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Psychometric online tests in India is one such investment that can pay returns in quality hires. There are specialist makers who help in bringing or developing psychometric tests. It is a combination of a psycho plus matrix, which means measurement of mental state. There are two different kinds. Ones are those which measure different types of cognitive abilities. And second is related to behavior, personality, motivation, values, and preferences. An applicant has to give questions answer from options like true, false, uncertain, very true, and very false. While it is possible to sit the test without preparations but it will not get you far. Therefore take tests from companies and invest in a good test.

Meaning and understanding psychometric tests

Psychometric tests are special methods help in improving a person of any background in any field. Poor hiring decisions can alone result in some crores loss. Therefore for better hiring decisions and saving money these tests become popular in India too. From several test options, one can choose according to needs. Increasing responsibilities and occurring of different conditions during jobs is the reason companies take psychometric tests. With the help which they check the thinking capacity, behavioral capabilities, leadership skills, and motivation of applicants for the job. There is no such thing as a good or bad personality. Tests are given according to the role you are seeking. Failing these tests can result in the loss of your position in government as well as in a private job.

When to use test

It is recommended to use tests before finalizing candidate means after the initial CV selection and telephone contact. And then use the interview for validation of the candidate. Sometimes because of test costs and time required in taking the test, it is used for shortlisted candidates only and not for all the candidates. It is used in various types of job areas and known as:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Talent development

Choosing the test

As an individual, if you want to choose the type of test you can take the help of an organization that has had certifications in several tests. Then you will be able to decide. The right test for you depends upon your need as well as budget. Ideally, competence tests and personality tests should be taken at the same time. There are free online tests available too but it is recommended to take paid ones. Take a look at job role and practice taking tests

  • Candidates applying for junior positions should take a reasoning test.
  • For management roles, emotional intelligence tests should be taken.
  • Competence test should be taken for the sales role.

Advantage of using psychometric tests:

  • Corporates use tests in India to do the first-level screening of candidates.
  • In-depth understanding of the candidates. An interviewer will get insight information about the candidate.
  • Time-saving, interviewers get help by focusing time to hire relevant candidates with effective recruitment.
  • Ability to reveal beyond candidate’s resumes. The candidates can’t fake the exam. Thus select candidates of integrity and values.
  • Recognize introverted candidates and provide a platform for them. Tests reveal relevant information about the traits of candidates such as problem-solving abilities and handling work pressure, etc.
  • Cost-effectiveness, fast recruitment, ease of implementation, and a perfect guide.

A disadvantage is faced when psychometric tests are taken:

  • Requirement of expert or trained professional.
  • Misleading of responses to bring the results.
  • Pressurized candidates.

Also, there are five principal types of cognitive bias regularly experienced by professionals working in the recruitment process which should be avoided: Naivety bias, entomologist bias, confirmation bias, projection bias, and stereotype bias.

Test result analysis

Your score is the total of all the correct responses. If you get 8 answers correct out of 10, then your raw score is 8/10 and your percentage will be 80%. To create a comparison score the individual score is benchmarked against the group of candidates sitting the same test, have a similar education background and job level. There is no good score on the psychometric test. It is because passing scores differ according to the job level and requirements in India.

Final tips

Psychometric tests try to reach a broad range of topics that include verbal reasoning, situational judgment tests, numerical reasoning, etc. Here are some tips to prepare for the test:

  • Strengthen your weakness by practicing those topics.
  • Take practice sessions or watching videos and focusing on specific topics.
  • Knowing your test provider.
  • Learn from questions, answers, and examples.
  • Practice and never cheat because companies can find it easily.
  • Focus on getting good marks on a few questions rather than a minus marking.

-By: Priya Panwar

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