7 Questions To Ask Career Counsellor for 12th

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7 Questions To Ask Career Counsellor For 12th the last year of your school life as you make the leap from being in a structured school life into the all-important phase of college life. It is in college that you acquire the most important skills that you need to kick start your working career. But even at the end of school life, many people remain confused about where their interest lies and what field they should pursue.

The best way to help one overcome this difficulty is with the help of a career counsellor. But even while talking with the career counsellor of 12th class it is important that you know what questions are needed to be asked. So, here we provide you with the 7 vital questions that you must ask your career counselling after class 12th.

1. What Are My Strengths?

At the end of your school life, it is very much a necessity of an individual to know about what they are good at. It is one of the most important things, as above your passion or your interest, your strengths are a natural indicator of where your mind lies. This will be an important aspect for you and will help you decide your next step in your career in a lot of ways. You can also check Starting up Guidance .

2. What Are My Weaknesses?

While strengths point you in the direction that you should head to, your weaknesses tell you the direction that you should not head to under any conditions. While you can work to improve on your weaknesses, it will be too difficult for one to succeed if one spends all their college life working on their weaknesses instead of working and improving their strengths. So, an honest opinion of your weaknesses might hurt you, but it will go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

3. Where Do I Stand Among My Peers?

In today’s competitive world, it is not only important to know what you are good in but also how good are you in it. Being average is no longer enough to pursue anything successfully, you have to improve yourself constantly. But before you start to improve yourself, you need to know how much you have to work and the best way to decide is by knowing where you stand in the hierarchy of competition.

4. What To Do Next?

After receiving the knowledge about where you are, where you are weak and exactly where you stand when compared to everyone else, you face the all-important question of what to do next. At the stage of class 12th, your next move holds a lot of importance, as everything you do now will in some way or the other reflect upon your CV, ultimately effecting your career and professional life in the long term. So, whatever you do is important and needs to be discussed with someone as experienced as a career counsellor. You can also check Resume & CV Masterclass for College Students .

5. What Do You Recommend?

When you visit a career counsellor in  career counselling, it might be the first time you are visiting one, but they inordinately are not the ones having a first visit to them. They have read, learned and guided many students throughout and always know the best ways to pursue any career choice. So, whatever their opinion says holds very importance. So, when visiting one, you should always take their recommendation of an educational institute.

6. How Do I Reach My Goal?

While many people take advice in deciding what their goal should be, they usually forget to take advice about how to get to the set goal. It is important to find the path that leads to your goal in the most straight forward way, encountering as less problems as possible and reaching your goal. So, it is better to take their advice about how to approach your future and plan out every step of the way in a careful manner. You can also check Career Clarity Service .

7. What Difficulties Lie In My Path?

No matter how much you plan, how careful you are, you will face many problems in your journey. It is an integral part of your struggle and journey in life. But these can often be too hard to face if you don’t have an initial idea about them. So, while this can be a hard thing and a very demoting way to begin your life forward, it is important that you can ask your counsellor with a blunt face about what you can face in the near future.

FAQs About Questions To Ask Career Counsellor for 12th

Q. Why should I ask questions to a career counselor?

A. Asking questions to a career counselor can help you gain valuable insights and guidance about your career options after completing 12th grade. They can provide you with information about different career paths, educational requirements, job prospects, and help you make informed decisions about your future.

Q. Should I ask specific questions about a particular career?

A. Yes, if you have a specific career in mind, it’s a good idea to ask questions about that particular field. You can inquire about the educational requirements, career progression, job market trends, and any other relevant details. This will help you gather specific information about your desired career path and make more informed decisions.

Q. How can I prepare myself before meeting a career counselor?

A. Before meeting a career counselor, it’s helpful to do some self-reflection and research. Consider your interests, skills, and values, and think about the kind of work environment and lifestyle you envision for yourself. Research different careers and industries that align with your interests to have a starting point for discussion. Additionally, come prepared with a list of questions you want to ask the career counselor to make the most of your session.

Q. Are there any resources I can use in addition to speaking with a career counselor?

A. Yes, there are several resources you can utilize in addition to speaking with a career counselor. You can explore career assessment tools, such as online quizzes or tests, that can help identify your strengths and interests. Research different careers and industries using online platforms, books, or informational interviews with professionals in fields you are interested in.

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