7 Creative Career Options to explore

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Creativity is something we all have hidden somewhere within us, just with different concentration, albeit when it comes to our career, we are hesitant to focus on that side of ourselves.

We are convinced that creative career options are not stable and mostly won’t provide a strong future, but that’s not really true if you have done your proper research and explored enough options.

Here are some career options that will make sure you make use of your creative side enough and also have a stable time ahead.

1. Interior designer

Qualifications required: Bachelor’s or Master’s in Interior Designing

Imagine stepping into a room and letting your creativity flow out in all the directions. If you are someone who loves experimenting with creativity when it comes to decoration or presentation, interior designing can be your way to go.

With the concept of themed houses and modular rooms, this career is in very high demand and fortunately, the best quality you can have for this career is creativity.

2. Music lyricist

Qualifications required: A degree in creative writing, Fine Art or a language

Being a music writer is a not-so-exploited area when it comes to career. Let’s take a moment to think about it, approximately 24,000 songs are released every day globally, and you are wasting your best-written lyrics on those isolated diary pages. Making a career in this field can be a little tricky in the beginning but if you are truly talented, it won’t take much time.

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3. Film director

Qualifications Required: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree

Reality check, getting into the film industry can be very tricky. But that is not the only scope for this career. A better option is to start as an independent film director. Nowadays, it is really easy to publish your work and reach the targeted audience even without any investment in the process of releasing, thanks to social media.

4. Advertising and marketing

Qualifications Required: MBA in marketing, or a degree in Fine Arts

The main concept in the world of advertisement is attraction and attraction come from creativity. You can really put your creative mind into used to create attraction over a particular product or brand. Moreover, there is minimum risk in this path because of the huge demand in this career, but that doesn’t mean competition is less here. In fact, the more the demand, the more is the competition.

5. Writer

Qualifications Required: A degree in English or Creative Writing

Now when it comes to writing, let’s shift our focus from writing books to the other vast options available out there. Be it content writing or scriptwriting, writers are needed everywhere, and it is the best option for creative people who love to pen down their thoughts. You can express yourself, make yourself heard and deliver your opinion to others to make it count and also, the best part, get paid for it.  

6. Makeup artist

Qualifications Required: A beautician’s course

Makeup art is a career option which has evolved a lot and made a lot of significance. You can express through makeup; you can do art through makeup. Patience and creativity are all you need.

7. Event management

Qualifications required: A Bachelor’s or Diploma in Events Management

People who are creative and a perfectionist in every aspect of their life must consider event management as a career option as it is in high demand, pays really well, and you can have maximum independence in working and experiment a lot. Although, you need to have a few other qualities to survive in the competitive market, like proper communications, team management, patience and experience. 


Whatever career you choose for yourself, each one of them will have their own difficulties and challenges but remember to not let those difficult times judge your worth. Although this is one of the most important decisions of our lives, we need to experiment as much as possible, at the end of the day, mistakes are our greatest teacher.

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