Reasons to never discriminate the field of humanities

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Times have advanced, society as a whole has evolved and people have developed their idea and knowledge about diverse subjects with the spread of education and awareness about different fields and opportunities available out there. There are some psychometric test assessments to test skill, knowledge, professions etc. But the old habits of the society still stand as a threat for the society and stops it from evolving completely. The society still has not stopped to put tags on the existing systems and fields and baselessly discriminate against those fields. Here is an article in which you know the Reasons To Never Discriminate The Field Of Humanities.

The practice to bringing one field down to preach about the mightiness of another field has been a very common practice in a society like ours. We like to be driven by stereotypes, we like to believe others and get manipulated on a daily basis. In the whole process we forget to analyze and therefore reach to the true conclusion about things.


One such common stereotype in the society is the notion of the stream of science being more sophisticated and excellence based than the stream of arts or humanities. Nowadays people often make comments about how students with skilled mind sand those who are academically gifted should take up science and how students who don’t want to be pressured or are weak in academics should take up arts.

Humanities is all about the sophisticated knowledge of our deep roots, the practical knowledge about the society we live in, the interesting facts about the political and social systems we are surrounded by the calculative knowledge of the graphs and the art of calculations of our activities and our contributions. It’s about the earth we thrive in and the minds we work with. It’s the sophisticated field of history, sociology, political science, economics and psychology.

Job opportunities range from a writer to a statistician. An archaeologist to a translator, a psychologist to a journalist and a policy analyst to a travel publicist. The demand is also increasing at a high rate. The society tend to glorify the professions of doctors and engineers by bringing down the value of these posts which is causing a lot of misleading manipulations on the rest. Therefore we need to understand the beauty that lies in the difference of the streams and respect it because at the end of the day science alone can never keep the world going, we will need arts to keep connecting us to humanity.

Skill Based Career Test for 9th

There are a few types of skill-based career tests for 9th available online that can be taken by 9th-grade students. These tests evaluate a student’s abilities in areas such as communication, problem-solving, creativity, teamwork, and critical thinking. They can also help students identify their personality type, values, and interests.Once the results of the test are obtained, students can use them to explore various career options that align with their skills and interests. For instance, a student who scores high in creativity and problem-solving may be interested in pursuing a career in graphic design or computer programming.

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For someone, an ideal career test might involve doing work that they are passionate about, something that aligns with their values and beliefs. They might want a career that challenges them, allows them to learn and grow, and provides them with opportunities for career advancement. Some people might value stability and job security, while others might prefer a flexible schedule and the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Educator's Professional Skill Index - Psychometric Test

The term “Educator’s Professional Skill” refers to the set of competencies, knowledge, and abilities that are required for individuals working in the field of education. Educators include teachers, professors, trainers, and instructors, among others, who work in a variety of educational settings, including schools, universities, training centers, and corporate settings.

The specific professional skills that are necessary for educators will depend on their area of expertise and the level at which they work. For example, an elementary school teacher will require different skills than a college professor, and a corporate trainer will require different skills than a public school teacher.

Professional Skill Index Test

Professional skills are the abilities and qualities that individuals possess that allow them to perform well in a particular profession or job. These skills can be both technical and non-technical, and they may include knowledge, expertise, problem-solving, communication, leadership, and adaptability.

Technical skills refer to the specific abilities that are required to perform a particular job or task, such as computer programming, data analysis, or financial planning. Non-technical skills, on the other hand, refer to personal attributes that are essential for success in any professional role, such as teamwork, time management, and communication.

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