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In the current scenario majority of the engineering students are trying to apply for career opportunities in engineering which suits their interests but the biggest traumatising agent which they had to face is work experience in engineering to attain best job offers in engineering. Today every candidate/fresher has both soft skills and hard skills with a pinch of expertise in engineering discipline. The competition is cut throat because in India there are numerous candidates who entail attributes and have desire to get best engineering job offers, everyone is working hard to dethrone others. So, in simple terms your degree is just a piece of paper which just reflects that you have officially completed under graduation or post graduation program to become an engineer in future. Degree is just an essential credential and if you are rushing to get hired as an engineering working professional then internships are the only key for you to unlock the path of best engineering job opportunities.

An internship is the decisive step or a phase of time for students because through empirical and pragmatic approach they gain significant engineering skills and expertise. For gaining hands on experience it is a great way to apply practical knowledge.  AICTE has already enforced the rule which highlights that engineering students and freshers have to do a minimum 3 months of internship in their discipline, so that they can make themselves familiar with the professional working environment and terminologies.

Here is the list of some credible and factual data about the engineer internship programme to give you a crux about the advantageous outcomes which students receive after successfully completing internships.

Primary based research was organised by NACE (National Association of College & Employers) in 2010. The survey revealed that 44% of the engineering working professionals entered the engineering industry after completing the employee internship program. Another in-depth research was conducted by NACE in April 2012 where they highlighted that the conversion rate for the engineering interns into full time employer 58%.

Students and freshers

A Wallaroo media study disclosed that 65% paid engineering internships turned into permanent job offers and 39% unpaid internships done by the students turned to a full-time job opportunity. So, let’s have a look at some of the plus points of doing internships in engineering.

Real Time Industrial Expertise and Acquaintance  

In reality bookish knowledge is not worth if you are unable to apply that theoretical knowledge in industrial work to gain astonishing results. Prominent engineering firms have high expectations from the engineering working professionals or from students that is why they hire proficient engineers who have expertise in this vocation. So, engineering internship opportunities are the best way to apply fundamental practices as an employer to witness the real time working environment. They gain valuable inputs and info while working under the supervision of mentors. The overall performance is evaluated to guide them by giving constant feedback, they give them immaculate suggestions instead of spoon-feeding engineering interns. Internships are the way to bridge a gap between the employers’ necessities and the theoretical part. 

Discovering Interesting Career Opportunities 

Students and freshers

Engineering internship opportunities motivates engineering students and freshers to pursue the discipline for which they are passionate about. Sometimes students or freshers face a dilemma where they find one career enthralling but when they work in that discipline, they get bored and later initially they want to pursue another engineering field or domain to an engineering working professional. Internship might work as a trial for them which encourages students to experience the diversified engineering fields practically and then to select the most suitable out of the rest. Through this practice they can also strategically plan to select their goals or the things which drives them to excel in their area of interest.

Incorporate Values, Expertise Skills in your CV 

After completing an engineering graduation course as a student, if you decide to go for a direct engineering job interview then definitely you have to utilize your time perfectly to create an immaculate engineering curriculum vitae or engineering resume. Highlight your SGPA or CGPA with the relevant expertise because recruiters will simply ask that tell your engineering experience as a working professional. So, during your 1st year engineers should try to build an eloquent engineering CV or resume by the time they apply for the direct engineering placements from the campus. Cover your personal info, experience, attributes, activities, additional courses, interests and so on to fill your resume up.

Be Aware about Firm’s Culture and Soft Skills

Students and freshers

When an engineering intern devotes his or her time while working for a firm then students or freshers gain the knowledge about the professional work ethics and soft skills like team management, leadership, punctuality, effective communication skills and many more to adapt real professional skills. These internships are made to boost morale and self esteem of the subject.

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So this is the end of the post Reasons why Engineering Students go for Internships. Hope You Enjoyed it. Here are more Career Related Blog Posts.

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