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Taking a Psychometric assessment makes you determined about the suitability, essential cognitive skills, and personality characteristics of an individual. You cannot pass or fail a personality test. The recruiter will see your strengths and weaknesses to match up with the requirements of the job. The level of difficulty and complexity of psychometric test questions are based on the type of jobs you have applied for. If you are applying for a management position you will have more difficult questions rather than an entry role. You have to ensure that you are practising the right type of questions.

Companies that are using psychometric testing, are looking for a particular skill set and values in the potential employees for a particular job post. This kind of testing again attracts the workforce, as it becomes more demanding to find the right one and it is very important to fill them with more specialized ones. If you want to achieve a top score in psychometric tests, you have to practice and prepare consistently.

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Getting familiar with the format will be the best way to give yourself a competitive edge. These tests are designed to highlight the integrity and consistency of responses you will be giving. If you respond favorably in some sections and negatively in the other sections, it will eventually reflect that you are trying to portray yourself in a positive manner. You have to stick to the real values and don’t try to get clever. It could backfire on you.

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Getting into shape

You may need a trainer, a montage, and a mountain, but really you will need to be in superior mental shape so that you can clear your mind and give the test. You can start with doing some exercise, drinking plenty of water, and focus on your mental health. Make sure I tell you that it is a nice place and it is quite safe to stay away from distractions during the tests.

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Know the test you are taking & Use available tools

Find out the type of test we are going to take once you figure out what kind of days you are going to take you can get psychometric tests online and practice before. You can also speak to anyone in the company to track down some tests which have been taken through the application process. If the test is packed and says that, it is allowed to use a calculator, so you have to make sure that you have a calculator with you. It can seem simple but these little opportunities can be difficult while sitting at the test. Try to take advantage of each and everything you can get. 

Get familiar with types of tests

You can familiarize yourself with the different types of test questions that are available. You can get to know about the type of psychometric test questions on Google and you will come up with an advantage when it comes to being tested. There are typical tests like- Tests related to numerical aptitude and verbal aptitude which are usually of multiple-choice questions that can be answered quickly. The topics which are covered can range from Marketing, economics to science, Human Resource Management, and the environment. The other test is the abstract Aptitude Test which is a nonverbal test that uses shape instead of using numerical or alphabets. Practising will take you a long way towards answering such questions easily and quickly.

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Time management

Learning to plan your time carefully is a very important thing. All psychometric tests are time-based and designed in such a way that they are Unfinishable in the given time. But you don’t need to worry about it, because you don’t have to complete all the questions which are given in the test to get a high score. You have to go to a plan in your mind of how far along you are. At different points in time, you can finish all the easy questions, after that, you can go back to complete the difficult questions. Getting practice will give you plenty of ideas and familiarize you with the format and content with the time given. You can keep yourself competitive by practicing and getting familiar with questions.

By: Varsha Yadav

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