosing this stream. Science has diverse career options, from engineer to psychiatrist.

When to opt for Commerce?

If you want to know more about this trim you can consider these factors before choosing- If you are good with numbers and have a hold on basic maths then you can consider doing commerce in the subject in commerce stream. you will not require complex mathematics but you have to get a stronghold on basic maths this maths will also be helpful in economics. If you are a person who doesn’t want to work under someone then you can go for a Commerce stream where you will get knowledge to build your own business.

Career Options After Class 12 Commerce Stream

When to opt for Humanities

Here are a few factors you should consider before choosing Humanities- If you are passionate about art, literature, music, photography, History, language, geography, and films, then you can go for the Humanities stream. Humanities is a degree which will allow you to follow your passion and can make a career complemented by benefits and a handsome salary. Visual media, there are many professions in visual media, and taking Humanities is the best way for you to become eligible for such a profession. This industry is one of the fastest-growing industries which employs thousands of professionals. With a degree in Humanities, you can be a part of exciting industries.

Why is it important to choose the right stream?

To know the Importance of choosing the right stream is very crucial. If you choose the right stream you are going to invest 3 years of your life towards an undergraduate degree. You need to choose the stream which is suitable for you so that you don’t regret it while going for a degree. You can also change streams later on, but you will end up wasting a lot of time and money. Also, your previous efforts will be considered as nothing, so choose your stream wisely. Choosing the right stream will help you to get into the right career path.

By: Varsha Yadav

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