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Psychometric Assessments are of many types which are scientifically designed for different age groups based on their needs and to lead them to success. CareerGuide is one such platform where you will find a plethora of psychometric tests for students in class 9 upto working professionals. Read this this article to find out 8 scientifically prepared Psychometric Assessments are available from CareerGuide to help you uncover your genuine potential and interests.

Ideal career test


If you’re frustrated because your current job isn’t fulfilling you, take an Ideal Career Test to discover your real calling. The Psychometric Test, Ideal Career Test is appropriate for anyone of any age who wants to learn more about their career alternatives. The test report will assist you in identifying and exploring career options to begin your job search or career change. It will also assist you in identifying strengths and potential weaknesses for your job search.


Career Selection Test

Skill-based career test


Your post-tenth-grade stream choice will have a significant impact on the trajectory of your career. Many students discover later in life that they made a mistake and are stuck with the possibilities provided or must start over from the beginning. As a result, this decision becomes the most crucial in your life. We at CareerGuide have developed a Psychometric test that has been scientifically verified to give you solutions to the question, “What to do after 10th?” This career exam evaluates your aptitude and personality to discover the best path for you when you complete class 10. The test, which was rigorously created by a panel of psychologists, academic counsellors, and expert psychiatrists, will assist you in making your first critical decisions.


Engineering stream selector


Which engineering branch should you choose now that you’ve decided to be an engineer? Over 200 different engineering branches have been approved by the AICTE, which are divided into 34 major engineering branches. Students tend to hunt for answers in all the wrong places when they are confused. Students contact their parents, relatives, friends, or school teachers, who may or may not be aware of current events or potential work opportunities; also, student counsellors at specific institutes are overburdened with questions and other concerns. Others may seek answers on the internet; this is a medium for those who are knowledgeable but require a little clarification, as an abundance of information might further confuse a pupil.


psychometric tests for managers


The Psychometric Assessment, Engineering Branch Selector exam report provides a summary of all of the major Engineering Branches. With the help of this report, you will be able to determine which branch of engineering you should pursue. This report aids in the matching of your work interests with particular real-life work situations in several engineering branches. It’s been scientifically designed, formulated, and personalized just for you. It gives you a personalized preference analysis of various engineering fields.


Humanities career test


Humanities Psychometric Assessment, The Humanities Career Selector Test will tell you which Humanities career option you should pursue. Today is the day to discover it. Provides a personalized complete analysis of all Humanities career clusters, as well as the large range of career alternatives and employment areas available.


B.A? Hotel management? Law? Journalism?

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Commerce career test


The Psychometric Assessment for Commerce Career Selection will tell you which Commerce career option you should pursue. Today is the day to discover it. This study provides a brief overview of all potential Commerce Careers, both financial and non-financial, and answers the question of which commerce career option you should pursue.


Professional skill index test


The Psychometric Assessment for Professional Skills is a tool that can help you determine your Professional Skill Index. A greater Professional Skill index indicates a candidate’s likelihood of success in their chosen field. It generates a unique report for you that will assist you in understanding your Professional Skill parameter. You can also provide your report during the interview.


Educator’s professional skill index test


The Educator’s Professional Skill Index is a psychometric Assessment that has been scientifically validated for the job and duties of a teacher. The Educator’s Professional Skill Index can be utilized at educational institutions for hiring, training, and self-development for teachers in both entry-level and experienced jobs, with 0-2 years of experience. Primary, secondary, and high school instructors are among the key characteristics for whom the test is appropriate.


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By: Sananda Kumari


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