Best Guide To Prepare For JEE Mains Exam

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To prepare for JEE Mains exam, establish a study routine, prioritize difficult topics, and allocate time accordingly. Use quality study material, online resources, and solve previous papers to enhance your preparation. Seek guidance from teachers or coaching classes for expert insights. Make concise notes, practice time management, and regularly revise. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, manage stress, and stay positive throughout your preparation.

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How Do I Begin Preparing for JEE Mains 2023?

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In order to begin preparing, students must stick to a timetable, prioritise learning time management techniques, and practise remaining disciplined

  • Everyday study should become a habit for students. They will finally be able to focus without getting sidetracked for an extended period of time.
  • Instead of memorization, students should spend more time understanding the topics. They will be better able to recognise the ideas underlying numerical issues and use the appropriate formulas to solve them as a result.
  • By frequently practising, pupils can increase the accuracy and speed of their computations.
  • When it is feasible, the students may experiment with various approaches to the same issue. The kids’ ability to think analytically will improve as a result.

When to Begin Preparation for JEE Mains 2023

The majority of students begin their JEE Main preparation in class 11, however if a student is committed to passing the test, it’s never too late. According to experts, candidates for the JEE Main exam should begin studying as soon as feasible. For instance, studying concurrently with the board exams is a good strategy. As a result, the candidate will have an advantage over rivals and be better able to comprehend subjects when they are presented in school. However, many people succeed on the exam after only a few months of study. As a result, it also depends on the candidate’s aptitude, commitment, and degree of planning.

The first thought that comes to an aspirant’s mind while creating a preparation strategy is: Which is more important—how much to study or for how long? None of them, in all honesty, unless they are proficient students. Before they start, it is much preferable to comprehend and create a clear concept. The next stage after learning how to study is to concentrate on how much of the curriculum can be covered in a given amount of time.


Important Tips for Preparing for JEE Main 2023

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Below are some suggestions for efficiently studying for JEE Main 2023.

  • When preparing for the exam, it is imperative to have a complete understanding of the JEE Main syllabus. The JEE Main syllabus was created using NCERT textbooks, notwithstanding the NTA’s recommendation for a distinct JEE syllabus.
  • The weighting assigned to the various areas on the JEE Main question paper must be taken into consideration when students schedule their study time. They must devote more attention to difficult subjects and less time to those that only need revision.
  • To ensure that the students don’t overlook any material, the study plan should include a revision schedule.
  • For each chapter, students must write down their notes.These notes can be used to quickly review material prior to the test.
  • The pupils must take a lot of practise exams. They will better comprehend the format of the JEE Main exam thanks to this. Additionally, pupils’ accuracy and speed will increase if they take many of practise exams.
  • Clarifying all of your questions right away is crucial. If there are any questions, the pupils won’t be able to learn more about the subject.
  • Make brief notes about key concepts and formulas. Make use of these succinct notes for modification.
  • Don’t slack off on your studies or the schedule.
  • Review the subjects you studied each day.
  • After finishing a chapter, complete chapter-based mock tests, and once the entire syllabus has been covered, complete full-length mock tests.
  • Use time management techniques. It’s crucial that you make the most of your three hours in the exam room without getting nervous.

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A Guide to JEE Mains 2023 Preparation

To ace JEE Mains 2023, you only need the proper strategy and a plan of study. Here, students can find a comprehensive study schedule and guidance to help them prepare for the test.

Lakhs of students across India appear for the JEE Mains exam every year, which is conducted for admission in various engineering programs. It is considered one of the toughest exams around the world. The JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency), which shortlists young minds for various IITs and IIMs across India. The exam comprises of two stages: IIT JEE Mains and IIT JEE Advanced, and if you want to enroll in a prestigious engineering course in IITs, it’s important to qualify both levels. Out of lakhs of applicants, only a handful get the chance to receive quality education from the top institutes of national importance. See below for the JEE Main preparation schedule;

Build A Concrete Study Plan

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You must start the preparation with a concrete study plan to crack JEE Mains exam. Collect all the information about the exam like the latest exam pattern, detailed syllabus, etc.

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Get Started With Preparation

The first and foremost thing you should do is to print the syllabus for JEE Mains and read it thoroughly. You would also want to select the books and material you need for preparation.

  • For Chemistry: Modern Approach to Chemical calculations by RC Mukherjee, Organic Chemistry by OP Tandon, and Concept of Physical Chemistry by P Bahadur.
  • For Physics: Concepts of Physics by HC Verma, Understanding Physics by DC Pandey, and Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick & Walker.
  • For Mathematics: Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma, Plane Trigonometry by SL Loney, and The Elements of Coordinate Geometry by SL Loney.

Then you need to make a timetable which is best suited for you, and you need to find the time in which you can put your best efforts. You need to start making notes and use helpful guides from the very beginning. You need to make sure you don’t have any backlogs or homework to worry about, complete your other tasks well before your study time. You should avoid all unnecessary distractions and focus your mind solely on studying.

Be Thorough With Basic Concepts

The most important step to get a good score is to have a strong foundation of all basic concepts. Since there’s no way to predict what kind of questions might come in the question paper, it is even more essential to prepare your basics well. You must be thorough with concepts and have a strong base which will help you in accurately solving questions with speed. And in the initial days of your preparations, you need to identify your strengths based on the syllabus. This will ensure that you give proper importance and time to topics that need more time and prepare the weaker topics well and make your concepts concrete.

Prepare Short Notes And Flash Cards

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For any engineering exam or any other competitive exam, it’s essential to make short notes and use flashcards for mundane topics. This will help you in remembering them accurately and help in revision sessions. Studying using these short quick and catchy notes will help in memorizing better and boost your confidence to eliminate the exam anxiety. You can note down important formulas especially for MPC subjects on sticky notes and paste them where they are easily accessible so you can glance through them while performing everyday tasks.

Formulas Are Very Important

In JEE Mains exam numeric are based on direct formulas and thus students need to memorize all formulas. You can try a simple hack to remember all the formulas by writing all the formulas on a sheet of paper and paste them in front of your study table so you can revise anytime. As numerals are based on formulas so it is important that those formulas must be on your tips.


Follow A Proper Study Schedule

Utilize your time efficiently by following the proper timetable. Schedule property and decides how much time you want to invest in a particular chapter. Make your own notes to remember facts so you can revise them frequently. Note down important points for all the subjects in a notebook. This will increase your knowledge and save you’re a lot of time during the second revision.

Practice Essential Topics & Strengthen Your Weak Areas

Analyze the detailed syllabus properly of all the sections before starting the preparation. Start your preparation in a systematic manner by prioritizing important topics. Make a list of the important topic then analyze your strong and weak points. Firstly, focus on weak areas by spending more time and improving them and then invest the rest of the time in strong areas. Make sure you are following the proper study plan and solve previous year’s questions, mock tests regularly. Manage your time wisely define you will crack the JEE Main exam.

Take Mock Tests And Solve Sample Papers

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A candidate needs to spend time practicing questions rather than building concepts it helps to build conceptual clarity of any topic. Make a habit of solving previous year’s questions and JEE Main mock tests every day in your free time this will help you to improve speed and accuracy. Solve a lot of previous years’ questions and mock tests. If you have enough time then try to take 2 to 3 online mock tests it will help you to achieve accuracy and a high score in the exam. Carefully choose the study material for the exam and make sure you prepare as per the new exam pattern

The next important step is to solve as many questions as possible. You should try to solve every mock paper you can get within the time-frame specified for the final paper. Setting these deadlines with calculated time will ensure that you get habitual to solving complex problems within the time the specified time frame. And it will also help you in understanding what kind of questions can come, what’s their difficulty level and practice applying various techniques in solving them. You should also critically evaluate your answers or get them analyzed by someone experienced and work on the topics in which you feel you’re lacking behind.

Revise For Ultimate Success

Revision is the ultimate key to scoring well in any exam. Revise whatever you’ve prepared and studied thoroughly. You can also denote a substantial amount of time for daily revisions to retain important concepts better. The preparation for JEE Mains is not something that can be done overnight, it requires hard work and a lot of effort daily. If you put in the extra time and effort for understanding both strong and weak points this will ensure more success.

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Avoiding Insignificant Things

The first thing to avoid is excessive mugging, you need to have a thorough understanding and in-depth knowledge of all subjects rather than simply mugging without knowing the concepts. Another important thing is to avoid procrastination and work on other important things like backlogs and other assignments. You also need to avoid time-wasting activities like watching TV or spending too much time on social media.

One other thing you can work on is not to depend too much on self-study. JEE Mains is a tough exam to crack and you should get proper guidance and coaching which will be more helpful and assist you in preparing well for the exam.

Make Exam-Day Strategy

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Make a strategy for JEE Main exam-day to identify which question you want to attempt first and which is last. Firstly, attempt those questions in which you are 100% sure. In the second round attempt those questions in which you are 70% sure. In the last round think properly about a question and then attempt so you can avoid negative marking. Try to save some time so you can revise them at least once. Always try to have a positive mindset so don’t nervous.

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